“! ! !”

Chapter 60
Emotional drama is absolutely hard for me.
This news is a bit hard for Argo to accept. Her eyes are full of surprise. "I didn’t hear that there was a maze in the Black Iron Palace during the beta period."
"Never heard of it doesn’t mean there isn’t" Xiang said.
The surprise in Argo’s eyes slowly decayed, and he bent his head slightly to digest this shocking news to the main theme. Ian Grant was located in the first floor underground and there was a hidden maze!
Taking a deep breath, she knew that the hidden maze information was very valuable without thinking deeply, and she could get a lot of money by selling it to a big guild.
If this information is confirmed to be true …
The merchant’s soul is burning instantly!
Argo raised three fingers and looked at Xiang with a little excitement. "I will sell the operation after the authenticity of the information is confirmed. I want 30% of the price."
Xiang shook out a wry smile at the corner of her mouth to break her delusion that "this information can’t be sold and can’t be known"
Argo’s face suddenly showed an incomprehensible expression, but he could not see it under the mask.
"Until then, this can be between you and me, and this information can’t be sold." He tilted his head and his eyes slowly lost focus, and his vision blurred as if he could see the future in the darkness overhead.
"I can’t make such a thing." Argo didn’t compromise, and the volume was a little bit excited.
How can she tolerate such a thing when an invaluable intelligence is not sold at the first time, even if it is hidden from the interests of businessmen?
"Just this once, let your principles help me this time."
Argo shook his head decisively and refused. "Although we don’t know the situation in the maze, once the information is confirmed incorrectly, this maze will be an excellent resource location. Its value is not only for sale, but also for the progress of the Raiders."
Xiang took a deep breath and said calmly, "I have reasons not to let it be made public."
After hearing what he said, Argo’s excited eyes gradually calmed down. She quietly stared at Xiang for a moment and then said lightly, "Why? I still can’t know the reason, right? "
Xiang was suddenly silent in her gaze and could not speak.
Argo gave an inexplicable smile and looked sideways at something dark and cold on the wall. "What makes you think I will help you every time?"
"I don’t know. I thought you would help me solve the problem."
Xiang looked at Argo’s chest as if he had blocked a stone, so he was bored and panicked.
He really wants to tell Argo all the secrets regardless, but when the secrets are revealed, he will be Wang Yang. Will he still be him? That kind of ordinary people won’t believe that secrets will be regarded as a joke by others, right?
"ha? Mr. Xiang, have you misunderstood something? "
Argo sneered, but there was an imperceptible tremor. "If you can afford the price, I will even sell my own information before helping you, but it’s just about the money."
Xiang suddenly got up and walked to Argo with a serious look. "I didn’t misunderstand."
Rushed to meet Xiang, who was full of serious eyes and looked at each other for a few seconds, Argo felt his heart beating suddenly and his face felt irritable and he couldn’t help but suddenly turn around.
She is not old, but very mature. Although she has never been in love or liked anyone, she knows this truth, off the charts chemical feeling, even if she has never experienced it.
What is this reaction? I don’t want to fall in love yet … and what is this guy? What do I like about him?
Argo was unwilling to roar loud in his mind and felt his eyes sting from behind.
"Argo, I seem to … like you," Xiang murmured, pressing his chest.
No matter how slow you are, you should understand your feelings for the girl in front of you.
Actually, it should have been understood long ago. On the night when she sent an email for help, she looked at the silver sword falling toward her neck. The reason why she became so crazy was that even if the world collapsed, it would be called mood.
When did he like it? He doesn’t know and doesn’t need to recall the process from the first meeting to the present. It is enough to know that he likes the Argo girl in front of him.
With her back to Xiang Argo, her eyes widened slowly, and she wondered if she had heard wrong.
"You, what did you say?"
"I said …" Xiang looked at the petite back in front of her and said softly, "I like you."
This time, the confession is no longer confirmed as if these two words were so sure.
"Today is not April Fool’s Day." Argo slowly lowered his head and covered his eyelids at the bottom of his heart, and joy roots emerged to suppress it, but she was still a little hard to believe.
So he likes me, too?
This sentence hovered in her head.
Chapter sixty-one
Say I’m that dark! ?
Absolute reason Argo never thought that one day he would like someone in an rpg online game, even though everyone in this world is a real face, it is still an rpg online game.
I don’t know his name, he didn’t know his real address in the past, but I like it so unreasonably, and he likes me …
Will two of a kind Bureau be together? Is that the so-called love? No, we can’t just fall!
I can clearly feel the strange beating of my heart. Argo can’t help but stretch out his hand and hold his chest. He can still feel the heart tremble through the soft fullness.
Blood rushes through the blood vessels and rushes straight to the forehead, causing a burning face. You can know that your face must be as red as an apple without taking a mirror.
"Argo, you can’t just disarm!"
Send out a whine in your heart, but your body and language are synchronized, even though you keep shouting in your heart, don’t fall.
Argo’s silence made Xiang a little frustrated. Will a sudden impulse be a good man’s card?
He stared at Argo’s back and slid through the scenes of Argo getting along, only to suddenly realize that although Argo didn’t get along for a long time every time, the number of times was the most, and the email contact was also Argo.
It turns out that Argo has the most sense of existence in this world.
Answer, what is this silence? Is it hesitation because you know each other well? If so, is the answer meaningful?
Thinking that he can’t promise that the first confession will be answered with a hesitant answer, he wants to know how she really feels at the moment of confession.
"I am serious and please take my confession seriously. Don’t be so silent even if you refuse."
Argo’s body trembled, her eyes widened slowly, and she almost fell into a D. She came to Pakistan for the first time in her history.
"I, I, Return, No, No, Think, Love, Love, Love"
It’s very difficult to say that. It’s already a disguised refusal, but Xiang smiled happily.
"I don’t know anything when I first saw you like this. Even if you refuse me severely now, I won’t be lost and sad."
He stepped forward a few steps, stretched out his arms and gently wrapped around Argo’s neck, holding his petite and soft body in his arms. The two of them clung to him and could clearly feel Argo’s stiff body.
"Great, I’m so heavy in your heart …"
He leaned his jaw against Argo’s head and whispered.
Such a move must have triggered the female protection function. In front of Argo, there must be an inquiry option to ask her to be sent to prison immediately, but the possibility is equal to
It is like a wisp of spring night wind gently blowing into her heart and easily touching the softest part of her heart.