You can’t hide such a big event. Of course, Sanqing didn’t want to hide it.

"Don’t be angry, two Taoist friends. It is also good for you to do so." Seeing that these two people are too angry, the sage frowned and explained.
It’s a good thing he didn’t say so. When he said so, the saint blew up directly.
"How are we?"
"Resurrection hongyun friends is also our good? Then shouldn’t my other disciples thank the three Taoist friends? "
Jump out from behind the lead saint quasi saint got to say
"Brother, shut up"
Is before Sanqingkou his side took the sage and spoke angrily.
Compared with the quasi-saint, after listening to the words of the Taiqing saint, he calmed down.
I saw him. He bowed his head to the sage Taiqing and asked, "Do you dare to ask the elder brother that we didn’t know the word’ good’ when you said that we would revive Hongyun’s friendship?"
It’s not easy to continue to listen to the explanation that "two Taoist friends in the west have been trapped in the cause and effect of Hongyun Taoist friends for a long time."
"Therefore, being original intends to take this opportunity to help the two Taoist friends end the cause and effect of Hongyun Taoist friends in one fell swoop."
Hearing this, the sage respectfully asked, "What’s this?"
With a smile, Saint Taiqing went on to say, "The cause and effect of two Taoist friends, Hong Yun and Taoist friends, are sanctified, and it is naturally difficult to settle in an ordinary way."
"But the eye has such a chance."
"Huh?" It seems that the sage has learned something.
However, before he thought about it, he saw the Taiqing sage pointing in the direction of Ren Huang Hall and saying, "Yes, it is the human throne."
When I heard this, it was like a thunder exploding in the brain of a saint-to-be saint.
They are too clear about saints.
The human throne is a sacred position. If they work together to push Hongyun to the throne and give it to the saints.
Then the cause and effect of the two of them are naturally over
The Taiqing Sage Plan is really a wonderful order, and the two saints are enlightened.
The problem that has plagued them for many years has been solved in this way. At one time, they actually gave birth to an unreal feeling.
Then the two of them silently deduced that the plan was feasible before they calmed down again.
But this calm connection led them to suddenly realize that they seemed to have been calculated by Sanqing.
Come on, it’s the Sanqing Lord and his two assistants to hook up with Chen.
But with the resurrection of Hongyun’s bodhi old zu, the situation turned upside down and became his two masters, Sanqingfu.
In order to settle the cause and effect of the western Hongyun bodhi old zu, the two must be trying their best to support Hongyun, saying that it is no exaggeration to push the throne at all costs.
Because they have no way out.
This cause and effect has really dragged on for too long, and it’s time for an outcome.
With the two people in front to block the Sanqing, you can naturally retreat to the back and let them be the early birds.
I don’t like to suffer, but Sanqing is not a victim.
Sanqing’s skill comes out. If this matter becomes natural, everyone will be happy.
But if this thing fails, most of the cause and effect will fall behind and lead the way.
If you do it properly, you can walk away, push all the troubles to the right place, transform yourself, and get back to the world.
This is Sanqing. You may make money, but they never suffer.
Although they knew that they had been calculated by Sanqing, they had to admit that the other party had really solved a big problem for them.
Therefore, the two had to hold their noses and apologize, "I was being original and misunderstood the master elder brother, but I hope the master elder brother will forgive me."
"Nothing!" Shook his head too clear saint said
Seeing this, the two men silently returned to the original place. At this time, the prospective saint’s eyes flashed a strange light.
How can he make so much money if he is cheap?
What are they good for?
If we really want them to carry out this plan, we will discuss it with them first, instead of waiting for them to find out afterwards before saying hello.