"Fairy!" The leader of a group of people coming from the stairs was surprised in a low voice! In his early twenties, he looks elegant and purple! He is still handsome!

"Master! That’s them! " The excited voice continued to shout that a pair of credit is very strong!
"It turned out to be a few low-level practitioners!" After a while, the leader muttered in a low voice with a sense of relief.
"Ha ha! Small six! Well done! " Purple youth turned to look at the guider and smiled and praised, "Master, do things! Xiaoliu tried his best to die! " Hearing the purple youth praise the guider’s excitement, his face immediately became serious, and his face became firm and flattering!
"Ha ha!" Purple youth laughed and ignored it! But walked straight to Zhang Xiaotian that table!
"A few beautiful young lady! I wonder if I have the honor to invite all the beautiful ladies for a drink in Tim Zhang? " Go to Zhang Xiaotian table purple youth from hand holding a wine tray picked up a glass of wine smilingly said.
It is Qin Wan who faces people!
Zhang Xiaotian face smile immediately stopped to all uniformly always people look! In order not to attract attention, they hide their own repairs! It’s not that they are afraid of anything, but that they don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble! But the troublemaker just came when I couldn’t sit here for a cup of tea!
See everyone’s attention to their purple youth vaguely proud raised his glass from natural and unrestrained said, "is this your first time to come to our capital? I am Tim Zhang, the host of this city. I must treat you well when I come for the first time! " The eyes of the purple youth are fixed on Qin Wanshen all the time! It’s only occasionally that I glance aside at GongSunZiYin and Li Yaner! For Zhang Xiaotian and others, the purple youth glanced at it when he was in the building and stopped looking! The day after tomorrow, the kid is not a big shot! "oh! Tim Zhang! I said, can you change this move again? Why are you always the same after so many years? " At this moment, a side table is a sneer! It is Zhang Xiaotian’s apprentice Ling Tian!
Purple youth smell speech frowned and turned to the side table. He was about to swear when he saw the speaker, but he was not surprised. "Ling Tian! It’s you! "
"Is the master! I haven’t seen you in recent years! " Ling day smiled and said lightly
Winning the capital and recognizing God Zhang Xiao by words didn’t let others in the Alliance know! First, Zhang Xiaotian didn’t want others to know that there were people behind the alliance the day after tomorrow. Second, both Win Du and Speech were afraid of losing face! Therefore, Tim Zhang Zhi Ling Tian worshipped a terrible ghost, and Zhang Xiao Tianshi didn’t know why he had won the capital and respected Zhang Xiaotian in words! I’ve seen both sides of Zhang Xiaotian and Tim Zhang! I don’t know clearly
"Ling day! It’s none of your business today, and I won’t argue with you about Jiang Yun! Let’s go our separate ways! " For ling day after being warned by two champions Tim Zhang is also some scruples!
"Not with me? Interrupting my master’s conversation and trying to bully my mistress! Do you want to die? " Ling day face smile a cold drink a way
"Your master?" Tim Zhang a fiercely in my heart! Suddenly look back to Zhang Xiaotian that table!
"You … you …" After seeing Zhang Xiaotian’s appearance at that table, Tim Zhang reached out his right hand and pointed to Zhang Xiaotian and others to stutter! Zhang Xiaotian eyes cold sweep to Tim Zhang outstretched hand!
"Pa-"a crisp sound!
Tim Zhang stretched out his hand and hit the little sixth hand next to him!
"Boss!" Small six hands covering her face a puzzled look! Look quite wronged!
"You did a good job!" Tim Zhang gnashed his teeth and growled, then turned around and smiled and said, "I don’t know how offensive your predecessors are here, but I hope you will forgive me!" Say that finish to Zhang Xiaotian and others bent down to do a big gift!
"What about words and winning?" Looking at Tim Zhang and Zhang Xiaotian with a calm face, he asked if he didn’t deal with Tim Zhang and Zhang Xiaotian or for words and winning! After all, they both recognized their masters! It’s a little bullying to deal with their grandchildren again! But also calculate Tim Zhang know when! If Tim Zhang’s attitude is worse or worse, then Zhang Xiaotian doesn’t care about bullying!
"Say … two champions … the younger generation doesn’t know where they are!" Tim Zhang heart crazy sweat! The names of the two ancestors are not what he can call!
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Force anger!
"elder brother! The two of them are coming soon! " Then one side Yang Xiao mysteriously smiled and said
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian spirit just a induction does have two not weak breath disease near here then nodded and looked at the stairs!
"My Lord!" In just a few seconds, two ghosts came from the stairs! Towards Zhang Xiaoxing, he saluted and shouted respectfully that it was words and winning that showed his face!
"Two champions don’t bother! Sit and talk! " Zhang Xiaotian with the wave light said.
"Thank you!" You can’t see what expression the two men have. After respectful response, they sat down toward Zhang Xiaotian.
"Hao son! Why are you here? " Just sit down and shout in surprise! Like Tim Zhang just now!
Tim Zhang flushed and talked for a long time but didn’t say anything! After seeing Win Du and words so respectful to Zhang Xiaotian, Tim Zhang was scared! Judging from winning the capital and treating Zhang Xiaotian with words, Zhang Xiaotian is an extremely unflattering figure! But he just tried to flirt with his wife …
Zhang Xiaotian’s eyes looked away, fingers slowly banging on the desktop as if it had nothing to do with him!
"Roll-"At this moment, Lingtian exports aside! A lukewarm, lukewarm, unhurried and unhurried character spit out towards Tim Zhang!
