Jumu saw that everyone was watching. He wanted to think and put on an angry face. "I, the six emperors in heaven and the emperor of Oriental Qinghua, have been practicing Aoki since childhood. I used to follow my father to manage and protect all the plants and creatures in heaven. Although the main creatures in heaven and earth are all kinds of monsters, all beings are equal in the eyes of heaven.

What’s wrong with me taking this ebony elf away from him because God has made a fool of himself? I’m the Emperor of Heaven who personally expropriated the land. What qualifications do some of you have to question me? Don’t forget that your final destination is soaring, and there are classes in heaven that have offended me. Think about it. "
Say that finish a face proudly stood there wonderful a real person is also listen to XuanZhen 1, this person is a giant wood god robbed the day chi b wood elves, but XuanZhen also don’t know that he has always been a giant wood from the face to say his name, wonderful a real person don’t want to provoke him, just vague said wait until things are over.
But the day after tomorrow, I found him. I once told him that this giant tree escaped from heaven after stealing the innate treasure. Now I live on the top of the big barren hill, and I have the strength of a fairy. But for more than a thousand years, my name is not obvious. It is because he has done something wrong and is afraid that the owner of the innate treasure will find him and don’t taboo him.
Miao Yi, a real person, thinks that this guy is from heaven. If it’s true, as Tian Chi said, then he can blackmail a company and come around to question it just after it’s over. Now he can’t help but feel a little guilty after listening to the giant wooden rebuttal, and other people who come to help in the periphery don’t know that they can’t help but get together in twos and threes to point at them.
Giant wood saw that everyone didn’t talk and frightened them. When they were proud, they heard a lazy tone, "Alas! Master Jumu, don’t say half of what you say, okay? Are you the six emperors in heaven, the emperor of Oriental Qinghua, the giant wooden god, or the emperor of Heaven personally expropriated the land? Then why didn’t you come back for thousands of years?
Why don’t you tell me something about the fact that you stole Dayu Jiuding and escaped from it? Is it a magic weapon for you to specialize in B-wood tactics and rob that B-wood elf? Why don’t you say something? "
Everyone looked up and saw that the sky was not high, and a white cloud was holding a square jade pavilion about one meter away. Song Chang-gung sat in the face and circled with nine fingers thick. Zi Long looked at the giant wooden emperor thoughtfully and saw him. Master Yang Jin and Jade Qing all smiled and flew away. Other acquaintances such as husband and wife B also flew to him.
Song Chang-gung’s other tactic is to sit on the jade pavilion and expand it in a bright light. In a flash, it has become a jade pavilion with a width of more than ten meters. Everyone has fallen to the giant wooden emperor one after another. When he saw him, he was so angry that everything was caused by this guy. He also wanted to teach him a lesson. Although Song Chang-gung was also a fairy, his skill was not as good as his own.
In fact, I don’t think highly of Song Chang-geng in my heart, because they are not in the same class. However, when I saw the couple who were next to him, he had to hold down his angry mood and cold hum, but I turned my head and didn’t answer, because he knew that it was unnecessary to say more and make more mistakes now, and everything could be to sit tight.
And wonderful a real person and so on also don’t know what to say, that is, what Song Chang Gung said is true, and they don’t want to persecute giant trees.
If you don’t fly up, it will be trouble. At this time, there will be a final completion. Come back and see you here. A group of people gathered together. The atmosphere was very strange. They all asked acquaintances for information. Then two golden lights flew in and landed, showing Youtan Shenni and Qi Xiaer.
When they saw the depressing atmosphere here, they couldn’t help but wonder that JiXia son found his sister JiLingyun and asked with surprise and excitement, "What did you say? Yu Ding is a congenital spiritual treasure. There are nine? Can it be combined with the spirit veins of the earth to form a cave? It’s not true, is it That I hand this YuDing that tripod … Today is innocent and good. "
Said later, she didn’t remember that she got the Yuding in Yandang Mountain. Not many people seem to know. Mrs. Miao and Mrs. Miao gave her a hard stare, but the words have already been spoken. Everyone here is not stupid. Seeing a wonderful real person is strange, so the atmosphere here is even more weird.
Come to Yang Jinlai or want to comfort Song Chang Gung to lose so much. Zi Long doesn’t want to look unfamiliar with this matter. Everyone shuts up and looks at each other. Qi Xia’s son feels that the atmosphere can’t help but move over to the giant wood beside Master Youtan Shenni. There is also a Yuding in the little girl’s hand who can’t help but be greedy. Look at her eyes full of greed.
Miao Yi, a real person, etc. moved slowly and stopped vaguely in the giant wood and Jixia’s son. At this time, I heard a chuckle. When everyone looked up, they saw Song Changgeng with a sarcastic look at their giant wood and gave him a bitter look. Just listen to Song Changgeng’s smile. "The giant wood is a gentleman. Look at you. It’s not like you’re trying to rob somebody else’s little girl, is it?
Hehe, you are really greedy. You don’t want to think that Yuding, who is now in the barren hills, barely combines the spiritual veins of the barren hills. Because you haven’t started and operated, you haven’t made a hole in the sky for thousands of years. How can I say that you are going to rob it now? It’s so greedy. The greedy land is irrational. Aren’t you afraid that we will besiege you when so many enemies are erected?
At the beginning, you chased me all the way from the barren hills to here because of the legacy of Dayu in my hand. The magic formula is to run all kinds of Yubao magic formula, and when you get it, you can really start Yuding’s achievements in the cave. Now you are going to rob others. You won’t be a natural enemy yourself, will you? Can you fight against a dozen fairies here?
