Just then he felt someone approaching behind him, and then a force quickly poured into his body. He looked slightly askance, "Nangong Xin?"

"It’s my honour". Although Nangong Xin is close to Ye Qianlong and others with a purpose, the people in her body naturally don’t want the... Read More

It is estimated that this state will change at least after the early sun comes out.

All the people around me are fire smoke and poisonous smoke, and the simple’ gas mask’ covers the nose and mouth. If this fog is... Read More

Want to evacuate YanShaoQing raised my hand and took the back of her head gradually deepened the kiss.

It will be released after a long time. Jiang Jiang’s lips are a little swollen. Bei Tooth nibbles a pair of apricots and looks at... Read More

After all, he is also in the late stage of God’s realm, knowing the late strength of God’s realm.

Don’t say that Ling Tian or the array mage is weaker than him, and even stronger than him, it is impossible to have such strange... Read More

Every time the military boots step on the surface and ring into the tiger’s ears, there is a shock.

These two hours of suffering are coming to an end, but when I saw Tang Yi, a little fantasy rose in the tiger’s heart. I... Read More

"Besides, it is not appropriate to light up the war at this time when the Empress Dowager is pregnant."

See Di Jun anger away a lot of Bai Ze continue to advise. "What Ai Qing said is to retreat from the DPRK!" Sure enough,... Read More

"Alas …"

With a sigh, Eddie was not discouraged. He just waited quietly in the corridor for someone to come out of here Otherwise, ten minutes later,... Read More