Sun Sheng Dormitory, like most college dormitories, is ranked according to age. The eldest brother Jiang Han and the second son are Sun Sheng. Sun Sheng’s heart hurts forever! ! Old three, old four, old four, old five, old five, Lin Lishan, and young six, Zhang Guohua, when they were just in college, several people were not familiar with each other. It happened that after half a year, they all showed their true colors. No one can call it a good thing to discuss the length of girls’ skirts and comment on girls’ appearance appreciation. Girls’ figure is what these people love to do most. They are all perverts, but ironically, these people not only have the same hobbies, but also have the same experience of playing singles for a generation.

"Eldest brother, don’t you have the heart to let your second brother starve? Now even Africans can eat enough. If I don’t have enough, won’t it be a disgrace to you? "
"Several brothers …"
Before the words were uttered, four people turned their faces in unison. Old three looked at the floor, old four looked at the ceiling, and old five whistled. The most exasperating thing was little six Zhang Guohua, who broke off his hand and stared at his nails. It was called being serious, as if he could see his future wife from the surface.
Sun Sheng seems to be used to it and not intimidated by this battle. "What did you do so late?" He enthusiastically extended his hands as if to help them carry things.
Several people politely refused Sun Sheng’s kindness and entered the door one after another.
Sun Shengmen took out a pair of chopsticks from his drawer and put them in his hand.
"I went to Freedom", the third child said bluntly.
"I know you are free. Nobody said anything about your freedom in prison?" Sun Sheng then asked
"I mean, we went to play the game Freedom. Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand."
"Why do you also play this?" Sun Sheng pointed chopsticks at a classmate’s lunch box.
"What do you mean also play this? We are looking forward to this game, "he said, looking forward to it." I don’t want to say’ also’ to play this? Are you playing? "
"It’s not just a question of playing." At this time, Xiao Liu spoke with Sun Sheng in his hand and didn’t tidy up the game helmet. "Is it a professional question to play?" His face hung with envy.
"What is this?" The third child pushed the bridge of the nose, and his eyes were puzzled. When he saw it clearly, he suddenly turned around and grabbed Sun Sheng’s collar with his hands, gnashing his teeth. "Where did you get this helmet?"
Several other people have leaned over.
"By professional helmet! It’s worth 6.5 thousand and a professional helmet! Where did you get this? Say it quickly! "
"Yes, tell the truth!"
"Do you know that our policy is to be close to the government, be frank and lenient, and resist being strict!" The boss’s tone became more gloomy later.
"If you don’t say it, you will be punished!" Several people are bullying, but there is no inducement.
The only person who didn’t speak was Lao Si Tong Lin, the most serious online game fan in the dormitory. He is holding his helmet in his arms and drooling. Look at Sun Shengzhi’s love for your drooling. Where is it? It’s not good to just flow in my bed!
"Oh, you tap me. Isn’t this also advancing with the times? If you let go and ask me to eat some box lunch, maybe I’ll tell you as soon as I’m happy, "Sun Sheng said unhurriedly.
"Well, I’ll give you two fried rice with eggs. Say it quickly!" Fang Zhigang wore a helmet but was willing to give up blood!
Chapter 10 Level Problems
Now that I have lost Sun Sheng, I have said it generously. "In fact, there is nothing. I have an old uncle who is a sales agent of this type of helmet in the city. I have a chance to grab such one. Don’t worry. It’s very simple. I also tried my best." Look at them. Sun Sheng needs to exaggerate first. How high is the negotiation price? ! "Don’t say that if you are so pitiful, you will have to give it to me. No, it’s for each of us."
"But it’s hard. I have no money and no …" Sun Sheng said, only to find that he was really pitiful.
