I just felt a tight waist. Dong Yulan should have heard the conversation between the two people and understood the feeling that she was abandoned, and her eyes were full of tears.

Sure enough, I heard Dong Wei’s whisper. Dong Wei Lan was immediately appeased. It was a little tighter to encircle Dong Wei’s waist and hands.
"I’ll take Xiaolan to sleep. You pack up and hug the younger brother. If you need silver, you can go to the account. Now we don’t lack this." Dong Hong Ling got up and went back to his room with Dong Hong Lan.
Take off your coat and lie on the bed. Dong Yulan shouted "Sister!"
If Dong Yuling’s ear strength is different from that of ordinary people, he might not have heard "Well, what about me!"
Didn’t say anything about Dong Wei Lan rolling the whole person into Dong Wei Ling’s arms before he gradually fell asleep. There is something wrong with chapter 63 of Ann 63.
Soon after, when Dong Hanxuan found that Dong Zilan was more dependent on Dong Ziling than before, he guessed that the younger sister should have heard the words that night.
It was Dong Hanxuan who didn’t say much except that he loved his sister more.
It’s better to know early than later. Although you are still injured, it’s easier than being stabbed after paying a lot.
There will be no conflict if we don’t meet for the time being. Dong Yuling feels that the day is still quite comfortable.
She is very satisfied that parents don’t go home, and those who have ideas about Dong Yuling or matchmakers don’t go home.
As the exam approaches Butterfly Village, business is getting more and more fun, looking for artistic conception to relax, and so on, wave after wave makes the villagers busy and upset.
Accommodation is long gone. Everyone is busy being a "tour guide" except the natural porch and the Butterfly Love Villa for daily business.
In particular, some small children are already very familiar with this job. Every day, they wait for the village entrance to find guests to earn some flowers. If they are generous, they will earn subsidies and the family will never lose.
Every day, the villa is full of literati who speak with a accent and become poems step by step. It seems that this ordinary scenery has been shaped into a fairyland.
Dong Fengling can’t stand such a sour Confucianism. Dong Hanxuan is forcing himself to watch and study. He can’t learn anything in more colleges for a long time, but he is used to the fact that Yunqi landslide is in front of him.
Come to Dong Fengling, I’m afraid that Dong Hanxuan will learn to be so sour and Confucian. Finally, I found out that this ya knew to leave the dross and the essence at an early age, and she was instantly relieved.
Dong Hanxuan learned to talk to people because he was much more knowledgeable. One moment, he could talk to cynics about some chronic diseases, and the next moment, he could talk to a caring man about the past and the present.
In this regard, Dong Yuling sighed that if modern times are put aside, it will be the potential stock of the film emperor!
Some people may feel hypocritical, but Dong Yong’s spirit is whiter, so that talents are suitable for officialdom, and they will not be pulled to the top because of a small matter.
For Dong Hanxuan’s ambition, Dong Yuling is slightly worse than modern officialdom, but she doesn’t stop Dong Hanxuan from having the ability to do it.
Dong Yuling may not know much about the official road, but it is still necessary to save a life. Even if she is in this era, she has enough chips to make the emperor give in. If it really reaches that worst point, she is afraid.
Dong Hanxuan, backed by all such sisters, turned his back and worried about pursuing his dreams.
The exam day is coming soon, and both Butterfly Village and Shengjing City are filled with awe.
In this way, ordinary people will not go to the city if they have nothing to do in the day, and the examination room is three floors inside and three floors outside, full of body guards and many security guards.
All departments in Beijing are on standby at the highest level to prevent accidents from happening at any time.
On the morning of the seventh day of June, Butterfly Village pulled out a lot of carriages to send candidates to the examination room.
It will only take nine days to turn around for a while. Butterfly Village is more than half.
Dong Hanxuan, who sent someone back, was in a low mood. He made a cup of tea and ran to the backyard to meditate on the bamboo forest.
A little while, Dong Yuling found it. "What’s the matter? Envy those exams? Mom said that you must have your position after three years of playing this year. You have planned all this yourself! "
Fingers on the stone table Dong Hanxuan’s eyebrows are still not comfortable. "Elder sister, I think there will be big problems in this scientific research."
"Big problem?" Dong Yuling caressed his sleeves and sat down at the stone table. He looked at Dong Erdi funny. "What’s the big problem?"
Speaking of problems in scientific research, Dong Yuling immediately thought of this as a joke to Dong Hanxuan, only to see him frown and look dignified, which made him feel serious.
"… are you serious?" Dong Yuling’s expression is frozen. She is afraid of how serious the fraud in ancient scientific research is, but she has read a lot of history in this era.
Almost every time it was found out, it was a river of blood.
It’s no joke that serious and direct regime change is easy, and a large number of officials have been wiped out.
"Really!" Dong Hanxuan’s expression still makes people believe in his words.
"This has just been tested. How do you know?" Dong Fengling is suspicious that this child will not rely on such illusory things as intuition!
"analysis!" Dong Hanxuan at least gave a slightly more reliable reason.
This time, before Dong Fengling asked Dong Hanxuan, he slowly spoke in a low voice to ensure that he would not be heard. "Recently, I contacted a lot of candidates who came to the villa and found that some people seem to already know some of the exam questions, even if they are not the Ministry. Now we don’t know what the specific exam questions are, but the exam questions are close to each other."
"So sure?" Does Dong Yuling think this day is not pleasant? It didn’t take long to feel comfortable. Another one is so scary.
"Elder sister, I know what you’re worried about. I know that some people know that the exam questions are also comprehensively analyzed and guessed, and they won’t be noticed." Dong Hanxuan said in a low voice, "I’m also saying that I want to give elder sister a wake-up call. If the cheating in the imperial examination is really exposed then, I’m afraid that many candidates will be asked about it."
Comprehensive analysis and guess? Take a meaningful look at Dong Hanxuan. Maybe she underestimated the younger brother’s waiting to see what happened afterwards. If Dong Hanxuan said that everything had happened, I’m afraid this younger brother’s political sense of smell and acumen is definitely much higher than her cognition.