Only by learning one’s own Tao can heaven and earth make continuous progress.

Pangu’s stay in this spiritual battlefield is not necessarily without the meaning of sharpening people. After Feng Zichen’s completion of the road, the flood will... Read More

Unhappy in my heart, the wind Zichen is about to suppress the chaotic gas coming in, but she sees a mysterious divine light blooming from other bodies.

Brush- The restless and chaotic gas in the place where the divine light shines seems to have been tamed, and it floats around the wind... Read More

"Still color?"

Xiang Shengchun replaced the guilt-ridden Lins with a gloomy inquiry about the East. Make Donglai unceremoniously replied, "Well, it’s still the simplest color, and the... Read More

At a certain moment, when cracks appeared in the fetal bodies of all Yuan gods, Feng Zichen felt that the temperature was almost the same, so she withdrew her strength and did not transform the source of heaven and earth.

Instead, they use their magical powers to draw themselves into the source of heaven and earth, and the creatures poured in along the cracks in... Read More

Maybe I can surpass you in the end, but I think maybe I’m not better than surpassing you. It’s enough to join hands with you!

Do you think so? What kind of expression do you have at the moment? You are suffering from pain that ordinary people can’t bear, and... Read More

General Thomas finally knew why Zhao Li would join him at this time, and also stressed that Zhao Li had lost two billion yuan in amethyst on the safety line to describe it.

General Thomas couldn’t help but feel dizzy when he confirmed the exact number. Although he has seen more money at this level, he has never... Read More