A mysterious treasure, Ganyuan Sect, was exchanged for a magic pill.

The mysterious treasure is a treasure for the great power of Tong Xuan Jing, but it is rubbish for Yun Fan. He wants to make a panacea by returning to earth to help his relatives break through the spiritual sea quickly in the future.
Yun Fan killed a lot of mysterious treasures with great powers in the mysterious realm in exchange for a miracle.
Yun Fan, who left Ganyuan Sect, went to Gankun Sect and Tianyuan Sect to exchange two magic pills. Tianyuan Sect exchanged one magic pill.
A total of four were exchanged, which is enough.
After all this, Yun Fan left the dry yuan mainland and flew to the east
Eye-the sky and the mainland
Ganyuan mainland is far away from Tianqiong mainland. According to ancient books, there are more than a thousand Wan Li.
There are countless islands, large and small, in the sea area 2.
The dry dome star is more stable than the earth, because the speed here in Yun Fan is much slower than that of the earth. Now his strength, life and death are triple, and the speed is about 300 times the speed of sound and 200 miles per second.
If Yun Fan flies for ten hours a day, it will take more than ten hours to fly more than 700 a day in Wan Li.
It takes ten days to reach the king of Wu in the triple heaven, and it takes ten times as long as it takes many months. No wonder the two mainland kings have any contacts.
The dry yuan continent, the sky and the mainland have been too disconnected, and the record of the sky and the mainland is limited to ancient books.
It’s so far away, and Yun Fan doesn’t know the route. Knowing that he can reach the Tianqiong mainland from the deep sea in the east, he goes to the eastern sea first and prepares to go to the East Deep Sea Shenqiang Island first.
King Shen Qiang has lived in the deep sea of the East for a long time. He should be familiar with the East China Sea.
Chapter 314 to
Yun Fan first got the map of the East Deep Sea from the King of the East Deep Sea Gun Island.
Then, in just eleven days, Yunfan crossed the sea area and reached the largest land in the dry dome star-Tianqiong continent.
A big city in western China.
Yun Fan came to the sky, flew in the mainland, and saw that the city was huge and fell directly into the city.
Tianfu restaurant in the city, Yun Fan, on the second floor, sat by the window and ordered a table of dining tables to taste the mainland cuisine of Tianqiong.
At the same time, I also look at the customs and listen to the news of Tianqiao mainland.
From the window, people come and go in the street.
The restaurant business is good, and the seats on the second floor are nearly 70%. The lobby on the first floor is full of people.
Yun Fan’s ear is strong and healthy. He can hear clearly what others are saying, whether on the first floor or on the second floor, and he can clearly distinguish them even if they are mixed.
Suddenly, Yun Fan raised his eyebrows and heard some news that Yu Tuo Tianzong was the news.
"I think that when Emperor Tuo and other heroes killed the demon and evil, Pinghai Kou Jiantuo Tianzong jumped into the sky in one fell swoop, but I don’t want to be excluded by three other factions now, so it has fallen to such a point!"
"Yes, the Ghost Emperor Sect, the Moon Clan and the Lotus Clan are so rampant that even the brothers and sisters of Tuotian Clan dare to catch it. Is this going to start work on Tuotian Clan?"
"The thin camel is bigger than the horse. Although Tuotian Sect has declined, Emperor Tuo must have left many means in those years. I’m afraid it’s not that easy to start work on Tuotian Sect."
"Yes, they dare not directly attack Rio Tianzong’s brother. That’s Rio Tianzong’s most elite group of younger generations. It is said that one of the patriarchs has become a king in just one year. Ah, it has also fallen into the hands of three cases. Three cases are to force Rio Tianzong to leave the clan to fight with them!"
Yun Fan listened attentively for a while when he heard the conversation.
Yun Fan was the Emperor Tuotian, and the Emperor Tuotian established Tuotian Zongyunfan that year, of course, he was close.
At the moment, Rio Tinto’s declining brother was captured by three other cases, and Yun Fan-as one pleases made up his mind not to stand idly by.
The talkers are also located on the second floor, and they are two middle-aged people who are about forty years old.
