Fei Xian Men Qin Xian Meng Yao heard these comments in the crowd with a smile in his heart secretly pleased.

There are four immortals in the piano, chess and painting, and now three immortals have been infected and are no longer unattainable.
Her position will surely rise above his three immortals again!
"So I’m afraid the truly immortal among the four great immortals is Qin Xian Meng Yao." A monk sighed.
Another man whispered, "I tell you that Qin Xian Meng Yao is having an affair with Su Mo just like the three immortals!"
"ah? Is there such a thing? "
"Of course! Otherwise, this time, the Dream Yao Fairy Association suddenly attacked Su Mo and attracted three immortals to come forward? "
"Good since can’t get Sue ink than destroy him! Qin Xian hates doomed love because of her love! "
I heard that Meng Yao was shaking with anger and blue!
Chapter two thousand five hundred and seventy-two Rank wars
"What nonsense!"
Dream Yao suddenly turned and rose in great anger and looked at the five fingers in the direction of the sound just now.
The piano sounded incessantly and soon suppressed many monks’ comments.
"Who was talking nonsense just now?"
Dream Yao looked at the crowd over there with a cold face and a cold questioning tone.
There are so many monks in Shenxiao Hall that thousands of people look dark at first sight.
Meng Yao can tell the approximate position of the comment just now, but he doesn’t know which people are gossiping.
See Meng Yao combative. Who dares to come out and die just now?
Everyone is silent and dare not say anything.
Meng Yao laughed angrily. "If you don’t come out, it’s no big deal. Just kill a few more!"
I’d rather kill the wrong one!
Meng Yao’s fingertips are moving in vain, and her fingers are tied into a stringed piano to start again!
This time, the piano contains the ultimate sense of killing!
A few monks over there can’t resist the bulging eyes and bloodshot faces.
Then these monks’ flesh suddenly burst into a mass of blood fog, and Yuan Shen died!
Around some realm high body strong monks also suffered heavy losses.