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Just then he felt someone approaching behind him, and then a force quickly poured into his body. He looked slightly askance, "Nangong Xin?"

"It’s my honour". Although Nangong Xin is close to Ye Qianlong and others with a purpose, the people in her body naturally don’t want the... Read More

After all, he is also in the late stage of God’s realm, knowing the late strength of God’s realm.

Don’t say that Ling Tian or the array mage is weaker than him, and even stronger than him, it is impossible to have such strange... Read More

Fei Xian Men Qin Xian Meng Yao heard these comments in the crowd with a smile in his heart secretly pleased.

There are four immortals in the piano, chess and painting, and now three immortals have been infected and are no longer unattainable. Her position will... Read More

At that time, the violent collision was shaking outside the canyon.

The narrow valley road is bloody to the red river of blood! Obviously, this fellow killed the red eye, and both sides were the forces... Read More

Ye Lingshan was puzzled to see him packing. Really? He didn’t get angry and flee to America, did he?

It’s so unmanly! niggard Ye Lingshan stood in front of the wardrobe. "Where are you going?" JiNanRui don’t talk just turn around and don’t take... Read More

General Thomas finally knew why Zhao Li would join him at this time, and also stressed that Zhao Li had lost two billion yuan in amethyst on the safety line to describe it.

General Thomas couldn’t help but feel dizzy when he confirmed the exact number. Although he has seen more money at this level, he has never... Read More

"Fairy!" The leader of a group of people coming from the stairs was surprised in a low voice! In his early twenties, he looks elegant and purple! He is still handsome!

"Master! That’s them! " The excited voice continued to shout that a pair of credit is very strong! "It turned out to be a few... Read More

It’s really unreasonable!

And it’s the majesty of heaven. Yang Jian’s mother must also be named the gods. Otherwise, the emperors in heaven will never let it go,... Read More

Nine heavy slightly thinking way "… help that young guy!"

"white!" Li Tang was brought to say hello to the Dragon Tooth Guards "Brothers, kill those men in black for me! !” Say should jump... Read More