"We have met Daozu (master) (teacher)"
Hearing the ancestral sound of Hongjun Road, they immediately saluted the sky.
It was Hongjun Daozu who didn’t show up.
"Heaven drops the law to make the Terran protagonist come to Zixiao Palace as soon as possible to discuss a charter."
Hung-chun’s ancestral voice came to call everyone to Zixiao Palace to discuss Terran affairs.
"We obey orders!"
Smell speech Six Saints Haotian Yaochi Fengzichen went to Zixiao Palace with Razer.
Can the emperor be born to bypass the Chinese Emperor?
The people in Zixiao Palace sat waiting for the appearance of Hongjun Daozu.
It can be said that in addition to the past, the flood is now here.
"Heaven intends the Terran to establish san huang to occupy the heavens and the earth, and the three talents are lucky enough to help the Terran to develop. What do you think about this?"
After a long time, Hongjun Daozu appeared and said
"Master, I don’t know what’s special about this san huang?"
Too clear saint wanted to think to speak and asked
"san huang is heaven and earth!"
"Those who have made achievements in san huang can be compared with each other in their strength, so they say that saints and sages can enjoy all spirits."
Hongjun Daozu explained
When they heard it, they were frightened. That’s three saints on a par, and that’s all the more for the Lich clan.
And will the addition of three saints shake their position?
At that time, people’s thoughts drifted away
"Master, I don’t know if this saint is different?"
Too clear saint seize the key and ask again
"The sage Yuan God entrusts Heaven with Heaven, and the Taoist priest can change Heaven to help himself and flood the enemy."
"The sage is to upgrade his realm to the level of the Yuan Dynasty, but the Yuan God does not place his trust in the talents of the Heaven saints, and they do not have them."
"The four imperial positions are also a kind of sacred positions."
Grandfather Hongjun explained his peace of mind in detail if he didn’t know what his brother was thinking.
Hearing this, the saints really breathed a sigh of relief. When the ancestors said this, they understood that Di Jun was able to compete with saints before he became a Taoist, and the means were similar to the sacred position
It’s just a little rough
"Is there a suitable candidate for Terran san huang and others?"
Hongjun Daozu didn’t want to go straight to the point when he was in waves.
Here comes the climax.
Hear here
The wind zichen sat up straight.
Isn’t that why ancestor Hongjun called everyone here?
The so-called heaven and earth, the general trend of heaven and earth, is to set a general direction and specific details, which are of course discussed by the saints
This is the advantage of being a saint.