Nine heavy slightly thinking way "… help that young guy!"

"white!" Li Tang was brought to say hello to the Dragon Tooth Guards "Brothers, kill those men in black for me! !” Say should jump toward his nearest a black dress person!
Dozens of other Dragon Tooth Guards then took out their waist machetes and surrounded a dozen men in black. At ordinary times, Dragon Tooth Guards are not only equipped with guns, but also equipped with a close-fitting machete for melee.
These men in black put their hands in the Dragon Tooth Guards and knew how to stay. They immediately turned around and rushed toward the villa. Although they were brave and not battle-hardened Dragon Tooth Guards, their posture was quite superb. After being chased and blocked by dozens of Dragon Tooth Guards, four or five of them were hacked to death by Dragon Tooth Guards!
Get rid of the men in black who surround and kill the young guy, stumble a few steps with a sword and come to Jiuchong’s face, and his legs are soft and he falls to the ground!
The young man struggled to raise his head and asked, "Who … who is Jiuzhong? !”
Nine heavy way "I am who you are? !”
"Danger … danger! Someone wants …! !” The young man finally couldn’t hold back and fainted!
Jiuzhong stretched out his finger and sniffed at him. "There’s still breath. Get him into the house quickly!"
A few dragon teeth guards carried the young guy with Jiuzhong to the living room of the house, and Jiuzhong motioned to put him flat on the dining table.
Jiuchong explored the vein and portal vein of the young guy, and … Jiuzhong got a little blood from the young guy’s body, which turned out to be a dark green color instead of a normal color!
Nine heavy eyebrows a wrinkly "he not only suffered a sword wound was poisoned! Those men in black really hate their hands
Want to know his death! "
Looking at the young man Shen Yue who was seriously injured, he asked, "Can you still save lives?" !”
"… try it!" Jiuchong jumped to the table and lifted the young man up and sat cross-legged. First, he put his left hand on his back door. Pure energy was continuously injected to protect the young man’s heart, and then his right hand suddenly slapped him on the top of his skull. A golden dragon spirit poured into the young man’s head and swam away!
Seeing the young guy’s wound, dark green blood trickled out for five minutes and finally saw bright red blood!
Jiuzhong recovered his right palm, and a little luck also pressed on the young guy’s back door, and the young guy kept pouring in to push the blood to stop bleeding and heal!
After this lasted for two hours, the young man’s injury finally stabilized and turned pale, and his face showed a little blood, but he was still unconscious!
Jiuzhong took back his work and took a sigh of relief. "Life is finally saved, but he has lost too much blood and is too weak now. Call someone to cook some blood-enriching soup for him!" Then he waved to the Dragon Tooth Guards and said, "Take him to the upstairs bedroom and be gentle!"
"white!" Several Dragon Tooth Guards carefully carried the young man to the second floor!
Nine heavy came to the front of the tea table and took a long sip of tea from the teacup. Li Yuanzhen and they also came to the front of the tea table and asked, "What do you mean by saying’ someone is dangerous …’ before the faucet fainted? !”
Chapter one hundred and six Monster siege
Nine heavy on the sofa touching the earlobe son way "danger … someone … maybe someone is going to hurt me? !”
Zhou Ding National Road "This is very possible! He asked’ who is Jiuzhong’ in the first sentence, which must be aimed at you! "
Zheng Jiadao: "I just observed that the kung fu of those who came after the young man in black was not weak. They came after the young man because he knew what they had to hide, and inferred from what the young man said before he passed out. Is it because he was afraid that the young man would tell you that someone was going to be bad for you? So are the people who are going to be bad for you those people? !”
Han Yi mused, "But after the young man broke into Longyu, the gang still dared to come in so openly. Isn’t that exposing themselves? If they want to be bad for the leader, will they be stupid enough to expose themselves so early? !”
Nine nodded. "Han Yi said it makes sense … so to speak, either these people are not going to be bad for me or they are going to deal with people, not me, but others are not worried about exposing themselves in front of me!"
