Hung-chun has long said that it is a saint’s way to tell the world that almost no one is indifferent, so whenever something comes to Zixiao Palace, almost all practitioners come, even if they don’t repair the twelve ancestors of the Yuan God and the Wu clan, they are also present … The first saint in heaven and earth preached that they have to come and see it.

Each of the twelve great ancestors is more imposing than a statue of ghosts and gods, and they have mastered the common laws of water, fire, wind and so on. Sometimes, when this avenue passes by Qin Changfeng, they hardly look at it. Even Zhu Rong seems to have a deep impression on him. A worm is not worthy to be remembered by him, the ancient Vulcan.
Only after being in the ancestral witch, the strange number does not fix the yuan god, but it can induce the cat was very curious and looked at Qin Changfeng’s eyes, but it made Qin Changfeng somewhat puzzling.
In addition, the great power later included the top ten demon gods and other demon families. Most of the strong people knew a little. princess royal already had a favorite person, and he knew Qin Changfeng or looked at it or was kind or disdainful … The demon family’s mountains were full of ghosts.
In the face of all this, Qin Changfeng is still interested in letting them see how good the princess royal Temple is, but this Zixiao Palace is obviously not the place where he runs wild.
The speed at which the great powers can practice is not too different. In just a few days, thousands of monks will gather together, and people have a hunch that the ancestors of Hongjun should soon appear behind closed doors to preach.
Qin Changfeng has been guarding Yaochi’s side, but he can’t help but expect that these two people will really miss this sermon completely, so it is worthwhile to lose these two stirring sticks, although the historical trend in his memory will change.
It’s a pity that when the bell rang in Zixiao Palace and Hung-jun came to Zixiao Palace, two road flyovers, one fat and one thin, rushed over without looking at Qin Changfeng, and then the palace door slammed shut … Hung-jun preached that Zixiao Palace had been closed for thousands of years!
If the entrance and exit of the palace gate are closed, it seems that there is a door outside the hall, but it is actually two worlds. The sound of the hall is reverberating for three thousand times, and there will never be a word out, and the movement outside will be the sky were to fall, which will not have the slightest impact on the hall.
"I’ve arrived, but your chance as a saint is hanging by a thread."
Qin Changfeng didn’t like it, but he was caught by the last bus by two westerners, but he didn’t care much. Six futons had already been seated, and there was no such nice guy as Hongyun. Who can convince them if they have a tongue full of lotus flowers? Even Nu Wa Qin Changfeng told me about the interests early.
What makes Qin Changfeng even more curious is that Heaven of Science didn’t come together, but I didn’t know that the bell of Zixiao Palace was ringing, and I knew that I was cheated, so I temporarily trapped Heaven of Science and got rid of entanglement.
Suddenly it was quiet for a long time, and there came a gentle groan from Yaochi. Then she gently opened her eyes … with a smile, gentleness and a long-lost attachment.
Qin Changfeng also smiled at him. A mask awakened his fairy, just as a mask fixed the world when Butterfly Valley sent her to the extinction teacher.
"Hey, if I am the first to wake you up, are you very touched?" Qin Changfeng smiled like a fool with his arms open.
"I’m very touched. How is my body rewarded?"
It’s really hard to resist the charm of Zhou Xian, a young girl in Yaochi’s feminine body.
"It’s not too late to return when you become the Queen Mother" Qin Changfeng replied with a half-truths smile.
There are some things that he is not afraid of. For example, he is cuddling with Yaochi now. At this time, he concentrates behind closed doors and says that Hongjun has no time to take care of the door, but some bottom lines have to be held for the time being. Otherwise, how can a Yaochi who has lost Yuan Yin be qualified to become the mother instrument of the Queen Mother in the future?
"What are you going to do next? I’ll wait for the Queen Mother with peace of mind?" Zhou Zhiruo is intelligent, transparent, natural and white. He means to put his head on his shoulder, breathe the familiarity, and make her deeply obsessed with breath. His face is smiling as if this has made her more satisfied.
"Yes," Qin Changfeng said solemnly. "Then look at me, and I will hide my love and thoughts in my heart."
"Oh," Zhou Zhiruo spat with a captivating smile. When a gentle and virtuous wife and husband were forced, she was always conditional.
"I can’t stay with you for too long. Maybe … I will go back to the universe soon."
