Is it lost in splendor and forgotten?

Now that you know about it, you can’t let it go. Cai He went to admire Pinger according to Tao Zhuo’s instructions and came in.... Read More

"Virtual pioneer! ?”

He exclaimed in situ that he had imagined such a great man coming to this world because of other methods. The time he came should... Read More

Say that finish words no matter ShuiYunHeng answer didn’t promise to head also don’t back to the diameter out of the first chapter one hundred and fourteen don’t take her seriously.

The more Shui Yunheng looks at the watery moonlight, the more angry he becomes. Although he has touched the watery moonlight to get a divination,... Read More

He has too many questions.

He hasn’t moistened his throat for a long time, and his mouth is tight. He has a dry mouth and some strength to pronounce it... Read More

However, Xiao Wen’s contact with the law is only the imaginary world and the condensation of these two magical powers, and he doesn’t know what it is, even if he wants to add it to the natural picture, how about a hand?

I can’t help it! However, Xiao asked that now thinking is really turning faster and faster and has a new direction. Pushing the whole world... Read More

Wonderful surplus blood flute resist Qing Xuan a face of pale Anya looked at Xiao Lingyu expression is extremely urgent.

Miaoying insists that there is no time limit for her to pour Jingxue into the bloody flute, so that the bloody flute can always be... Read More

This is the woman who has once again condensed her mana sword. Guanghua is more blazing like the sun, and her power is more than a few before.

"Sister, I have something to say!" Who avoid hurriedly closed sword stand hand said no hostility. Seeing this, the woman also temporarily stopped moving, but... Read More

Lin Shengyan looked at her quietly through the glass at the door of Lin Zixiao’s ward as usual.

"You came to see her again!" Anshun day is as usual. Lin Shengyan passed away in his eyes behind him. "It’s just worry!" Lin Shengyan... Read More

I just felt a tight waist. Dong Yulan should have heard the conversation between the two people and understood the feeling that she was abandoned, and her eyes were full of tears.

Sure enough, I heard Dong Wei’s whisper. Dong Wei Lan was immediately appeased. It was a little tighter to encircle Dong Wei’s waist and hands.... Read More