General Thomas finally knew why Zhao Li would join him at this time, and also stressed that Zhao Li had lost two billion yuan in amethyst on the safety line to describe it.

General Thomas couldn’t help but feel dizzy when he confirmed the exact number. Although he has seen more money at this level, he has never seen what it is like to have two billion amethyst yards together.
"Who else knows about this?" The first reaction of the general is to ask who else knows that Zhao Li can’t help admiring these high-ranking guys. The idea is that it is different from ordinary people, so is Kang Hongyuan, and so is General Thomas. The first question is the same.
"There is my general!" Zhao Li didn’t count them in to protect the two women. "But everyone involved knows that we have seized two metal boxes weighing more than one ton, but they don’t know what is in them."
"Very good, Lieutenant. You handled this matter well." Calm down. General Thomas didn’t feel how funny it was to smooth out a large coffee stain on the chest of the army. "Keep it that no one knows the secret in the box until the people I sent arrive."
"It’s a general!" Zhao Lida promised.
"Take care of yourself, don’t reveal your secrets, and wait for our special person to take care of it." General Thomas told Zhao Li carefully. "And the daily operations of the barracks should be kept normal as if this had never happened!"
"It’s a general!"
Chapter ninety-four Charm breakthrough
General Thomas seems to know that Zhao Li got a large sum of money and didn’t swallow it himself. Instead, he reported his reasons. It was very straightforward to ask Zhao Li to make conditions. "What do you want?"
"requirements?" Zhao Lizheng immediately Ma Bai, this is the time to ask for benefits. "General, what do you think I need to do?" The anti-guest host threw the question back, showing that he was not greedy, and this attitude also satisfied the general
"Well!" The general doesn’t care about Zhao Li kicking the question back for a while. "I’ll help you with an anonymous account. You can rest assured that no one will trace him to see what you need." Anyway, a word will make Zhao Libai indispensable.
"Thank you, General." General Zhao Liye also dismissed his last concern. "When you send someone to receive it, you’d better bring a batch of conventional arms and ammunition. Things are very scarce here." Why are you looking for those arms dealers when you have such a good military commander? Reasonable and legal than that kind of deal to worry a lot.
General Zhao Liyi knew what was going on. "This is simple. I will bring you a batch of arms. What else?"
Let Zhao Li suddenly think that Zhao Li really can’t think of it. Anyway, having his own sum is enough for Zhao Li to arrange a plan. But since it comes to arms, the logistics proofreader is also very caring for himself, there is a "general here is responsible for logistics officers who take care of me. It is said that General Lucas arranged it if allowed …" Later, Zhao Li didn’t say that General Thomas would definitely mean nothing.
"Lucas, this guy has done a good thing." General Thomas laughed when he heard Lucas’ name. "Don’t worry, he is the commander of your regional military region. This matter can’t bypass him."
Hang up the communication. General Thomas looked excited, but he couldn’t help but have a headache. "This guy expected him to stop and be a man with his tail between his legs." While shaking his head, he thought about how to deal with two billion amethyst.
"Just smile!" Kang, the old man looked at Zhao Li, and some meat hurts. He couldn’t help but order him. "You two billion amethyst are so easy to handle? It is so easy for you to make people feel that the money is reasonable, to protect you from being betrayed, to balance all forces and important people, and to give some benefits appropriately? "
"Not so exaggerated? It’s just money! " Although Zhao Li has understood some of the difficulties, he has not fully understood them. Following Kang Hongyuan is also a class "You always give directions"
"To put it simply, it’s money laundering. Of course, it’s relatively easy for high-level military money laundering, but you can’t seize the nominal report or you’ll stay here." Kang Hongyuan seems to be familiar with this kind of money operation and should be in constant contact with this kind of thing. "Of course, there is arms smuggling. Don’t forget that there are so many weapons prohibited by law here."
