Do you have shallow feelings for Zhu Yinzhen? Otherwise, on the contrary, Shen Menglu gradually found out that she accused Zhu Yinzhen of not knowing love, but she didn’t know love as much as a lover.

I have to admit that Shen Menglu is a more generous person than a selfish person before love.
"Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t want to torture each other anymore, and we can all live better!" This is Shen Menglu’s truth. Two lovers who are strong and don’t understand each other will end up in a lose-lose situation. Shen Menglu doesn’t want her and Zhu Yinzhen to be reduced to that point.
Torture? ! Zhu Yinzhen suddenly clenched his fist. Was Shen Menglu tortured with him in his heart? This cognition made Zhu Yinzhen immediately angry. "Mom, I am still that sentence, I won’t let you go! I won’t let you go even if it’s torture to death! You give up early! "
"Zhu Yinzhen, is this a must?" Shen Menglu went around in a big circle full of sighs. They once again returned to the point where they would be tit for tat. Shen Menglu’s heart fell. "Zhu Yinzhen, you should stop worrying about me. Sometimes you might as well think about how to find out the evidence and avenge your son!"
Shen Menglu has completely lost Zhu Yinzhen’s conversation mood. After finishing this sentence, he once again made a strong statement to Zhu Yinzhen.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at the closed door of Yuemeng Palace, but even a wry smile could not be put out.
After coming back from Muwangfu, Wei Gengyuan was weak because of the miscarriage, and her body became weaker and weaker. She couldn’t afford to fall ill directly, even huang didn’t have the strength, but Wei Gengyuan refused to take medicine and treatment and fell into a negative state. This is Wei Gengyuan’s resistance!
Zhu Yuting looked at the pale face of Wei Yi, not only overflowing with heartache, but also deeply complaining of anger. "When are you going to torture yourself?"
Finally, after the captain smashed the medicine juice again, Zhu Xiaoting couldn’t help it anymore.
Wei Yi looked up at Zhu Yiting. "I want to see the temple!"
I haven’t seen Zhu Yinqi since Zhu Yinqi was admitted to the Zongren Mansion. The sentence "I want to see the temple" has been repeated several times since he came back from Muwangfu, but every time it was rejected by Zhu Yiting’s righteous words.
"What else can a ungrateful person do like that?" Zhu Pingting was so angry that she came here. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s already dead to Zhu Yinqi. I don’t know what’s happening again.
Ungrateful person? Wei Wei sneered, "Mother, who is responsible for my temple?"
Zhu Yiting’s eyes flashed and she didn’t answer the question. "He caused you to miscarry and hurt your flesh and blood, and you still miss him. You are really out of your mind!"
When it comes to the miscarriage child, the irony in his eyes deepens. "Is there anything wrong with the mother’s miscarriage?" Should I really be held accountable for my miscarriage? Mother, do you really love your daughter and want her to get ahead by impeaching the temple with her short-lived fetus? "
Zhu Yiting was stared at with scorn by the captain, and every question made Zhu Yiting feel a chill in his back. "Do you already know?"
Wei Wei did not answer the rhetorical question, "What should a mother and daughter know? Mother, what big secret do you have to keep from your daughter? "
Zhu Yiting swallowed unconsciously. "You have to believe that everything your mother does is hello!"
At the early Muwangfu, the strange behavior of Wei Da made Zhu Xiaoting feel that she was very wrong. At that time, Zhu Xiaoting suspected that Wei Da even knew some secrets that he shouldn’t have known. Now, facing such an abnormality, Wei Da Zhu Xiaoting has affirmed his guess.
"How am I?" Wei Wei smiled and burst into tears. "Mother, you impeach your daughter’s husband and put her under house arrest in this East Palace. Don’t let her see her husband. Are these all daughters?"
Zhu Yiting’s eyes are cold. "If you listen to your mother, you can continue to be like a toffee. Can you have a chance to be a mother?"
WeiXinYan laughs at a "mother is this arrangement? When the mother asked her daughter to marry Taitai, she seemed to say the same thing. But once the mother was abolished, would you let your daughter be a waste toffee? "
Zhu Yiting gave his captain a cold look. "There is always a way to think about it!" Zhu Pingting believed that Wei Chengbai understood what she meant and was very unhappy with Wei Chengbai’s ignorance and aggressiveness.
Wei smiled, "Mother, no matter what good way you have, your daughter will advise you not to think too highly of your daughter’s value. The higher your expectations, the greater your disappointment."
What is Zhu Yiting’s so-called method? Of course, he knows that Zhu Yiting actually bet on Zhu Yinzhe, which makes him feel ridiculous. Who is Zhu Yinzhe? That’s a man more ferocious than a wolf!
"Mother Zhu Yin pleat is not a kind generation. You’d better not let him panic!" Wei Yi didn’t want to play charades with his mother any more, so he just said, "Zhu Yin’s fancy is your hand power. Once he gets what he wants, you and your father will become a thorn in his side."
"What do you know!" Who is Zhu Yinzhe? Zhu Yiting naturally knows, but she is sure that Zhu Yinzhe will always be United with them, but it is her stupid daughter who can cooperate with herself! "Dear son, don’t you worry about those who have eyes to do, just take medicine and get well quickly. Mother assures you that everything will be fine and your life will be brand-new!"
Wei’s eyes darkened, and her mother, as always, went her own way. "Mother and daughter don’t need a new life. Daughters want daughters, husbands and daughters want temples."


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