"Still color?"

Xiang Shengchun replaced the guilt-ridden Lins with a gloomy inquiry about the East.
Make Donglai unceremoniously replied, "Well, it’s still the simplest color, and the chance of cheating is much less, but if you are not confident, we can change the gambling method and let you play whatever you want."
Wow …
Field outcry again.
Yang Wengan, Mei Xun, Lin Jiagui and others all looked at it with incredible eyes, which made the East even the most respected "Daxian" Hoover, the head of the "Hu Xian School", dare not talk to Xiang Shengchun in such a tone. Looking at the sky, he said that he had never lost at the gambling table. The first craftsman Lu Miao was qualified.
"good! Ok! Good … "
Everyone knows that Xiang Sheng Chun is an angry language. It seems that today is bound to set off a big storm.
At this time, Donglai insidious smile said, "Of course I’m fine. It depends on whether you have the qualification to make me bad. Well, I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you about how you shake me. I buy 15 points …"
Make the east finger point at 15 o’clock.
Insult! Naked insult!
On who the field is, I have never seen such a rampant gambler in my life. Throughout the past few decades, it has been unpredictable to gamble on forest roots. No one has faced the top players in gambling, and it is not yet time to draw a conclusion.
But it’s more rampant. What else
Let Donglai’s hands slowly draw a special glass from his sleeve by some cover-up skills, which is not of the times and is made by seiko. This glass is a complete set of "memories" jointly made by Donglai and Lu Miao. Although the glass technology is far from crystal clear in later generations, there is no glass flowing over at this time, which makes Donglai not want to cause too much sensation, but it is different now if he declines in Liufu gambling house.
When the wonderful glass appeared, not only all inspirations and discussions were heard, but even the most basic breathing stopped, which seemed to stop.
An unimaginable figure swept by and snatched the glass from Dong Lai’s hand. This person is the appraiser who is at least 70 years old.
The old man trembled with his hands and eyes, looked at him intensely, stroked the perfect smooth curve, and kept whispering, "What a wonderful work! What a wonderful work! This thing should not be a secular thing, even the purest crystal diamond and the most perfect crystal are not so transparent … "
Xiang Shengchun is also staring at the glass as if to swallow it.
Make Donglai laugh and ask the old man, "This old-timer thing is a Western sacred object. It is said that it was once filled with sacred blood that did not belong to people. It is a real treasure, but people are a vulgar traveler, so I wonder if it is worth it to mortgage 102,000 gold with this’ Holy Grail’."
"value! Absolute value! "
The old man kept nodding and said, but he felt that it was an insult to the East. This is not a sacred object. He quickly added, "This treasure is definitely a valuable treasure, let alone a hundred and two thousand gold. Even if you buy one million and two gold, you can’t compare it with one or two!"
Xiang Shengchun tried his best to suppress his excitement and asked again, "Does Ge really want to mortgage the price of this baby 100,000 taels of gold?"
Make the east is very sure to nod.
Xiang Shengchun can’t wait to bet on the horse, but he also knows that gambling is to calm down. If a little mistake is made, it is likely to cause irreparable results.
Make Donglai put up his hand to stop him from asking sarcastically, "The person’s bet has been taken out, but once Boss Chi loses, where can he raise this 1.2 million gold to compensate others?"
"This …"
Xiang Shengchun never thought that he would lose, but it was baffled by the question from the East. However, Xiang Shengchun soon calmed down and quickly calculated the assets he owned in his mind. He quickly replied, "This pavilion can rest assured that although we are not a big firm in Liufu Casino, it is worth hundreds of thousands of two, plus the buildings and shops in our Liufu Casino add up to hundreds of thousands of two."
Xiang Shengchun’s words are vague and smack of IOUs. However, Liufu Casino is indeed valuable enough. The secret assets secretly controlled are likely to exceed the surface value. However, the performance is in place, which makes Donglai still pose an unwilling expression.
Ji Qian deserves to be the top star horse in the original book. He realized that Donglai’s intention was very cooperative and said, "We want you to have something in Liufu gambling dens and shops. Those things are too dirty. We don’t want to ruin Yishiying."
Xiang Sheng Chun Qi wants to strangle this Jiqian alive, but his horse has a countermeasure, and when he whispers to his entourage, he will pack up his deep feelings.
The big businessmen also want to see the writing of Yiliufu gambling house, and everyone is waiting with strong curiosity …
Soon the masters of Liufu gambling house carried out several sealed boxes.
Xiang Shengchun took out a golden key from her arms and took the lead in hitting the biggest box. The first thing that caught everyone’s eye was a rectangular exquisite brocade box.
Xiang Shengchun slowly hits a steel knife in front of all faces. At first glance, it seems ordinary, but after careful examination, I feel that the scabbard of the knife has no gorgeous decoration, but there is always a taste of simplicity that makes people afraid to underestimate.
Xiang Shengchun said, "This Dao has no name, but it is from the ancient magic weapon. The strange blade will be hidden. Huang Mang fell into the hands of the first Dao legalist’ Dao Ba’ 200 years ago. Later, Ling Ren retired with a knife. After this Dao disappeared, a mysterious gambler finally became a personal treasure."
"In the well!"