If I give the Classic of Mountains and Seas to Qi Zhangjiao, he can combine the spirit pulse of Ningbi Xianfu of Emei Sect with Yu Ding in his daughter’s hand to form a cave. Do you think this big gift can make them join hands to deal with you? "
The more he said this, the uglier the giant’s face became, but all the people in Emei Sect changed their faces, and the eyes were full of joy and doubt, while others looked complicated, especially the blissful real person. What he wanted in his life was orthodoxy? Either it’s because people are going to soar in the end and need someone to form a force to practice life better.
If it doesn’t soar, it will suffer a big disaster like the fairy in 500 years, and it will be rejected by heaven and earth because the fairy is too strong, just like the human body’s epidemic disease repels foreign countries or germs, cells or other substances that can do harm to the body
However, if there is a cave, it will be different. As for the size of the cave, it is as rooted in the earth as it is to soar to heaven. It is impossible to exclude people who have been recognized by the world. However, it is hard to find a cave, and it was formed in ancient times. For example, the heaven is now transformed by the skull of Pangu Great God.
There are also great magical powers to create a cave, such as a paradise, a whirling world, etc. Of course, there are also magic weapons to form a cave, such as a light realm, a heavenly treasure, Yuding, etc. Of course, it can also be done, but the way to form a cave with these treasures is impossible. The real person regrets that he was alienated from Song Changgeng when he was wrong in the East China Sea.
After a short silence, Miaoyi turned to Chang Geng in the Middle Song Dynasty and said, "Emei will be grateful if you can really give me the Classic of Mountains and Seas. If the Master of the Song Dynasty has any other requirements, though we can do it, I will not refuse. Emei Sect is willing to show it together after being friendly with Anmen?"
Song Changgeng said with a smile, "It’s just a coincidence that I know about the trajectory of the future exhibition, so I got a lot of things before the Emei Sect. But if I can help Emei get a cave this time, I think we are even. But it seems that everything must be solved first."
The fifty-fifth volume Busy Chapter five hundred and forty-four Each has his own income
As soon as the sentence comes out, everyone’s emotions will be provoked. Giant Wood seems to unite against himself. Although he knows that he is defeated, he can’t do nothing. Instead, he will fly his sword and sacrifice himself to the gods, so it is better to be a real person. People in Emei School and their friends have the intention to start work.
Although it’s a little critical that Miao Yi, a real person, will erase everything in the past in a few words to Song Changgeng, it’s just that he can’t come out first. Who makes the cave too tempting? At this time, we should make friends with Song Changgeng and give up everything in the past. It is the first important thing to get a cave, but what is Qi Lingyun’s happiest among these people? I guess she can’t even tell herself clearly. Girls’ feelings are always poetry.
Just when everyone was ready to start work, I heard the real bliss saying, "You, all of us have worked together to calm down this big robbery and will have to fight with our own people?" Everything can’t be solved by force. We are all in the same boat. In fact, there are other solutions, such as the way that the giant wood god handed over the ebony elf and Yu Ding formed a cave.
What about Song Daoyou’s promise to write off all grievances with Song Daoyou in the past after being sent out by the giant wooden god and Miao Yi? Of course, this ebony elf is not good for Tianchi to be imprisoned again, but should let it take shape and find a place to live. Otherwise, we can’t enslave and hurt it casually. After all, it is also a kind of heaven and earth creatures.
However, Tianchi has gone through this robbery, although the island has changed greatly, but there are no hidden dangers, and because of this, he has also passed the robbery, which can be said to be satisfactory. I don’t know what everyone thinks. "
The words of Blissful Reality made everyone silent. Song Chang Gung first said, "That’s very good. I will develop two things, that is, if I can eliminate hostilities, of course, it’s good. Although I have always hated giant wood adults for bullying, I can’t help my life."
Wonderful a real person ignored Song Changgeng’s cynicism, but gave a hand to the giant wooden emperor. "The bliss predecessors said that we should all be kindred spirits. If we can take a step back, isn’t everyone all right?" I wonder if the giant wood god will do it? If you promise to stop the storm, will everyone exchange it? "
Giant wood can’t help but ponder. He doesn’t want to make trouble. It’s not good for himself. If you disturb the heaven, you’ll be in trouble. Although you don’t want to give up the B-wood elf, he knows that this is the best solution, so he said, "But I don’t want to hand over the B-wood elf with everyone, but you will return my’ Dragon Making Sea Twill’ first."
That’ Qinglong Naohai Ling’ was a magic weapon that he put outside to intercept when he entered the Copper Coconut Island to get the B-Wood Elf. Later, he was suppressed in the ground. The magic weapon was collected by Yi Zhou to listen to his request and he took it out with a smile. "Daoyou’s magic weapon is comparable to water, but Daoyou’s magic weapon is actually extraordinary in controlling water by wood."
Said as he returned the long blue silk to the giant wood. After checking it, he knew that there was no abnormality, so he put it away in his veins. It was already a big fist. A small tree was too bronze and coconut wood. He said to everyone, "This tree should have reached the edge of taxiing, but it has been very weak to be absorbed by this guy named Tianchi for hundreds of years."
I’m afraid it will take a hundred years to recover even if it is placed in the spiritual vein. What if its roots can’t be transformed now? Who do you want to give it to? I don’t agree if I still give this delusion. Who knows if he will continue to absorb the vitality of this tree? If none of you can tell the reason for taking care of him, this tree should still be taken care of by me. "