"Oh, I didn’t expect the dreamer team to remember it."

Although I saw Fang think that they quickly brought their own people down two times, Xiao was not in a hurry because he hadn’t really succeeded yet.
And when I heard Xiao drumming, I thought it was also a frown.
"Ah? I said, are you crazy? "
"We seem to have woken you up before and told you not to appear in front of us, otherwise we would hit you once when we saw you."
Listening to Fang Xiang’s righteous voice, Xiao Dong is almost angry and spurting blood
But fortunately, this time he had a proper reason.
He sneer at one and then said to Fang Xiang and others
"To tell the truth, it’s not that I want to bother you, but that you find your own door!"
"This Internet cafe has shares in my family. This box is also surnamed Xiao, but you have occupied my box. Although my dad said that I should not conflict with you, it is tolerable."
After hearing Xiao’s words, I thought that people were all white. What’s going on?
But want to still very language way
"Is this guy stupid?"
"What did he say?"
Hear Fang Xiang words Han Xuanxuan some language pulled a Fang Xiang and then walked to the front of Fang Xiang.
Knocked at XiaoDong said:
"So you want to say that this box is you, right?"
Just now I heard Fang Xiang scold herself all the time, and there are still some words. How can you pretend to be * if you don’t communicate? And this time I heard Han Xuanxuan ask himself, and he also stood up and nodded heavily.
"Oh, okay, we get it."
"Don’t come to this box after that. We want it."
To return Han Xuanxuan, I will apologize for what I can do to satisfy my own goal. After all, Xiao Dong also knows that Han Xuanxuan can fight well. Although he does have a subsequent party, he doesn’t know if his subsequent party can do it. If Han Xuanxuan gives him a step and makes him install himself, he can retreat. He has some regrets after just rushing in.
When I heard Han Xuanxuan’s words similar to "this fish pond was wrapped by me", I couldn’t bear it any longer.
"Mom, you played me like an idiot for a long time, didn’t you?"
"Well, then I’ll throw caution to the wind today."
After saying this sentence, Xiao knocked back at the door, and some young people rushed in with mops in their hands.
When I saw these people coming in, I thought that people finally knew what Xiao drummed and dared to talk to myself like that just now. People think they left a cause.
It is also at this time that love tired heart said 1.
"Ah? Why don’t you make it quick? People living in brothels seem to have come to Jia Ling for live broadcast. Let’s see what they want to say. "
When I heard this sentence, Xiao Dongdong and the people he brought became livid.
See this as red ll and ridicule!
And love tired heart will say this sentence to reality is also because he saw a few people at the door of the dream westward journey kv before.
Mom, I think all three of us were fighting four or five professional thugs that night, okay? Just in front of these guys, where did they unload the mop G? I don’t know if the punks can be their opponents.
Also want to say after hearing love tired heart.
"Then let’s rock, paper and scissors. Whoever loses, the other two go back to the front of the brain."
Xiao knocked and others stunned eyes.
Fang Xiang, Han Xuanxuan and Guangguang played with stone scissors and cloth.
However, it’s a pity that it failed to decide the outcome three times.
At this time, Xiao Dongdong was completely unbearable.
He shouted with red eyes
"Mom can’t stand it. I’m responsible for something that happened to me!"
Chapter four hundred and twenty-nine Crash Xiao knocked!
It’s also Xiao Dong Dong that those young people with mops behind them are smiling at Fang Xiang with a face of evil spirits. Three people came up and walked, and their hands were still pointing at some taunts.
It is also this time that Fang wants to sneer at one.
Just before preparation, I stretched out my hand and stopped him and Han Xuanxuan.
"Well, I just met something that made me very depressed in the game. Can you give me this opportunity?"
"I want to stretch my muscles."
When I heard the light, I wanted to make up with Han Xuanxuan. I sat down and wore headphones.
And Fang wants to move with Han Xuanxuan, which is completely angered Xiao Knocked and his party.
Mom, just now, I thought the three of them played a few hands. No guy looked still a little energetic. Now, a few people came in with G in their hands and wanted to sit with Han Xuanxuan. Let the light go alone?
I’ve seen this costume * I’ve never seen such a costume *!
This is also the time.
Knocked people can’t stand it any longer. Just hold up the mop G in your hand and rush toward the bare side.
And at this time of light, the plain expression on the face became ferocious.
Single-handedly lifted his seat just now and directly smashed the two young people who were coming towards him.
This directly knocked two people out.
Although the few people left dodged it, they were somewhat sympathetic when they saw that the light was so powerful and poor. However, after all, they were gangsters with fighting experience, and soon they adjusted their state and recovered. They didn’t know who Fang Xiang and others were, but they knew Xiao Dongdong’s identity!
Xiao Dongdong’s family has a lot of money. If you want to wait on Xiao Dongdong, their life will be much better than that of ordinary gangsters.
That’s the same idea. The few punks left here are also swearing in their mouths and launching another onslaught towards the bare side.


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