Ye Lingshan was puzzled to see him packing. Really? He didn’t get angry and flee to America, did he?

It’s so unmanly!
Ye Lingshan stood in front of the wardrobe. "Where are you going?"
JiNanRui don’t talk just turn around and don’t take it from the closet.
Ye Lingshan chased after it again. "Hey, hey, I’m talking to you."
Ji Nanrui "…"
Who kicked him out last night and didn’t even let him take his coat? Although it was not cold in October, it was a little cold to wear a shirt late.
Especially after the car, I happened to meet Xiao Wu and went home, but I gave him a good joke.
What do you mean, fourth brother yo? Is this being driven back by fourth sister-in-law?
What did he talk about in front of him? The daughter of the Three Cardinals, the Five Permanent Principles and the Moral Classics had a face by kneeling on the washboard.
"Don’t talk to anyone again. I let you go home last night to save you from making mistakes!"
Ji Nanrui "…"
Let her say everything. She was the one who got the license and refused to sleep. It was also her.
Ahem, he didn’t mean to sleep with her, but he was always driven away in the middle of the night.
Hurt self-esteem
It hurts self-esteem
"Still not talking?" Ye Lingshan held his arm dangling.
"If you don’t talk, I’ll tell mom that we can’t wait for the second brother and the third brother. Let’s just hold a wedding first because some people can’t wait …" Ye Lingshan relaxed Ji Nanrui’s arm.
"You live!" JiNanRui couldn’t help it.
If this bear child says so, he will be even more ashamed. A 30-year-old man is led by a little girl.
"What’s the matter?" Ling Ye is so ignorant.
"You snake skin is thick enough to make a face!" Ji Nanrui was so angry with her.
"Do you have a good touch? I feel okay?" Ye Lingshan smiled and raised Ji Nanrui’s hand and put it on his face.
Ji Nanrui, seeing that she is heartless, really wants to squeeze her hard. When she has to work hard, she can’t bear to squeeze such a tender face. It’s time to pinch her red.
What does he care about between a big man and a little girl?
Forget it, just put up with her one last time.
Ye Lingshan knew that he was no longer angry when he saw that Ji Nanrui was not willing to pinch him.
Ji Nanrui is really easy to coax recently. It took less than five minutes to coax this time, right?
You’ve made a lot of progress since you returned to China.
"Are you packing for America?" Ye Lingshan is still afraid of the guy packing and running away.
After all, it is not very convenient for her to study in Qingda University now.
"Not going to Harbin" Ji Nanrui is no longer angry.
For Ye Lingshan, if he takes a step, she will be used to it, and she won’t feel trouble.
"How long will it take?" Ye Lingshan can see Ji Nanrui during the day, although she drives him away late.
When I heard that he was going to Harbin, I was a little reluctant.
Chapter 54 Baby will never grow up
"Do a friend a favor in two or three days," Ji Nanrui said.
"Two or three days?" Ye Lingshan’s eyes lit up. It’s not very long. She will go for a long time. "Then I’ll go, too."
"It’s cold there!"
Ye Lingshan found out that Ji Nanrui said it was cold there, not righteous words ordered her not to go.
"I’m not afraid!" Ye Lingshan vowed, "I wish I wore thicker clothes. I heard that there may be snow there recently, and I might be lucky to see it."
"That won’t do either." Ji Nanrui thinks it’s better not to bring this little tail.
He went to take care of her when she was not at work, so she might as well stay at home.
"Why not? I’m your wife, okay? Aren’t you afraid to leave me alone at home? I miss you so much. Do you want to get sick?" Ye Lingshan shook Ji Nanrui’s arm. "Take me, take me."
JiNaRui low eyes looked at a face of finals Ling Ye shan ha this will know that it is his wife, why didn’t you have this consciousness when driving him away?
"You have to learn not to mess around on Monday!" Ji nan Rui leng Lian
It’s strange to believe this bear kid. He’s alive and kicking like a leather monkey. He’s gone for two or three days, not two or three years, and he still misses him so much that he’s bored.
"You can teach me. Those professors are all chatting. You didn’t teach me well. You took me there. You left me alone in Qingcheng Mountain. I don’t know anyone. I’m lonely …"
Ji Nanrui "…"
She doesn’t know anyone in Qingcheng Mountain?
She is more popular than he is now, okay?
This girl really has a way of buying people’s minds. The aunt and driver at home are very old, and Feng’s head is fooled by her. Young ladies call it a joy.
And what’s that little reporter’s name? Didn’t Ruan say last night that we were going to watch movies and go shopping together today?
"Take me. Take me. I want to go. I haven’t been to Harbin yet. I haven’t seen such heavy snow. It is said that the snow is particularly heavy and beautiful. I will study hard and never skip class when I come back. Be a good wife who will make you proud …"
Make him proud?
Just don’t discredit him all the time and be proud of him. Do you dare to believe her nonsense about not skipping class?
Don’t, he didn’t know that he skipped two elective courses this week for fear that he would find a nearby Internet cafe and play for two hours before he dared to go home.
Ye Lingshan was a little anxious to see Ji Nanrui unmoved. "Just take me on my honeymoon trip. We got the certificate and you didn’t take me out to play!" Ye Lingshan looked at him with a small face held high, so he looked pathetic and blinked, by the way.
Ji Nanrui "…"