The better Zhou Zhiruo is, the more guilty Qin Changfeng will feel. Since he chose not to listen to Hung-chun’s sermon, it is naturally impossible to wait for the Millennium to return to the wild and complete him.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Congenital gourd
Qin Changfeng and Zhou Zhiruo, who just woke up from Yaochi, reunited after such a long separation. Without you, I was so affectionate that I got carried away for a while, but I didn’t find that Haotian had rushed back to see and hug together. They cried and exclaimed, "What are you doing?"
Qin Changfeng thought that this was a big joke, and the affair was smashed by the jade emperor on the spot in the future. Then he can still accept a cheating Yaochi as the queen mother? Although it is not his decision to be the queen mother of Yaochi, it is Hongjun’s decision, but it will be a big trouble if he tries his best to refuse.
When Qin Changfeng quickly pondered the countermeasures, Zhou Zhiruo suddenly pushed Qin Changfeng’s face and showed shame and indignation, pointing at him and angrily denounced, "You are a disciple. I was kind enough to give you advice on magical powers, but I didn’t expect you to take the opportunity to be frivolous with me. Otherwise, you will succeed!"
Rao is Qin Changfeng who has always had a good cold feet reaction ability. At this time, he was stunned by Zhou Xian’s acting skills.
"What’s the matter with Daoyou? You still need to give us a statement!" Heaven science a sullen, a word is inconsistent will turn against posture.
It is obvious that he has believed Zhou Zhiruo’s words.
Qin Changfeng can naively explain that "it’s just a misunderstanding that Daoyou didn’t know before Daoyou suddenly woke up from behind Yaochi Daoyou, and she could hold her and hide from danger if she didn’t feel the need."
Hao Tian said faintly, "There will be chaotic cracks in front of Zixiao Palace?"
"My heart is bright and bright! My heart is clear! If you don’t believe me, I can accept that the seal of the real dragon treasure can transform the yogi, and leave it to two Taoist friends to apologize and say goodbye. See you later! "
Qin Changfeng left a piece of jade slips with his back to the heaven of science and gave Zhou Zhiruo a hard stare, but when he turned away, his eyes couldn’t help becoming soft. After all, he still didn’t want her to have even a little heart.
Zhou Xianze looked at him with a straight face, but there was a hidden smile in his eyes, which also showed Qin Changfeng the score. It seemed that he asked me if my acting skills were ok.
Is this really still my gentle, beautiful, virtuous and lovely person?
Qin Changfeng left in tears and went straight into chaos, ready to fly back to the wild alone.
At this time, Heaven of Science has roughly looked at Jade Jane’s magical powers, and I don’t know how much stronger she is than what she is practicing now. She cried her affection for Qin Changfeng and waved at his back and shouted, "Ah! Brother, this is a must. I naturally believe that Taoist friends are not like that … "
Zhou Zhiruo corners of the mouth a curved you smiled a heaven carved into the bone marrow hypocrisy of science, she is seen the spin and came to the door of Zixiao Palace to sit cross-legged and sink into the sea of knowledge, cleaning up the aftermath of the integration of Yaochi Yuan Shen.
In fact, she swallowed up the Yaochi Yuanshen, and it is naturally impossible to complete her life memory for such a long time. It is a "deputy" to skip a little bit.
Heaven of science didn’t care if he saw this. Yaochi was cold-hearted, and most of the time he didn’t have much good looks for his brother.
Besides, he got the magical power of Lingbao in a few days in a row. It was be in heaven’s time. He wouldn’t think so much, but he didn’t know that sometimes the pie was poisonous.
Qin Changfeng’s speed of crossing the chaos and gloom alone is faster than when he came. First, he is familiar with it. Second, when he read the law of holy seal, he achieved faster than Nu Wa and Fuxi, which means that he was dragged back when he came.
He doesn’t listen to Zixiao Palace, because he doesn’t want to wave when Hongjun becomes a holy road in a thousand years. He may be able to understand something in the end if he listens to different ways, but it is unlikely to make him change qualitatively.
In HarmonyOS, if the purple gas is unexpected, it must be like the purple gas of Tathagata Avenue in the world of westward journey. It has the law of destiny, and the breath will be much higher. Qin Changfeng naturally can’t be indifferent, but it’s just too little for him. If he has everything in Hong Jun’s hands!
In the chaos, the years come and go, and Qin Changfeng doesn’t know how long it has been. Immediately after he came to Buzhoushan, there was a feeling that something was coming, and the atmosphere was filled with the smell of bloody war.


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