Zhao Li doesn’t care about arms smuggling. Anyway, it’s too unreasonable for two military commanders to partner if they can’t get any arms in. But when it comes to money laundering, it reminds Zhao Li of Ban Yunchan’s ability to wash out such a large sum of money that would bankrupt HSBC, and it’s not like Zhao Li’s worrying about two billion amethyst.
Ban Yunchan’s delicate and beautiful face seems to appear in front of Zhao Li again. If she were there, it might not be so troublesome. After all, two billion amethyst still hurts!
For three or two days in a row, there was no news from General Thomas. It seems that the opinions on handling those things have not been unified, and it is conceivable that everything in the camp is relatively normal
What makes Zhao Li wonder is that he hasn’t seen Christine for two or three days, even when he went to the clinic, the original military doctor was on duty, so he didn’t see Lieutenant Colonel Christine, and he didn’t know what she did.
Li Mengdie also practiced those soldiers. Nowadays, the morale of soldiers, especially elite soldiers, is high, and the enthusiasm for training is higher than that of high strength. It is no longer the former kind of muddle along to easily destroy a guerrilla trading scene and make them more confident.
Li Mengdie, the achievement method of genius school, has chosen the kind of permission that has a good effect, but it is still two realms with Li Mengdie’s practice.
Zhao Li once consulted Li Mengdie carefully, and told Zhao Like Christine that things in genius schools are not kept secret, and Li Mengdie has nothing to hide.
The usual process is that when students enter a gifted school, they learn advanced basic skills instead of basic fitness skills, which is completely different from ordinary society
When the students have completed a certain realm, they will strictly measure their physical attributes, and then the instructors of the genius school will choose one or three methods according to the actual situation of the students. In addition to advanced combat methods, Christine’s practice is three kinds of healing and soul-grabbing, while Li Mengdie’s combatants are allowed to practice one kind, that is, she is now cold and true.
This name has no concept except that Zhao Li knows that Li Mengdie has become an iceberg after practicing, and the beauty has attacked with the true qi and it is also cold. Even the name feels strange.
"It’s not surprising that the name should be ice Qi No.27." Li Mengdie was not surprised at all. "It should be the same ice attribute, and someone has been ranked No.27 in experimental practice."
"Experimental practice?" Zhao Li couldn’t help but ask, and immediately remembered that the students in the genius school have always been researchers studying white mice.
Li Mengdie seems to be used to being a white mouse. We just master and explore a set of methods that can lower the standard of practice through our own practice. Even if we find this method, we should try our best to get detailed data and try to promote it in a small scale.
"Then don’t you have to accept a lot of scientific research?" Zhao Li know perfectly well past ask is Li Mengdie feel a little pity.
"Isn’t this the quality of the high people?" Li Mengdie answered casually, but Zhao Li couldn’t help but sigh that the genius school brainwashed badly. "A few of us make sacrifices, and all ordinary people can get a bigger promotion one day!" Moreover, the treatment of talented students is many times higher than that of ordinary people and should be rewarded. "
"But now life is already very good! What do you want to do so much? " Zhao Li knows himself, but he is a little behind. "Well, I understand." Looking at Li Mengdie like an idiot, Zhao Li still thinks it’s better to surrender immediately.
Ji has been able to guess that Li Mengdie’s genius school life is practiced day after day and brainwashed, and the discipline of organizing practice reports to researchers is like a machine.
Fortunately, I had a concept in my heart at that time and successfully escaped such a life. Even Zhao Li admired her wisdom. Although she could learn powerful skills when she entered a genius school, she had to live such a life. Maybe she would become an unpopular person like Major Michael when she came out. That’s not good.
Besides, it’s not necessarily worse than these methods, even if the master touches Zhao Li’s qi to attack the attacked muscles, he will also have spasms, but the higher the level, the shorter the recovery time. Today, Zhao Li hasn’t touched anyone who can resist, so Zhao Li feels that it is far better than practicing an experimental method. Although Zhao Li is not sure whether the old warden will give him this famous method or whether he will do the experiment.