Shen Yue said, "But the young man did say to you,’ Someone is in danger’. He can’t shoot at you!"
Jiuchong picked his eyebrows and said, "Yueer said it makes sense to combine these two points … that means I must be in danger even if I’m not in danger …!" Jiuzhong looked at all the people present and suddenly had an epiphany. "Maybe … people around me are in danger!"
All one leng, "we? What danger can we have? !”
"… I don’t know!" Nine heavy shook his head. "But just in case you all live here tonight, let’s wait until the young man wakes up! In addition, I will call your brothers and immediately transfer your respective families. Well … Tell them to be here in case they lose! "
"… good!" Four people dare not neglect the horse to call their own master and ask them to pick up their families!
Two hours later, all the four families came to Longyu safely. Although there are four families, there are dozens of people. Fortunately, there are enough villas in Longyu, which can digest them. Shen Yue has arranged their own residences, and each family has a villa!
After settling the family, Jiuzhong also announced the dissolution and told the four door owners to go back to sleep. Longya Guards were on strict guard!
The young man still didn’t wake up in the afternoon, but fortunately, it’s daytime, and people are not worried that the gang will attack the city by monsters in the era of broad daylight activities, and they have to continue!
Jiuzhong came to transfer 50,000 members of the Kowloon Club into the game, but now just in case, 30,000 people stayed behind and joined the game with 30,000 people on the safe side.
It’s already thirty o’clock when the crowd is on the line. In another thirty minutes, the siege of monsters will be official! Other members of Hellfire have already arrived, not only regular army players but also reserve and reserve members. Although the latter two will not participate in today’s guarding city battle, it is still possible to run errands and do odd jobs as logistical support!
It is stipulated that monsters attack the city from the south gate, so they don’t worry that there will be beast tides attacking the city from other directions, and they spend 500 thousand regular fighters in the misty south gate of Chengtou! Although there are 500,000 people, Chengtou is not crowded at all, because the misty city is the largest city in Huaxia District, and the length of the south wall is ten kilometers!
China’s first main city welcomes the monster siege, which is definitely a pre-event. Chinese players who always like to join in the fun will naturally not miss such a good opportunity!
Although monsters haven’t attacked the city yet, the misty south city is already crowded with spectators. Without flying mounts or flying pets, players can hide in the mountains and forests on both sides of the south gate. People are crowded with flying mounts or flying pets, so players can hide in high schools to watch the battle and cover the sky. Spectacular!
It’s even bigger than the coming siege beast tide, scaring the monsters in the four fields all over the body for a holiday. It seems that they also feel that something big will happen today and it’s not appropriate to go out for a walk!
Most players are watching the excitement, but they are still afraid that the city gate will catch fire, and all the fish in the pond will hide in a far place and look at the battlefield from a distance!
However, some players are located near the battlefield, even in the battlefield. Some of these people are really not afraid of death and want to watch the fun at close range! And some people are forced to be at the forefront. These people are the reporters of major news newspapers in the game. In order to increase newspaper sales, they want to get first-hand information! I’m not afraid of not making money, but I’m afraid of not making money. With the popularity of the Era game, the stakes are getting higher and higher. Now it seems that it is about to become a folk game. Many intelligent newspaper tycoons have put their tentacles into the game and set up virtual newspapers in the Era game to make huge profits!
Everything is ready. All players are ready to attack the city with monsters!
Half an hour left in the impatient waiting of thousands of players finally came to 9: 00 sharp, and all members’ ears sounded at the same time, saying, "Dear members of Hell Crazy Flower Club, please get ready for the main city of Hell Crazy Flower Guild-the ethereal monster siege is official! !”
As soon as Tong Shiyin fell, he saw a piece of sky and evil clouds rising in the distance outside the misty city, covering the sky and rolling towards the misty city!
See in the distance is rapidly approaching evil cloud nine heavy can not help but grin "I depend on the first wave of monsters to the old army! Tong really fucking takes care of me! "
The first wave of monsters is a huge evil cloud composed of 20 iron falcons and iron falcons. Just now, it was blinking far away, and it has arrived five kilometers away from the misty city. Just now, it was far away and I didn’t feel it, but now the players really realized what it means to cover the sky! 600,000 iron falcons formed a huge shady scene, which covered half the sky and plunged the whole world into darkness!
