I don’t know if the closer we get, the more mysterious the footsteps. In the maze tunnel, the heartbeat of Qing Ming is getting more and more intense.

Seeing that he was getting closer and closer to freedom, Qing Ming suddenly felt a little worried. He had nothing to talk to Xuanji and said, "Do you want to see my true face? Don’t be surprised then. "
"Are you ugly?" Mystery footsteps thoughtful slow way
"… no, I’m afraid I’ll blind you. Since we met, where have you had the illusion that I’m ugly?" Qing Ming smell speech dissatisfied way
"You dare not show me …" Mystery way
Qing Ming sneered, "I’m not afraid that you will die if you see my true face. What should I do if you love me alive? This is a precaution, okay?"
"Ah, just a man’s color deserves to shake my heart." Mystery sneers.
"Just male …" Qing Ming squints and laughs at mystery.
I don’t know how long it’s been before Qing Ming finally announced that the mystery had arrived at his destination.
At the end of the maze tunnel is a wide and heavy door, which is made of black iron. In front of this door, it is as small as an ant.
Mystery tried to push the fruit root forward?
"Machine beside brute force is can’t open the door" such as green ghost see about this just wake up mystery way.
Mystery in front of the crack in the dark iron gate has the strength to take a white look at mystery "brute force? Is my big brother also a brute force? "
"Although I can’t push this door, my big brother can definitely push it."
This green ghost doesn’t object to "your big brother has only brute force left."
"But since he is still a younger brother, he said that repairing the realm is still inferior to the elders, and this door says that you’re welcome. The whole Bai Yujing can be opened without exceeding ten indexes." Qing Ming looked at the front door and said,
"Since it is so difficult to open it, why should it be left outside? Is it because someone often comes to see you?" Mystery strange way then to grope for what Qing Ming said.
"No, I made it myself, and no one came to see me, but I couldn’t think of it. The last convenience of my kung fu machine is you." Qing Ming couldn’t help but chuckle.
The mystery of speaking opens the door of black iron and opens it sadly as if all the sounds were sucked away by something.
It was not until the door opened that Qing Ming walked in front.
Mystery follows behind Qing Ming’s dark iron gate. There is nothing that can be separated by the four stars. It may be because the figure standing in the stars is facing the head.
I saw the figure in the center of the black screen star ornament, and there were many chains all over the body. Those chains trapped him, locked his limbs around his neck and waist, and blocked him so that he could escape elsewhere.
At this moment, the green shadow in front of the Xuan fuselage faded and suddenly disappeared in front of the mystery.
At the same time, the fingertips of the figure trapped by several chains moved slightly
I don’t know when the door behind me will be closed. Looking at the figure waiting for my rescue in front, the look is full of solemn "predecessors"
Said the mystery took a net dust tactic, instantaneous xuan fuselage and clothes look brand-new.
At the same time, Xuanji also specially took out three special incense sticks from his brother’s token.
The figure saw Xuanji’s eyes slightly narrowed and said, "What are you doing?" It’s the tone of Qing Ming’s voice
Xuanji primly said, "Your horse will be free soon, so isn’t it the most basic to burn incense and bathe on a big day?"
Chapter 69 Chapter 69
At this time, Xuanji and Qingming are close enough to spray breath into each other’s mouths. Qingming can clearly see Xuanji’s delicate eyebrows and red lips and count how many eyelids Xuanji has.
It’s so close, so close … It’s the kind that never gets too close before.
"What, it’s not love at first sight when you see my true colors?"
"I told you long ago that I hid my true colors from you as a precaution. Now I won’t really get stuck, will I?"
Just as Qing Ming’s heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably, he was nervous and worried. The mystery suddenly grabbed him and broke the black clothes. It was not Qing Ming’s resistance
"Qing Ming, I want to be with you all the time. Would you like to?" Mystery slightly left a little hands holding a green face asked.
This let qing Ming zheng big eyes slightly confused mood "what do you mean? Fancy me? You didn’t despise me for being male, didn’t you? "
It’s too fast to punch yourself in the face.
"I’d love to not be together, would you?" Xuanji avenue
"What kind of together? Still this? " Qing Ming said, and received force in his hand, which made Mystery feel his body better.
This distance makes both bodies tremble.
It seems that something is quietly crossing the line.
Suddenly, the mysterious finger touched Qing Ming’s neck and there was still a red mark left by the chain. Mystery asked, "Does it hurt here?"
"Don’t touch, my girl, you are really timid and fat ….." Qing Ming seized the mystery hand and said.
This part says that he is temporarily lamella, but if it weren’t for mystery, Qing Ming could instantly crush people.
"It seems that you really want to be free." Mystery laughed.
Said the mystery away qingming arm shape falling towards the chain.
Qing Ming’s consciousness reached out to reach the front of the Xuan fuselage, but suddenly a barrier appeared. Just as Qing Ming’s eyebrows picked it up, he wanted to bombard and break the barrier. The whole body flashed more than ten times stronger than before.
This made Qing Ming smile and sink to the bottom of the valley. "Who is it?"
"Don’t dare to show up?" Said the green ghost clothes and long hair wind automatically.
"I’m not always there, aren’t I?" Just then, Qing Ming heard the mystery and said with a smile.
Qing Ming suddenly looked at the mysterious eyes full of surprise and disbelief.
See mystery feet firmly on the chain is this time the chain didn’t attack mystery intention.
Seeing this scene, Qing Ming’s lips peristalsis rose for the first time, and she strongly wanted to explore "Mystery, who are you!"
Can ordinary reincarnated women control these chains?
These chains seem to be many, but they are actually a trapped treasure-the prison chain.