"Virtual pioneer! ?”

He exclaimed in situ that he had imagined such a great man coming to this world because of other methods.
The time he came should be regarded as a dangerous area in this world, and the difficulty can’t be seen because of his own strength, but he speculated that the difficulty of this era should approach the ninth order, while the difficulty of the top 100 native worlds here is definitely the late ninth order!
I didn’t expect the virtual pioneer to come to this world, so what’s so special about the strong arrival here?
"I dare not think … this trip is enough. Let’s hurry back."
He immediately applied for the return. For him, who has just been promoted, the ninth-order explorers are far away, so he has to kneel down and support a big boss when he sees them.
The virtual pioneer who is at the apex in that theory dare not even think about it.
"But … what exactly is the boss of Yuan Yuan coming here to do?"
He stayed in this era for thousands of years, but he still didn’t know what happened. He found a place with curiosity and returned.
Different from the layer explorers, there are also a group of ninth-order explorers in the world, which are in the most moderns, that is, the calendar of the universe.
At this time, a ninth-order strong man just killed an opponent in the battlefield of the universe and evaporated his blood and heard the show.
Please pay attention to the fact that the virtual pioneer is about to arrive in the battlefield. Please avoid direct conflict between the virtual pioneers and avoid contact as much as possible.
The adjudicator raised his eyebrows. "The extravagance and extravagance of the immortal spirit is getting bigger and bigger. Why don’t you give it back to the broadcaster?" I don’t remember him being so ostentatious. "
He walked out of the battlefield to carry out pranayama, wondering, "No, what is it that sent us to gain resources and spiritual practice among all ethnic groups, but sent people of this level?" Through the world? Although he is strong, he is not qualified to face here, right? "
"I just don’t want to go back to the tribe and ask the chief if there are any stories in this world. If there are any differences or new stories, we can determine the identity of the virtual pioneer arrival."
He pondered to fly to the largest tribal gathering place of Terran at present.
In this era, the Terran is very weak, and there is almost no status in the vast mainland, which is the representative of the original barbarism.
It is said that the Terran was once strong, and a group of people said that the secret blood fighters led brilliant achievements, but eventually the secret blood fighters disappeared, leaving the weak Terran today.
Moreover, because the secret blood fighters say that all the people are extremely unfriendly to the Terran, they think that the Terran is coming with the remnants of ancient crimes, and the mistakes made by the secret blood fighters should also be made up by the Terran.
But he asked the chieftain, but the chieftain said that he couldn’t come. The secret blood fighters had all done those things, which caused the public outrage. Some things had been buried in the long river of history, but they were still attacked by other races.
He, Tianlu Li, has little interest in history and is not interested in leading the revival of the Terran. Rather, he can’t do it. He is just a ninth-order midstream with a comprehensive attribute of 295 points. This era is very hard to live.
If the chief didn’t appreciate him very much, he wouldn’t have stayed long, and the Terran would have gone to his race to be a dog.
When there is nothing wrong with dogs, dignity is often not so important to the seeker. When he becomes stronger, he will come to this world again. Can you trample on those creatures who have bullied him? Is it necessary for a gentleman to be flexible?
But he seldom has a little affection for this tribe, and he has great respect for the big chief. Unfortunately, the big chief will live to the end of his life. He just went to the depths of the wild continent this time to find a magic medicine to prolong his life.
"Big Chief, I’m back!"
After Tianlu Li entered the tribe, he lifted the tent but froze.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and three Xia Mi dragon king never slave!
"Who are you! ?”
Tianlu Li was shocked because he took the first seat after lifting the tent, not because he was familiar with the chief, but because he was a young man with a cold face.
Although he is wearing a fur coat, his long hair hangs freely and he looks wild, but it still gives people a cool feeling.
The man who is always so handsome is definitely not the big chief he knows!