When asked about Christine, Zhao Li was surprised that Li Mengdie even said that Christine was practicing. It is said that she suddenly had some feelings, which made Zhao Li even more puzzled. Did she see that a lot of money was stimulated?
Anyway, since Christine can close, she must have had an epiphany. Zhao Li deliberately closed Christine’s room and added two sentries, and then quietly waited for her to come out.
General Thomas’s arrangement hasn’t been carried out yet. Two big boxes full of amethyst are just placed in the meeting room. Zhao Li sometimes can’t help but worry about what to do if there are so many amethysts.
Up to now, Zhao Licai really understands how stupid it was to want to divide the money equally at that time. It turns out that more money is really overwhelming. Thanks to the old man Kang Hongyuan, it would be unimaginable now.
General Thomas didn’t wait until Christine heard the news and Zhao Li was the first to arrive at the scene.
"Why does it look strange?" Christine asked wittily, the feeling that her body was a little mature but still a little green made Zhao Lixin jump wildly.
Now Christine is different from the past. Christine always has a charming smile on her face and always makes a charming gesture. People can’t help but see her hot figure and eyes that seem full of longing.
However, now she has gone through a period of closure and reappeared, and her temperament has changed greatly, just like from a slut who took the initiative to seduce people but never gave them a chance to actually win, to a slut who was full of temptations and made people see that she wanted to recruit stunners at the first sight.
One is to seduce others and let others passively think, and the other is to let people see it and take the initiative to sign two completely different realms. Even Zhao Li, a big boy who has no personnel, can feel the difference.
Because of the change of temperament, even the habit has changed. Now Christine’s every move is really like a delicious peach that looks ripe and immature. There is no such thing as a fascinating smile and no such intentional physical contact. But the problem is that Christine is more attractive and almost makes Zhao Li have some control.
The heart unwillingly quickened the pace of beating, and Zhao Lihen couldn’t find a place to cover it up. Zhao Li had to quickly mobilize the basic body-building technique, close her eyes and come directly to a nine-week trip to calm her mind. This just opened her eyes and looked at what this was not a stunner but better than a stunner super beauty.
Li Mengdie also rushed to look at Christine. It seems that some people are speechless. Two Zhao Li arranged sentries, and they were dizzy for a long time, so Christine took away her complaints and went to prepare bath water for her.
"What’s the matter?" This is a reason why Zhao Lixin Christine suddenly changed so much.
"I’m just a little impressed by seeing something more attractive. Is it more powerful than before?" Christine looked at Zhao Li with a face of pure eyes and replied wittily.
Holding his finger, Zhao Li pointed for a long time and didn’t know what to say. Finally, he looked left and right and thought for a long time. "You are not allowed to seduce my soldiers in the future!"
"Good, then I will seduce you later!" Christine smiled demurely, but said such a rude thing, but Zhao Li’s heartbeat provoked another cold hum from Li Mengdie next to her.
I didn’t expect to hear this cold hum, but Christine was very affectionate and gathered around Li Mengdie and grabbed her little hand. "Ignore him and his sister to take a shower!"
Zhao Li stunned expression farewell Li Mengdie seems to have no resistance. Obediently follow Christine away from Zhao Li. Looking at the two women’s lithe and graceful back, I couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva and immediately scolded myself for rushing to the training ground.
Who would have thought that in the face of the temptation of 2 billion amethyst, Christine had a new understanding of the soul-grabbing and heady at this time, and it seems that after practicing this direction, he will prepare a house full of banknotes or amethyst for him to stay in for a day, which is expected to make a breakthrough.
Shortly after Christine came out, Zhao Li finally received an order to get ready. The military region will send someone to conduct a routine inspection of the barracks, and the responsible person will arrive the next day.
Zhao Li calculated that one day happened to be the normal logistics supply. It seems that this is also quite a brain. Try to be low-key and normal without attracting attention. What makes Zhao Li most angry is that it is absolutely reasonable to have a military inspection. Even Zhao Li has moved in recent months to cover it up.


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