The fierce battle was first shocked and then snorted contemptuously. "Does the Lord not come to the decree again?"

The saint in black suddenly stepped on the front half step. Wen nu rebuked him, "My Lord is sitting in the temple though he is not a saint! Fight Yazun … Why don’t you bow down and respect the decree? "
"Oh ~ Saint?" The fierce battle disdained to smile. "It’s not too late for her to come again after being baptized by my Lord’s holy blood in July 49 ~"
As he said this, he respectfully accepted the order and waved at will. "Your Lord is very busy. Read quickly ~ What are you waiting for?"
The black saint forbeared for a moment and then pulled the golden scroll to sink and drink the sacred order.
"Holy order! Life vigil guard Lord battle immediately rate desert vigil guard remnants north governor of northern Xinjiang war shall not be delayed "
After reading, the black saint waved his hand and sent out the golden scroll sacred order.
Battle five fingers palm firmly caught motionless color light mused "good now … you can go back to me"
The saint in black snorted and turned and left.
And battle that is staring at the black saint leave back a pair of blood eyes slowly back to the hands of the golden scroll.
Hua ~
He shook the edict, looked at the corners of his mouth, laughed and hummed, "Ah ~ even this edict has been made today in just two days! Hey ~ my saint temple! How much do you want to leave? "
And he casually threw the decree up and looked around at the mummy’s mouth and asked with a smile and disdain, "See? ~ Our Leng Yan Saint Temple … I don’t think it’s in the way here! "
Obviously, this edict came from the hands of the holy man and virgin, and I don’t know if it’s safe now. But this fierce battle doesn’t seem to believe in the sudden appearance of the saint and is very disobedient!
Sure enough, I saw him shouting "Somebody!"
Before the voice fell outside the temple, there was a night tour guard kneeling down "!"
Seeing the gloomy sound of the fierce battle, he said, "Immediately order the number of guards in the desert to return to the oasis to relax and secretly strengthen the alert for the Lord, especially the Stargate Golden Pagoda …!"
Before the night watchman left, he looked out of the temple and hummed, "Lord, it’s interesting to see who you want to help destroy our gate array?"
At this time, another night watchman came to worship, saying, "My Lord, Wan Li Dashan Xia, thousands of they nest have surrounded and killed me, and they seem to come to my oasis! It is reported that there is also the nun who followed the sword beside the virgin. "
"Xia … female guard?" Battle smell thoughtfully immediately grin "~ so that’s it! Ha ha ha ~ "
For a moment, laughter resounded through the dim house, full of sudden meaning.
Seeing that he ordered the night guard who was about to leave, he said, "Your Lord ordered the guards to stay at night when they were young. Your Lord must give these ants a half-way and kill the army!"
The vigil WeiWen said with some concern, "What if the Lord … what if Xia is a diversion? After all, hence the virgin from the gate and can be more than the female who … "
Smell this battle instantaneous alert nodded slightly mused "also … some truth"
Then he thought, "If these ants want to storm this place, they will definitely choose the day. Although I am not afraid, it is the best choice to go out at night when the night is the weakest."
You make the three guards go out with the first fire, and you will take advantage of the night to annihilate the chivalrous man.
And there is a statue sitting here as calm as Mount Tai! "
The night watchman saw that the Lord listened to the suggestion and wanted to order the three night watchman leaders to go to war and stay in the gate himself, so he was ordered to leave.
Chapter 63 Night outing between people out of the ghost town hides thousands of people
The sky is getting dark, and a charcoal bonfire has been set up on both sides of the desert oasis road.
A prison car is moving slowly towards the Golden Pagoda of the stargate.
Luo Yu sat in a cage and watched the vigil along the way, and there were several people guarding the nearby Jinta. His heart was suddenly overjoyed.
I didn’t expect this oasis gate to turn out to be outside Song Yan. If I had known this, I would have waited until today.
Sit comfortably and sway the long prison car, listening to the rhythmic sound of the wheels’ creaking’. Some feathers are impatient and want to fly out and kill the golden pagoda of the gate.
He unconsciously showed a silly smile, staring straight at the gate, as if he had seen himself as imposing as a man, SHEN WOO heroic …
….. Sure enough, as I expected, I came to the night tour who sneered at "Hey ~ what are you silly? In a hurry to be reborn? "
Luo Yu reveals an evil smile and is cold and low. "It should be you who is reborn!"
"Huh?" The night watchman felt strange as soon as he turned around.
Only to see this silly in the cage, I got up and gave myself a weird bad smile.
"You …?" Before he startled to ask
See los feather instantaneous has been like a crazy lion drink suddenly and violently made a rope strong air billow is shattered the cage!
He grabbed the stunned night watchman and smashed his head cleanly with a bang.
The quartet came, and the night guards were sparse and exclaimed!
"Someone mixed in … kill!"