This word is not light or heavy, but it seems to hit the heart and make his whole body tremble slightly!
"yes! Yes! Yes! " No longer remember that Ling Tian was once a character who was trampled on by him. Tim Zhang was covered in cold sweat if he was granted amnesty! Step back slowly with humility!
Speech and win both frowned, but then they looked at each other and remained silent!
"What took you two so long?" After Tim Zhang walked out of the restaurant, Zhang Xiaotian asked slowly and took a sip of the wine in the glass without looking at the words and winning both!
"After receiving an adult’s call, we two brothers rushed to delay some time because of the long journey! Please forgive me! " Win all two people stood up respectfully replied.
"Really?" Zhang Xiaotian light words don’t light not heavy words once again play in win two people heart let two people whole body and mind is not a slight quiver!
"Yes …!" Win both hesitated a certain replied/
"Hum! When did Houdu become so far away from here? Or are you two too old to walk? " Aside to Yang Xiao is sneer at a light said
"Please punish the adults!" Hear Yang Xiao’s words to win all two people body Yishan immediately to Zhang Xiaotian knelt down in panic.
"Go ahead! What happened in the end? " Zhang Xiaotian eyes to win both light asked.
"Hell is going to change!" Two people were silent for a while to win all looked up and wry smile way
"The earth treasure bodhisattva called to put one hundred and twenty forces together to listen to his old man’s house command! Hell also inexplicably appears, and many masters are wantonly unifying the wild forces! " The words added
"Oh?" Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick this is an unexpected news! It should be the king of earth treasure. Think of the king of earth treasure followed by the group of masters, Zhang Xiao, as thought.
"You mean that you are now collected by the Earth Treasure King?" Then Zhang Xiaotian asked with a frown//
"Although we are still in charge of the alliance of the day after tomorrow, we are always waiting for the receipt of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva!" Win all low head sink said
"Besides, the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva informed us to report to hell on the 10th!" After a while words went on to say
"You two?" Zhang Xiaotian looked a little surprised! Win the capital and the words, but the ghost repair at the peak of the ghost king should be nothing to the earth treasure king! Although the tenth array of narrow escape is magical, it is not difficult to get the treasure of the earth! Lingshan has such a law! Look at the Buddha of Heaven’s sorrow and the Buddha of Joy, and you will know that among the 100,000 ghost buddhas, 10,000 buddhas repair the fourth and fifth order, and the other 90,000 ghost buddhas are all at the level of the ghost king! In this way, they must be qualified so that they can be promoted! At the peak of the ghost king, there is no shortage of master earth treasure! What does winning capital and words mean to the earth treasure king? Zhang Xiao, as some doubts!
"yes! The earth treasure bodhisattva let us work in hell! " Win all face slightly red low said!
"Oh!" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a he finally hid the king’s intentions! A thousand dollars is easy to get, but a few will be hard to find! The earth treasure king is not short of the master at the peak of the ghost king, but lacks the commander who commands this master! Fighting in hell to manage the acquired alliance for hundreds of years and words should be a talent more or less! Otherwise, we won’t stand out among hundreds of billions of ghosts and become one of the 120 forces!
At this time, there are some reasons why the king of Zhang Xiaotian has set the power level! It turned out to be this talent selection! Thought of here, Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, took a deep breath, and the king of Tibet had been preparing in the dark! Knowing a little about the history of hell, he knows that the rule of Hell No.1 was formulated 30,000 years ago! It seems that I have been thinking about rebellion since King Earth Treasure Xiu reached the stage …
"So you mean … do you want to frighten me by the King of Earth Hidden?" Zhang Xiaotian sneer at after light asked/
"We don’t dare, but we don’t know how to explain to the earth treasure king!" Win all words and light tone has become a bit tough! They are Zhang Xiaotian’s tough measures to get back to the depths of their hearts, and they are somewhat rebellious! From the moment they entered hell, the dominance of the Tibetan king took root in their hearts and was their absolute ruler! Strong people dare to question! Zhang Xiaotian, who was summoned by the King of Earth Treasure, was immediately loosened in their hearts! I want to get rid of Zhang Xiaotian’s control with the help of the strength of the earth treasure king!
"Hum! Earth treasure king! " Zhang Xiaotian snorted and then asked, "Is everyone else the same?"
Hear Zhang Xiaotian arrogant words win all and words in the heart of a shock this guy even the earth treasure king also not afraid! Immediately some panic said, "The regular forces in hell have been collected by the earth treasure bodhisattva! I think those masters who are collecting wild forces may also be the hands of the Tibetan king! " Say that finish two people some uneasy heart.
"I didn’t expect to go out for a few months! Those forces will be given to the earth treasure king! " Aside Yang Xiao said some unwilling to let Zhang Xiaotian compete, but I remembered Zhang Xiaotian’s statement that the strength of the earth treasure king opened his mouth and stopped talking!
For the earth treasure king Zhang Xiaotian is also very afraid! Don’t want to fight him!
Meditate for a moment Zhang Xiaotian said, "How many soul stones do you have? Take half! " I didn’t intend to ask for the Soul Stone from the Alliance the day after tomorrow when I came to Zhang Xiaotian, but now that the Alliance the day after tomorrow is about to invest in the King of Earth Treasure, there is no need for him to worry about anything!
"Soul stone? Gone! " Win all two people face a red low said
"What?" Zhang Xiaotian first one leng then nu way "do you want to fool me? How can there be no soul stone in such a big alliance? " Say that finish two cold eyes constantly scanning in two people! At the same time, the body spread out a huge momentum and slowly pressed it to the two people!


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