"Money, of course, is that we can really lose money. How are you? We wouldn’t go out to play if we didn’t have a place to buy it, but if you did, it wouldn’t matter to me, but we can’t help being brothers. Well, I’ll keep this helmet for you first, and when you squeeze it out and hand over another one to me, I’ll give it to you again, which is not as good as yours, but ten times better than our original helmets. "
Have you ever heard of the word exploitation? Now, what does Sun Sheng think? What do you think? Little Three Elephants specialize in stripping people’s fat and wealth.
"I will be very hard. How can I work a little?"
"I’m unlucky. I’ll invite you to a whole box another day besides today’s half-packed lunch!" Small three one grind one’s teeth and stamp one’s feet to say a huge temptation condition.
The rest of the people surrounded Sun Sheng before they smiled, which was like judging how much oil and water a pig had to be slaughtered.
"What are you guys doing? Tell you I’m still a virgin. "
Old five Lin Lishan put his arm around Sun Sheng’s shoulder and said, "Second brother, I heard it just now. Is it one for each of us?"
Sun Sheng didn’t dare to sayno. Several people next to him were moving their fingers. The crackling sound made Sun Sheng shudder. The consequence of saying "no" was that Sun Sheng didn’t have the courage!
"But that also has dozens of pounds!" Sun Sheng can complain.
"Don’t worry, the benefits are indispensable. You have to do a little bit of things, just a little bit of things." I said that I started to draw a line, "How cost-effective it is for each of us to treat you to fried rice with eggs." A little thing? Look at the distance between his thumb and forefinger. It’s like putting dozens of pounds of things on Sun Sheng’s body, that is, adding nine Niu Yi hairs to Sun Sheng. Do you really treat Sun Sheng as a Monkey King? But one fried rice with eggs per person is better than nothing. Sun Sheng gritted his teeth and agreed.
"Don’t you have helmets? Why buy new ones?" They have been playing online games for a long time, and they all have their own helmets, so Sun Shengcai has such a question.
"Don’t leave this game, our helmets can’t take root. This game is too realistic. The signal flow is too large. Those helmets are old. The login game is always stuck and we are all playing in the Internet cafe." No wonder we didn’t see them.
"Then don’t play this game? What is different from playing? "
"You can play other games out of this game? Let’s change it quickly. In our opinion, it’s better for other game manufacturers to change careers or go bankrupt directly. How can they compete with Freedom? Do you know that more than 20 million people have registered this game account today? That’s more than 20 million! In a couple of days, what more games will be done to this extent? " Lao Wu is a senior gamer. What he says is very important in this dormitory.
"By the way, you said that you also play, so where are you now? We can all be together, or you can come and play together. Let’s form a team another day. I’ve figured out what the name is. I’ll call it six wolves out of seven. Haha …" Said Xiao Liu, who was lost in narcissism about his talent.
"Together? How many of you were born in a city? " In Freedom, the birthplace of each player is random, and it is a shocking coincidence that five people were born together! They can’t get together in one day, can they? Not to mention the long journey, they can walk so fast. If they meet some monsters on the way, why don’t they hang them back?
"Of course, we are in an Internet cafe, and this Internet cafe happens to have a game promotion association with Tianyu Company, so we can put the players there in Hangzhou. Where are you now?"
"I was born in a remote place, but I don’t know exactly where it is. It’s a small mountain village anyway."
"What grades are you in?" Sun Sheng asked uneasily that several people should be promoted much faster together, but how could they be taller than themselves? If they were too poor, wouldn’t they be very faceless?
"We’re all over the tenth level now, although it’s not fast, but it’s also the middle level. It’s also more and more difficult to upgrade in this game. We’ve been brushing together for a day and making some small things before we get to the ninth level. Now the highest one in the ranking list has reached the thirteenth level. I really don’t know how that guy got to you. What level is it now?"
"Ah, I’m exhausted from playing all day. Pack up and sleep for a while. I’ll call my uncle and ask him to leave some helmets. I’ll get them for you one day." Sun Sheng’s skill of changing the subject is really despicable. Listening to a few people’s eyes has a smile.