Plus the widow’s blood is not much, the barrel goes straight across the river to the widow’s blue.

At this time, the widow went to the curved grass of the river and was ready to rush to the road to support. When she walked out of the grass, she saw that she was ready to steal wild barrels.
Xiliang Ma Chao woke up and the cask didn’t see him. Because the widow was not in the cask field of vision, she quickly marked the cask and asked for support.
"I’m coming. I’m coming."
Wen Chou first moved towards the river and saw Lufeng girl leave the team and quickly marked the barrel.
"The barrel has been withdrawn. It seems that I know that the wounds of the Three Kingdoms have discovered it and he informed the barrel."
"Yes, but the widow is around."
In the dark, the widow finally appeared in the red buff flat aq skill. The output of hate stab was fatal to the barrel, and the instantaneous output made the barrel lose a lot of blood.
"The situation is wrong"
At this time, I finally understood why Lufeng left.
But it was too late. Although the barrel flashed, the widow followed suit.
Adzuki bean was very impressed with the widow’s determination. "After the barrel flashed, I went to Xiaolong, but the widow flashed directly in front of the barrel and blocked the wall-crossing route."
Xiliang Ma Chao was quite decisive in not letting the barrel escape. His body was blocked in front of the barrel and completely blocked his escape.
At this time, the wind girl rushed to a hurricane to blow up the barrels, and the tsar also rushed to the Three Kingdoms to play a very powerful role in this moment.
Heibi was excited for 3 minutes and the widow got 1 blood. Unfortunately, it was his head. If it was given to the czar, the effect would probably be an explosion.
"just wait for gank. It’s not realistic to kill alone."
At this moment, Xiliang Ma Chao has played an advantage widow gank, which is likely to start a butterfly effect for the widow of the formal threat.
"Pay attention to the opposite side, and it will definitely shrink the line of soldiers. Don’t be too aggressive."
When Xiliang Ma Chao couldn’t find a good gank after killing the barrel, the informant didn’t give any flaw. For me, to survive the early stage, the widow will become a super soldier in the middle and late stage of the team battle
As it turns out, the team was instantly alert after the barrel was dropped by gank. Many widows never found a better opportunity. Another 3 minutes passed, but the widow just brushed a few strange lines.
"widow gank frequency is very low, and there is no good chance. This is a problem."
"Yes, after all, the suppression of the Three Kingdoms line is very strong, and on the other hand, the team deliberately pressed the line to prevent the widow gank. This is an inevitable situation."
Black and adzuki beans are also quite resistant to widows’ inability to gank, but it is normal not to give opportunities. What you can do is to create opportunities yourself.
When the time came, the widow brushed another round of the wild road and Changshan Zhao Long marked the map.
"The road has a chance to get out of the tower."
"Ma Qu"
The long-awaited opportunity finally appeared on the road, and Ma Chao didn’t hesitate to go straight to the road. When the opportunity is fleeting, a long list will definitely make him wary. I am afraid that going to gank again will be unsuccessful.
"I have a big move."
At the moment when the widow arrived, Titan directly smashed the big move to the opposite side, and the widow of Naer appeared a new gank Kai.
"gank, Titan has enough control. Can Nall run away?"
Watching the widow gank field pay attention, Titan grabbed the single with a hook and then drew a flat A to stun Nall in the same place.
"No, the output is not enough."
At this time, Xiliang Ma Chao saw that the problem was very enjoyable, but for Naer, it was not fatal. gank threatened him because Titan’s output base was under control.