Seeing such a large-scale animal tide, the players in Chengtou are all a little silly, and the four door owners around them are staggering. "My God, there are too many monsters, aren’t there?" We didn’t see the monster siege in Tianwang City on such a large scale! What is the same monster siege gap is so big pinch? !”
Shen Yue said, "You have overlooked that the scale of monster siege is directly linked to the scale of the city. The higher the scale of the city, the greater the scale of siege monster! I’m sorry to tell you that the misty city is the highest level nine cities! "
“……! !” Many people are petrified. "Really … with this? !”
All the people were shocked by the huge scale of the first wave of beast tide, except one person, that is, Jiuchong saw such a large-scale beast tide, and Jiuchong was also shocked. But then it was replaced by an inexplicable excitement, and the corners of his mouth unconsciously laughed. "Hey … I’m afraid that the first wave of monsters is the lowest monster, and the highest level is not more than 20, even if it comes, it’s cannon fodder! But I didn’t expect the first wave of monsters to come to the army. Now I am a part-time riding corps commander who just takes them to practice! You wait here for me to ride the legion! !”
Say don’t stop the opportunity for everyone to jump into Chengtou directly and come to the central square of misty city. The 50,000 hodgepodge mixed riding corps is here to stand by!
Nine heavy tread and walk to all the people near eyes swept all the people suddenly laughed, "oh, I’ll come to you. You have to wait until the second half of the monster siege to have a chance to play. I didn’t expect the first wave of monsters to be the army! That’s all right. Let’s grab the jackpot! We have everything. Now on my mark … Let’s go! !”
Chapter one hundred and seven Roasted falcon
A command of 50,000 mixed cavalry went up to the south gate with nine heavies, and soon crossed the wall and came to the south gate. Just now, I was on standby in the city and patronized the bullshit. I didn’t pay attention to the situation outside the city. Now I came outside the city to see that the front has come not far away to cover the sun. This situation is really too huge. Many people have never seen such a big scene, and they have been shocked at the moment. Unconsciously, they have been crushed!
Before the head of the team leader nine heavy keenly aware of the changes in the morale of the people turned back and said, "What expressions are you afraid of a big head ghost? ! Although they are numerous, they are just cannon fodder. Killing them is as simple as chopping melons and vegetables! I’ll show you if you don’t believe it! !”
Nine heavy say longitudinal step such as flying toward the front to iron falcon group ran while running right hand to grasp the virtual "small burn … fit! !”
At this time, the tide of six hundred thousand iron falcons and beasts has also approached the front root, and the goal is not to take Jiuzhong seriously, and the target is fifty thousand cavalry behind Jiuzhong! The iron falcon group lifted up like a huge canopy, facing the oblique cavalry 600 thousand iron falcons started their proud skill "iron beak auger" almost at the same time, and suddenly a spiral storm like hemp blew up in the sky!
It was a spectacular scene, and it was almost beyond words. If it had to be shaped, you could imagine that there were 600,000 horsepower drills scrambling to drill obliquely from the sky!
“……! !” Looking at the overwhelming spiral storm in front of me, 50 thousand cavalry were stunned and forgot to fight back!
At this time, Jiuzhong is rushing to the center of the iron falcon group’s offensive, looking at the overwhelming pressure on the spiral storm. Jiuzhong excitedly licked his lips for a moment and pushed his hands forward to aim at the spiral storm whistling in front of him. "Black fire lotus pond! !”
The center of the nine palms of a canopy of light rapidly expands outward and blinks to form a huge luogai blocking the top of the head of fifty thousand cavalry! Then I saw that Luo Gai’s face lit up, and several black and gold spots released bright light. When the light reached the limit, several spots instantly burst like buds waiting to be released, releasing one after another black and gold fire lotus flowers to form a huge black and gold fire lotus pond.