He has too many questions.

He hasn’t moistened his throat for a long time, and his mouth is tight. He has a dry mouth and some strength to pronounce it dumb, which sounds like a broken accordion.
All the questions were printed in the throat, and finally I asked myself what I wanted to know most. "Where is Qin Yigui?"
He looked at Feng Bei and was a little nervous after asking questions. If Qin Yun was in good condition, he wouldn’t leave him here alone.
"Qin team …" Feng Bei precious little leng a somewhat awkward.
She fell into Fang Yin’s eyes like this, as if she were handing over some news. His heart thumped for a moment, as if he were going to stop jumping, and he wished he could not sit up immediately and ask her by the collar.
"Don’t be nervous, it’s okay!" Feng Bei regretted seeing his eyes red as soon as he saw it, and immediately Bai Fangyin misunderstood and hurriedly comforted, "It’s okay for Qin to return, but it’s inconvenient to bed because of some injuries."
Fang Yin took a deep breath before trembling and asked, "What hurt?"
"The leg should be broken and there is a slight concussion," said Feng Beixi thoughtfully.
Fang Yin closed her eyes and was relieved.
Feng Beixi said softly when he was tired, "I’ll go to see Sister Yi. If you are tired, rest. Don’t worry. Everyone is alive. You can rest at ease."
Fang Yin nodded very reluctantly and looked out of the window.
In fact, you can see the wind and sunshine.
I think so.
Fang Yin looked at the balcony and the sun was shining. Suddenly, she especially wanted to see Qin Xugui.
I really want to.
"Wake up? Don’t worry if you wake up. There shouldn’t be much problem in the follow-up rehabilitation. "Zhao Yi hurried to follow Feng Bei into the ward, and her golden glasses slipped because she was in a hurry.
She looked at Feng Beixi and said
Pushing open the door and turning around, I found that the hospital bed was kneaded into a ball. It should have been scattered all over the place, and the window was open.
Zhao Yi leng moment immediately ran to the window and looked out on the windowsill.
No one didn’t jump off a building.
"Where are people?" Zhao Yi stared back and asked the same face to deceive Feng Bei.
Feng Beixi shook his head and looked back and pointed to the hospital bed. He was confused. "He was still there before I left. It hurts to move."
"Did he ask you anything?" Zhao Yi asked
Feng Bei nodded "Ask Qin Team"
Zhao meaning "yeah" a little ran out of the room.
Feng Bei cherish some scratching their heads followed blunt go out.
They were in a private hospital on the outskirts of the mountain city. At that time, the whole research institute collapsed and the ground shook, and most parts of the mountain city were affected.
Vines and people fell to the ground one after another, and for a while, they paved a city like a person in purgatory and hell, and the metempsychosis road was just such a scenery.
I can’t bring it in the city
Their troubles are also escaping.
Fang Yin couldn’t live. I was thought of being rushed in abruptly. Qin Yougui pulled back from the ghost gate. When Qin Yougui came out of the mountain city with bloody Fang Yin, there was fog and smoke behind him after the collapse. Everyone was stunned by the scene.
Zhao Yi took advantage of the endless disappearance of power to give two people a sigh of relief
Quickly transferred to the hospital.
Now Fang Yin has been in a coma for seven days.
The hospital is not a big corridor.
Zhao Yi running all the way went to the Qin Dynasty and returned to the ward. He was afraid to push open the door and saw a seal hanging in the center next to the hospital bed.
"Die …" Zhao Yi took a deep breath and raised my hand with a tear that was abruptly scared out by Fang Yin.
This damn thing Fang Yin wants men to die, doesn’t it?
Qin’s bed is not very big, standard single bed.
Fang Yinwei was wronged and squeezed into Qin’s bedside and clung to the kind that people would fall off when they moved.


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