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"Besides, it is not appropriate to light up the war at this time when the Empress Dowager is pregnant."

See Di Jun anger away a lot of Bai Ze continue to advise. "What Ai Qing said is to retreat from the DPRK!" Sure enough,... Read More

Theory is often a theory!

Practical operation is still more troublesome. Also, if the great avatar of St. dzogchen could fall into the eversleeping so easily, the vast expanse would... Read More

"Oh, I didn’t expect the dreamer team to remember it."

Although I saw Fang think that they quickly brought their own people down two times, Xiao was not in a hurry because he hadn’t really... Read More

"There must be no seen! It is said that unicorns and dark creatures are immortal. If you have met them, "You can’t do it yet. The expression is very god."

Hao Ren wiped the scar on his face and said to Xue with a wry smile, "Do you see this scar?" "hmm?" "unicorn stays" "Well... Read More

An old man in a alchemist’s robe came out with a bad complexion, and his face was faintly burnt when he failed.

Not bad! This is the alchemist Dian Yunchang, the elder. At the beginning, it was also he who accompanied Jiang Feng to forge the sword... Read More


Li Qianru doesn’t like being against money either. Anyway, everything here is false and true. They don’t have the chance to rob a bank and... Read More

A mysterious treasure, Ganyuan Sect, was exchanged for a magic pill.

The mysterious treasure is a treasure for the great power of Tong Xuan Jing, but it is rubbish for Yun Fan. He wants to make... Read More