Only by learning one’s own Tao can heaven and earth make continuous progress.

Pangu’s stay in this spiritual battlefield is not necessarily without the meaning of sharpening people.
After Feng Zichen’s completion of the road, the flood will be a secret to him. The innate Tao and the rules of heaven and earth are clearly visible, and you can fall into the realm of enlightenment and feel the mystery of heaven and earth anytime and anywhere.
It can be said that from now on, his practice will be like God’s help, and it will be slow in a day.
However, these can increase his Tao and make his realm leap forward by leaps and bounds, but they can’t make his combat power rise much. Although the realm of the wild is important, it doesn’t mean that his combat power is not important
The realm determines the limit.
Fighting power determines life and death!
With a profound realm and corresponding combat power, you usually don’t live long.
After all, repairing it is hard to go needs people to fight for life and death. If the realm is different, it’s fine. If the realm presses people, it can easily win.
But if the realm is similar, the importance of combat power is reflected. Whoever has the highest combat power can win, which is to kill the enemy.
Just like when Tai Yi, the East Emperor who was the same as Da Luo Jinxian, won the championship of his contemporaries and fought all over the world because of his strength!
The battlefield of the mind has a fiend and a virtual shadow. When Zichen enters, it is necessary to fight for the momentum of chaos.
Although Feng Zichen is not a fiend’s virtual shadow opponent, fighting is of great benefit to him.
Every move of the fiend’s virtual shadow is consistent with each other, and a blow at will is the great avatar, which contains the charm of the avenue.
Feng Zichen and their confrontation can just sharpen their magical powers and make them transform beyond the scope of the wild.
Moreover, it will be of great benefit if he can comprehend some mystery from the magic shadow avatar.
The spiritual battlefield experience can make up for Feng Zichen’s lack of actual combat experience.
Even if he is not a fiend now, the opponent can rely on HarmonyOS Daozhong to fight the first world war, but the magic weapon is also part of strength, and winning is a good means.
Besides, Feng Zichen’s strength is not constant. As the fiend’s virtual shadow continues to fight, he will definitely change and become stronger and stronger.
I believe that at the end of the day, Feng Zichen can definitely kill the fiend’s virtual shadow on her own strength without using magic weapons.
Avenue power makes Feng Zichen have the power of picking up the immortal enemy.
The battlefield of the mind can make Feng Zichen constantly change and finally get the heart that matches her strength.
The two complement each other, and the combination of the two can make Feng Zichen’s perfect state become a mixed-yuan pick-up wonderland.
I have to say that it’s amazing that Pangu left the means to create a mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian as quickly as possible.
Just this.
It proves that he is strong.
It’s really a pity that the peak of the wild is generally mixed with the yuan.
"Rumble …"
Feng Zichen’s power suddenly became restless, and a very small part of it was completely integrated into him and became a part of his power, regardless of each other.
"This is …"
Seeing this scene, Zichen was slightly surprised, as if this situation had never happened before.
You should know whether the theory of power brought by occupation is air power or heaven and earth power, or whether it is all external force, borrowed from heaven and earth, not painstakingly done by yourself, but not your own.
Generally speaking, it is this power that he has the power but not all of it. This power can also help the enemy to practice and do many things.
But only refining can’t be turned into its own strength. This is the strength of heaven and earth. Is it that he will lend it to harm heaven and earth and enrich himself without fear of being condemned by God?
Even though Feng Zichen has all kinds of powers to quickly improve his strength, he dare not refine it.
Is to fear this.
But now Feng Zichen didn’t expect that Daoli would actively integrate into him and become a part of his strength to enhance his strength.
"So that’s it!"
After a while, Zichen gradually understood that Pangu’s preparation power was the power to help him break through the mixed Yuan Dynasty.