It’s really unreasonable!

And it’s the majesty of heaven. Yang Jian’s mother must also be named the gods.
Otherwise, the emperors in heaven will never let it go, and there will be another big wave.
Read this yuan Buddha quasi road flyover each cold hum a twist a head to look at it again, no longer look at the gods list.
They don’t want to see it, but Feng Zichen insists on forcing them to see it.
"Why are you angry?"
"The two Taoist friends have forgotten that these two men are criminals in heaven, and they are going to be executed in Sendai. If you hadn’t intervened horizontally, they would have died."
"It’s a great luck to be so lucky that the appearance of the deity list made them stay on the list and save their lives."
"That’s it. The two Taoist friends are still not satisfied. Are you satisfied if you want to let the Taoist friends who are original and heaven give up their throne to them?"
See two people face displeasure expression wind zichen could not help but speak sarcastically.
The wind Zichen was so ironic that the Taoist Yuan Tianzun couldn’t collapse at that time and wanted to speak ironically.
But two people haven’t mouth was the wind zichen interrupted
"Don’t be angry."
"Yang Jian or your brothers will also be named gods."
"True heaven wanted is so good? Don’t pay any price. It’s really ridiculous. "
"Explain to teach Twelve Jinxian what heaven is? The back garden of Kunlun Mountain? Come and go whenever you want. "
"How many times can you find someone more arrogant than them?"
"Today I will tell you that the prisoners in heaven are not so easy to rob."
"If you don’t bring those fanatics to justice, then my face in heaven? And put heaven and earth in the ground? "
Speak a powerful momentum from the wind zichen body rising toward the yuan Buddha road flyover oppression.
At this moment, Feng Zichen is trying to make the elucidation of Twelve Jinxian’s deity list so hard that the world can know that heaven is inviolable.
Hehe, he robbed the court
When Twelve Jinxian is taught to make a list of gods, Feng Zichen will let them guard and cut Sendai, so that you can rob enough.
If you can’t punish the twelve immortals, who will look at heaven after the flood?
"How dare you!"
This Taoist Yuan Tian Zun is really angry and binge drinking, and at the same time, he releases his own momentum and pushes him towards the wind Zichen.
Three powerful momentum meet and entangle with each other, and the terrorist fluctuations are diffuse, illusory and distorted, and there are signs of instability. It seems that the law will bear this force and will collapse.
Seeing that a big war is about to break out
At the key moment, I heard Hongjun Daozu’s displeasure yelling, "That’s enough. Are you going to tear down the Zixiao Palace?"
At the same time, a powerful force came from Hongjun’s ancestral body, and an autumn wind swept away the leaves, which quickly erased the momentum of Feng Zichen.
"Master (teacher, Taoist), we dare not"
Three people see this hurriedly said
After blocking the three people, Hongjun Daozu also snorted and ignored them, but said, "Heaven is the universe, and the dignity of face is really inviolable."
Speaking of which, I saw him pause and seemed to consider the words before continuing