"There must be no seen! It is said that unicorns and dark creatures are immortal. If you have met them, "You can’t do it yet. The expression is very god."

Hao Ren wiped the scar on his face and said to Xue with a wry smile, "Do you see this scar?" "hmm?" "unicorn stays" "Well... Read More

An old man in a alchemist’s robe came out with a bad complexion, and his face was faintly burnt when he failed.

Not bad! This is the alchemist Dian Yunchang, the elder. At the beginning, it was also he who accompanied Jiang Feng to forge the sword... Read More


Li Qianru doesn’t like being against money either. Anyway, everything here is false and true. They don’t have the chance to rob a bank and... Read More

This scary-looking monster is a monster swallowing golden dragon worms in the late second order.

The golden dragon-swallowing earthworm’s barbs are as hard as the teeth in the iron mouth, and it can be divided into gold and jade, but... Read More

Nine heavy slightly thinking way "… help that young guy!"

"white!" Li Tang was brought to say hello to the Dragon Tooth Guards "Brothers, kill those men in black for me! !” Say should jump... Read More

A mysterious treasure, Ganyuan Sect, was exchanged for a magic pill.

The mysterious treasure is a treasure for the great power of Tong Xuan Jing, but it is rubbish for Yun Fan. He wants to make... Read More

Plus the widow’s blood is not much, the barrel goes straight across the river to the widow’s blue.

At this time, the widow went to the curved grass of the river and was ready to rush to the road to support. When she... Read More

A general trend came crashing down.

Depending on all prohibitions and laws, the cocoon of light melted by Emperor Gou Chen in Gouchen Palace was directly blasted. Just at the critical... Read More

Female strong and cool pets like it, please collect and support Xuan Xuan!

Highlights She stood idly staring at him and said faintly, "I want to take care of everything that is unfair. Why?" Look at her from... Read More

The fierce battle was first shocked and then snorted contemptuously. "Does the Lord not come to the decree again?"

The saint in black suddenly stepped on the front half step. Wen nu rebuked him, "My Lord is sitting in the temple though he is... Read More