Say that finish words no matter ShuiYunHeng answer didn’t promise to head also don’t back to the diameter out of the first chapter one hundred and fourteen don’t take her seriously.

The more Shui Yunheng looks at the watery moonlight, the more angry he becomes. Although he has touched the watery moonlight to get a divination, he is also her father. As the saying goes, every time Bai Shixiao sees this daughter, she always puts on a haughty attitude, either being sarcastic or being indifferent, so she doesn’t take him seriously.
What’s your attitude when your father is talking to you? ShuiYunHeng more think more gas face suddenly sink a stamp toward the water ripple on the back cold drink a way.
Sure enough, Shui Lianyue’s figure was a meal, but she didn’t turn around. Li Shanshan saw that Shui Yunheng was so angry that she looked at Shui Lianyue with eyebrows. Although she had doubts in her heart, she didn’t have a reason to want to help her.
"Sir, please calm down. When Moon first saw me, she couldn’t call me out, and I don’t blame her for getting worse. If it were me, I’m afraid it would take me two days to get familiar with it. Why would you lose such a big temper?" Li Shanshan eyebrow eye with a smile through the amorous feelings of a pair of small hands constantly Fushun ShuiYunHeng chest.
"But" [
Shui Yunheng wanted to say something, but Li Shanshan interrupted her again. Jiaochen said, "The horse in the master’s house is going to add a happy event. You have to make it unpleasant."
It is said that among the five young ladies, Li Shanshan is his favorite. He can’t help but be considerate, beautiful, gentle and considerate. The first bed has made him feel unprecedented passion. Now, when he hears her charming voice, he feels that his mind is hot and he no longer cares about the water ripple. He wants to hurry into the house and warm in Li Shanshan for a while.
"It’s just the moon. You should go home first, and wait for Yu Wangfu to send someone to call you." Shui Yunheng said impatiently, and then put her arms around Li Shanshan and walked towards the house.
Water ripple still didn’t move. Behind her, there was a faint sound of water clouds and constant bursts of laughter. Nv Jiao laughed for a long time until a breeze blew and spread her as soft and black as satin. She didn’t move her beautiful face and couldn’t see the slightest emotion.
It seems that Shui Yunheng enjoys the gossip that is bad for her now living outside. He doesn’t even know that she still has to be on high alert. Just because Meng Qiuhe hasn’t moved for a while doesn’t mean that she will let her go. It’s calm and even a precursor to the storm.
Yu Yushan, she is more vicious than at the beginning. How dare she buy a murderer to harm her?
She was really tired, and she wanted to give up before the war started. All she wanted was a stable life. Why is it so difficult?
Back to Lanxiangge, she didn’t even make a hot room. Liu came over again and asked her to say that the dowry of Yu Wangfu was sent over.
She leng leng never dreamed that she took a sip of tea so quickly and led the red tassel to follow Liu out of Lanxiangge again.
"Huei-fang doesn’t have to go to the front yard. Yu Wangfu didn’t carry the dowry into the house, but put it outside the gate." Liu saw that the diameter of the water ripple on the moon was about to walk towards the front yard, and some difficult feelings said.
Water ripple month slightly zheng light asked "didn’t carry in? What about Yu Wang? "
Liu Bai Shui Lian Yue’s eyes flashed with a look of disdain, but she didn’t see it. She was a little depressed. "King Yu did come and ordered someone to put a dowry and left. The old slave was talkative and asked a sentence. King Yu said that if there was no imperial edict, he wouldn’t bother to go this trip. Now the master is sulking at the gate."
Shui Lian was suddenly silent. No wonder Nangong Yu would come to send a bride price. It turned out that Nangong Ling actually wanted him to come to Nangong Yu, which embarrassed her.
Ah, it’s a little difficult for any man to marry a easy virtue slutty and shameful wife. Nangong Yu Shui Lian Yue said at the bottom of his heart.
Walking through the hall and coming to the gate, I saw a blue face at a glance. Shui Yunheng kept directing the dinking to drive away the onlookers, but the more the onlookers bombarded, the more they pointed and talked.
At the same time, Meng Qiuhe also came to the gate with a lot of servant girls, passing by Shuilian Moon, and said sarcastically from time to time, "Why are you shrinking here? Afraid to go out? Hum, you know it’s a shame. Now the whole reputation of Shuifu is ruined by you. Gee, people don’t even lift the bride price into the door. They don’t admit that you owe it to you to pretend to be lofty all day. Now it’s hard for you to pretend to be like this. Hum "
Miss, what shall we do now? Red tassel glared at Meng Qiuhe and asked her to walk out of the gate and carefully look at the water ripple month.
"Go out, or hiding is always not the way." Shui Lianyue sighed, and she has no solution to take it one step at a time.
Shui Yunheng saw Meng Qiuhe coming and suddenly saw Shui Lianyue’s anger. Suddenly generate came out and pointed at her and roared, "Do you still have the face to come out and roll back for me?" Why can’t I give birth to a shameless daughter like you and get back to me? "[
"Sir, you must take care of yourself. It’s not for you to be angry with her." At this time, Meng Qiuhe’s face is full of worries, and the temperament of taking charge of the mistress has also revealed doubts, and the words of the mistress’s substitution have been confirmed at the moment. The onlookers kept talking about it. At that time, Little Square in front of Shuifu was crowded with the vast people
"Look, the woman in the gate is the shameless woman. The more she looks like a fairy, the more women tend to hook up with men in easy virtue. It’s shameless."
