Hearing Su Li say this, Xu Xuehui heaved a long breath and then showed relief. It seems that she was just thinking about how to explain it, which made her very nervous.

Su Li believes that Xu Xuehui won’t lie to herself. Since she said that there is no difference, there is definitely no difference, which also makes him worry. However, if he has the opportunity to meet Mo Liudao in the future, he still wants to ask him what he will look down on people who eat and break the border. It seems that there is a big difference between breaking the border on their own.
I think there must be some reason for this. Xu Xuehui seems to have some doubts about how to explain it.
Su Li took Xu Xuehui and quickly ran to the depths of this black skull island. He was curious about the vibration at the end.
As he approached, the vibration became louder and louder, and soon he saw a magnificent-looking bone tower standing at the end of the skull island
This bone pagoda is formed by the accumulation of countless giant bones, with a height of 100 meters and a diameter of at least 20 or 30 meters.
At the moment, he finally heard clearly that it was the bone tower that caused the vibration like a powerful impact on the ground.
It was dark, and a black skull was surrounding this magnificent bone tower. At first glance, there were many skulls surging, and I don’t know how many there were, at least thousands.
A terrible noise came from the distance in the darkness, and the dazzling light burst from these black skeletons.
There was a huge roar from a skeleton, which was overturned and rolled by this terrible explosion.
Su Li hit the third eye and saw these overturned kings.
However, among these skull kings, he saw some black giant skeletons with stronger bodies, which exuded great momentum, indicating that they had more powerful combat power.
At the same time, Su Li captured the information of these black giant skeletons.
"The name of the King of Skull and Bones, the Elite Beast King, evolved from the King of Skull and Bones. They have more powerful fighting power than the King of Skull. Mastering the immortality of the skull clan is the loyal guardian of Skull Island who gains special abilities by killing the King of Skull."
Induction data immediately white these skull kings are elite BM strength, and the skull king holds the powerful immortality.
But at the moment, whether it is the Beastmaster Skull King or the elite Skull King in the Beastmaster, it seems a little fragile.
A terrible rainbow is twinkle among them.
Wherever this rainbow light flashes, the King of Skeletons will break or be split in half by Ling, or be halved or directly defeated.
This rainbow light is made up of a handle covered with numerous spells in wood blade, which is surprisingly powerful, and even a BM can’t resist it.
The sword-bearer is shrouded in darkness, and the surface has a faint light because it is a set of dark equipment. The surface is black and bright, and it seems almost dark in the dark-it is easy to be ignored.
Su Li’s "third eye" has instantly captured the information of this person.
Although the other party has information shielding ability, it can also block Su Li’s "third eye" peeping ability.
"Name Jihad Warrior Level 4 Talent Blood Sacrifice, The Hunger Array Field Jihad Field Treasure Damage Transfer Symbol Weapon Dark Evil Curse Excalibur Level Power Evaluation Super"
Sensing that this message and the information he had seen before had changed a lot, the original ordinary occupations of the old Terran were Berserker, Paladin, Nurse Guard, Gun Shield Knight and Shield Knight, which were five hidden special occupations, such as his holy knight or Xu Xuehui’s psychic.
Now he has broken the boundary and become a holy destroyer. In front of him, this jihadist warrior should be a boundary breaker. There is one more field of information. Is it that five ordinary occupations have four words after breaking the boundary? Occupation is still one less word than before.
If you know something, Su Li feels that this guess should not be wrong.
This is a four-level destroyer and has superior combat power. No wonder it is so powerful that it can easily kill these skull kings.
This man’s target is obviously the bone tower, and his figure keeps flashing in the dark and rushes towards it.
Although there are a large number of skull kings, they can’t resist the roots.
Su Li heard the roar and explosion on the other side of the bone tower. It was not this four-level destroyer who besieged the bone tower in the dark.
Although Su Li has just broken the boundary, he is the one with the lowest level.
However, he is not afraid of the four-level destroyer, but the situation is not yet. He quietly hid with Xu Xuehui and prepared to look at the situation first.
The four-level destroyer with the evil spell Excalibur crushed the skeleton king like a devastating one and quickly rushed to the front of the central bone tower.
He suddenly gave a heavy drink and shook hands, and a blood gas rushed up around his body.
There is a devil’s virtual shadow in this blood gas, twisted and emerging.
Su Libai, this should be his talent-The Hunger array.
Followed by the blood-red devil’s virtual shadow in this blood gas, it has become more and more real. A statue of the blood-red devil as high as 10 meters has changed. Suddenly, a pair of huge hands slammed the bone tower in front of him.
There has been a rhythmic vibration in the bone tower. At this moment, it was slammed by a pair of giant palms of the red devil. A large number of bones were broken and scattered, and the bone tower was blown out of a huge hole.
At the moment, figures appeared on both sides of the bone tower, with two people on each side and the four-level destroyer, a total of five people.
This is from the four people on both sides of this group of skull kings, just like the former four-level destroyer, as an invincible crush.
Su Li saw that the strength of the four men was not as good as that of the four-level destroyer, but it was still very easy to deal with the king of skeletons.
From the appearance of four people, three men and one woman on both sides, Su Li observed that there was one person in their data who could not see even the "third eye". Obviously, he possessed a very strong information shielding ability, even the "third eye" could endure.
The other three, two second-level border breakers, are the weakest. That woman is a first-level border breaker.
What makes Su Li think most is that each of these three people has a different occupation. In addition, these four-level border breakers and jihadists are equivalent to four different occupations.
"There were five kinds of ordinary occupations before the border was broken, but I don’t know how many kinds after the border was broken. I saw four kinds this time."
In addition to the first four-level saboteurs who are jihadists, the other two-level saboteurs are "storm heroes" and "holy warriors" respectively.