At that time, the violent collision was shaking outside the canyon.

The narrow valley road is bloody to the red river of blood!
Obviously, this fellow killed the red eye, and both sides were the forces in the south under the jurisdiction of the South 72 Demon Cave Man and water curtain cave.
Can you retreat to Tianling Cave and prepare to defend yourself with the help of a large array? Will Nanxia meet they nest and choose this 72-hole to play hardball?
It turns out that people such as Shuiyuetian retreat to Tianling Cave, and they think that it is very dangerous to hope that Ba Bo Er will come to help after all. If Ba Bo Er fails to get back, they will easily be wiped out in Tianling Cave by seventy-two demon caves.
And the elder, who has always been gloomy, cruel and snowy, gave a bold suggestion to fight to the death in the 72 demon caves of Death Valley!
According to Xue Ri’s suggestion, if we can rob the 72 demon caves and block them in the narrow waterway before passing through Death Valley, there will be three advantages!
Now the monks in Death Valley are like mortals, and the two sides are equal in strength. Only the brave can win! This has always been the main battle, and the angry elders strongly support it.
Secondly, even if they can’t stop the seventy-two demon caves, they can also use the advantage of Death Valley to greatly consume each other’s strength and delay each other’s south pace to win enough time for Ba Bo ‘er to return.
At the last point, Death Valley is a river course. Although the monks are brave in this place, the watery people are like a duck to water. If they are well transported or can do wonders, they will attack and kill each other at one stroke, and Ning Xing is a strong temple, thus turning around Gan Kun!
The suspicion of the elders’ words made everyone very moved.
So Shuiyuetian made a decisive decision and led they nest to rob the seventy-two demon caves. Before he passed the death, he intercepted the number in the middle of the narrow valley.
Although the seventy-two demon caves in the north are also chivalrous, they have always been at odds with the three caves in the south, and even have a feud!
It can be said that enemies are particularly jealous when they meet!
When the two teams met suddenly, they didn’t make orders from their elders, so they screamed and fought each other on a fast raft.
At this moment, the fighting has been going on for nearly an hour, and the two sides are already inextricably linked.
Brother Seventy-two Demon Cave has the help of monster beast to attack fiercely with twice the result with half the effort.
While water curtain cave leads the southern strength, everyone in water curtain cave is good at water warfare, which can be described as flexible and changeable.
The two sides have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they are at loggerheads.
At this moment, accompanied by elders like Shui Yue Tian Zheng Xue Ri and You Yingying, giant wooden boats were built at the southern end of the canyon.
She put her hand on the guardrail and looked at the river in front of her, killing thousands of people. With her eyes, she slowly jumped over the battlefield and looked into the north. The red figure of the beast-faced bucket ship was slowly coming, and her eyes narrowed slightly. "I never thought that the witch of Jijia would come so fast!"
Obviously, Shuiyue Tiankou refers to the female cave owner of the seventy-two demon caves.
Beside the snow crime elders eyes cold mans flashing stuffy hum a way "hole Lord she is coming … isn’t that what I’ve been waiting for? What if you can kill the 72 demon cave masters in one fell swoop? At that time, Wan Li Mountain will all belong to me in water curtain cave! "
Seeing Shuiyuetian nod his head slightly in recognition, he quickly urged, "Let the cave master order it, but let these exorcists know that I am a mighty Nan Shanxia!"
As soon as this statement jumped out of the water, hundreds of water-and-spirit warriors set up by wooden boats have appeared in succession, and it seems that Sino-Nepalese good dolls are impressively listed.
They are naked men and women with bandages on their chests. Everyone’s body lines are as smooth as flowing water, and they flow into the rivers and seas, with high hair and cool demeanor!
It can be said that men are handsome without losing their beauty, and women are hard to hide their femininity.
I have to say that the comprehensive face value of the Shuiling ethnic group is definitely the first! I’m afraid there are also the Elves and Baifeng people who can compete!
At the moment, Shuiyuetian has turned around and looked at the people who dare to die in the hundreds of families.
She held out a wide sleeve, raised her snow-white arm and pointed to the northern distant bucket ship behind her and resolutely drank "The northern demon family didn’t think of chivalrous body to fight the magic, but wanted to swallow me. It’s disgusting of all ethnic groups in Nanshan! Today, when we meet in a narrow road, do you dare to attack and kill the witch girl of Ji family? "
Hundreds of people suddenly knelt down and drank together "swear to kill the witch girl …!"


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