Yun Fan came to the table for two people, saying, "Two friends heard you talk about Rio Tinto’s eldest brother being caught. What’s going on? Do you know where they have been caught? "
When they saw Yun Fan, they saw Yun Fan’s distinguished humanity. "This public extension day clan brother is Ganhua City. Today, three cases want Ganhua City to publicly execute the extension day clan brother. This is to force the extension day clan strong to come to Ganhua City to save people from the clan door."
Another humanitarian said, "I don’t want to know that three cases of Ganhua City must have laid tight encirclement, just waiting for Rio Tinto to be trapped by the strong."
Yun Fan look move Ganhua city, he can’t watch the way "heaven mainland four big clan is not quite gentle? How come the other three cases have to deal with Tuotianzong? "
Thin a middle-aged humanitarian "Who said it wasn’t? These four cases all belong to Rio Tianmeng, but I don’t know why in recent years, the ghost emperor clan, the moon clan and the lotus clan suddenly made a bad relationship with Rio Tianmeng. All three cases left Rio Tianmeng and heard that they had taken refuge in another African Union-level power, and then they have been suppressing Rio Tianmeng. I don’t know what happened to Rio Tianmeng, but I didn’t even care that there was a problem."
"Rio union? Is it also the establishment of power by Emperor Tuotian? "
Yun Fan blinked’ au’ level forces, but it takes at least three emperors in heaven and earth to be called’ au’.
When Tuotian Emperor left three treasures, it was the realm of life and death. At that time, it was still the patriarch of Tuotian Sect, and there was no Tuotian League. If Tuotian League was built behind Tuotian Emperor, it would be said that Tuotian Emperor had already become the emperor of heaven and man.
Slightly fat middle-aged humanity "Yes, you don’t even know this? Rio Tinto day emperor but we do dome star go out cattle? Rio Tinto day alliance the moyun star that is a big power "
Tuotianmeng was built by Emperor Tuotianmeng. There was something wrong with the dome star. Three cases, namely, the Ghost Emperor Sect, the Moon Clan and the Lotus Sect, betrayed Tuotianmeng. Tuotianmeng was in danger, but it was ignored. It can be seen that Tuotianmeng is really out of order.
Although I haven’t seen Tuotian Emperor, Yun Fan somehow got Tuotian Emperor’s fame, and his heart will naturally be worried.
At this time, the street outside suddenly became lively.
Thin middle-aged humanitarian "three cases of cruel heart, Tuotian people will lose their faces if they don’t save, and they will save in the middle of three traps."
Yun Fan squinting slightly gave me a fine mans way "Rio Tinto day of what strength? Are the Ghost Emperor Sect, Lotus Sect and Lanyue Sect very strong? Can you let Tuotianzong’s strong people go back and forth? "
Slightly fat middle-aged humanity "For a long time, the four clansmen were the strongest in Tuotian Sect, but now they are the strongest in Ghost Emperor Sect. The patriarch is the triple heaven of life and death. The patriarch of Tuotian Sect, Lotus Sect and Lanyue Sect is the double heaven of life and death.


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Theory is often a theory!

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Mark carefully looked at a newly-made oolong arrow with iron ridge. The body of the arrow is a few grooves more than before, and the feathers at the tail of the arrow are also harder than before. Many of them don’t look like common feathers. Mo Yuling looked at the mark carefully and didn’t comment on the new arrow. He grabbed it and said, "Oh, you can’t see it so well. I’d better give you a try."

"Oh, I didn’t expect the dreamer team to remember it."

Jumu saw that everyone was watching. He wanted to think and put on an angry face. "I, the six emperors in heaven and the emperor of Oriental Qinghua, have been practicing Aoki since childhood. I used to follow my father to manage and protect all the plants and creatures in heaven. Although the main creatures in heaven and earth are all kinds of monsters, all beings are equal in the eyes of heaven.

An old man in a alchemist’s robe came out with a bad complexion, and his face was faintly burnt when he failed.

"There must be no seen! It is said that unicorns and dark creatures are immortal. If you have met them, "You can’t do it yet. The expression is very god."


"Besides, it is not appropriate to light up the war at this time when the Empress Dowager is pregnant."