"Beauty is really good. I heard that she must have been a flower bed in a brothel. Gee, it’s a pity that such a woman marries Yu Wang as a disgrace to Wangfu."
"It’s not that you didn’t carry Yu Wang’s dowry in. People didn’t take her seriously at all. Which man dares to marry a woman like this? Go with a cuckold all day."
"Well, in my opinion, such a slut should be soaked in a pig cage, and I don’t know how Master Shui wanted to be my daughter. I would have killed her and made a fool of myself living in vain."
The onlookers’ comments are getting worse and worse. Shui Yunheng feels that his lungs are going to explode. He is ashamed of the reputation of the Shui family and ashamed of his ancestors. He is angry at their words.
Shui Lianyue also heard the onlookers’ words. She just took a step and slowly took it back. Her face became colder and colder. Fingers were clenched tightly together, and the pain in the palm of her hand didn’t make her feel better. Geng Shaohua, you really hurt me. This revenge will not be reported to me.
A palace car stopped at the front street of Shuifu, and the hexagonal silver bell hung quietly, because pedestrians’ attention was at the entrance of Shuifu, and no one noticed the palace car.
He saw a gentle and handsome face in the carriage, and a pair of clear eyes with a warm and angry look. Chen Yixuan punched in the frame of the carriage. He couldn’t stand the unbearable words of those people any longer. He suddenly opened the door and jumped to the ground to try to stop it, but he was stopped by the page beside the carriage.
"Ye, you’d better not go. You can’t help Miss Shuijia before you are so reckless. Not saying it will make her situation even more embarrassing." Pinger gently analyzed that he felt that the report had always been extremely patient and never showed emotion, but he always managed to control his emotions when he met Miss Shuijia.
First, King Yu had a conflict, and then he heard the maids gossiping. He ordered people to slap those maids mercilessly. Today is another day.
Sure enough, after listening to Pinger’s words, Chen Yixuan stopped the impulse but was very annoyed and said, "But those onlookers’ words are unbearable and then continue to go to her."
"Ye, you really can’t control this. There is gossip about Miss Shuijia outside Beijing, and it’s even worse than these. Besides, Yu Wang doesn’t care if you want her. Will Yu Wang have another conflict? You don’t forget to let’s come to Beijing. "Pinger said to Chen Yixuan to gather together the bass.
Chen Yixuan gradually calmed down. He frowned slightly and stared at the water ripple. Seeing that her face didn’t show any embarrassment and sadness, she was cold and relaxed a little with a sigh. She turned around and opened the curtain of the palace car and commanded Pinger to say "Let’s go".
"Yes, Ye" Pinger also breathed a sigh of relief, stopped talking, jumped into the carriage, raised his hand and whipped it slowly.
Near noon today, although the sun was a little sinister, it did not affect the interest of the onlookers in front of Shuifu. Everyone still kept talking about Shuiyunheng’s orders to carry the dowry into the mansion, and left more than a dozen servants to continue to drive the onlookers into the mansion with Meng Qiuhe’s help and let people in.
And Shui Lianyue has returned to Lanxiangge. If she were in the position before, she would have defended herself. But now the situation is getting worse. My father Shui Yunheng looks at her inside and outside and doesn’t like her. I’m afraid he won’t believe her if she talks. Besides, having Meng Qiuhe at one side will make things even worse.
After lunch, I leaned on the soft couch in the courtyard, saying that I closed my eyes. In fact, my thoughts were numerous and complicated, which caused so many things. If I want to come to the wedding day, it will not be much better. I am afraid it will be more annoying than today.
Just as she was full of thoughts, she heard someone knocking at the gate. She wanted to call Red tassel to open the door, and then she thought Red tassel was out. She slowly got up and walked to the door and opened it, and found that the bearer was actually Li Shanshan.
"I, I have something to tell you." Li Shanshan was a little uncomfortable when he saw Shui Lianyue alone outside the door.
Water ripple month frowned slightly and didn’t speak. Let her in. Today, it was expected that she would find her after she met Li Shanshan. She slowly walked to the soft couch and suddenly turned around. Li Shanshan was in a uneasy mood. This move startled her.
"Don’t get me wrong, I want to talk to you on my own. The master is sulking in the front yard, and the eldest lady is waiting there." [
Water ripple month light pick chicken eyes light way "what are you doing so nervous? I didn’t ask you again Chapter one hundred and fifteen Repaying kindness.
Li Shanshan hung her head slightly. I don’t know if she thinks that the woman in front of her always shows a noble posture, and the cold of thousands of miles makes her feel oppressive, and the beautiful appearance of Shuilian Moon is a thousand times better than her. In front of such a goddess posture, she is like a roadside wildflower that has lost its color.
A rhetorical question from Shui Lianyue made her look embarrassed and bit her lip and asked softly, "I think Huei-fang’s benefactor is very similar to what I dared to confirm."?
"benefactor? Oh, how can I be your benefactor if I don’t leave the main door and the second door? " Water ripple on a light smile is somewhat ironic.
Li Shanshan felt a wall in her heart. She looked up at her eyes and saw that her school was clear and pale. Did she really mistook one for another?