An old man in a alchemist’s robe came out with a bad complexion, and his face was faintly burnt when he failed.

Not bad! This is the alchemist Dian Yunchang, the elder.
At the beginning, it was also he who accompanied Jiang Feng to forge the sword of folding interest.
He is also a respected elder with a high reputation.
"Is there anything you hurry up and say! I don’t have much time to be here with you! "
Even if I knew something important must have happened, otherwise Wang Jin wouldn’t risk disturbing himself. It’s still hard to keep my eyes fixed on Wang Jin, which is vaguely bad.
"Hey!" Wang Jin swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, "Master! Jiang Feng came just now! "
Jiang Feng? Suddenly heard the name cloud often elders slightly one leng.
However, for a moment, the cloud often reacts immediately, and the whole person becomes excited, and there is a faint excitement in his eyes.
"Which Jiang Feng! ? Is that Jiang Feng from Ziluoguo? ? Where is he? "
Elder Yun Chang asked three questions in a row. Jiang Feng was able to come to the refining division to make him more excited.
"Master has been closed. He’s gone!"
"Let’s go!" Elder Yun Chang was furious directly, and a powerful murder came out of him. "How can you let him go without telling me!"
Wang Jin was scared and shrank his head. He didn’t dare to hide anything. "Jiang Feng insisted on leaving his brother. How dare I speak out and stay!"
He looked at his master and dared not take another breath.
Elder Yun Chang finally came to my heart, angry and murderous, and disappeared with it.
"Master! I’ve sent someone to find out where Jiang Feng is. Do you want to find him now? " Wang Jin respectfully said
Yun often thought about it, then shook his head and said, "It’s too presumptuous for me to visit in this way. Since he came to the invitation of Yuntian Shengdu, he wouldn’t have a chance to meet each other immediately."
"And I don’t have much time to go to him when I’m closing the key!"
Yun often turned to look at it and felt heartache for the failed refining Dan medicine.
The alchemist reached the point where he refined Dan medicine, which made the material naturally valuable, even if it was rich, he could not stand the high consumption.
"That’s right! Master, there’s another thing I want to tell you. The auction house sent us an invitation to participate in the auction. I heard that there are many valuable things in this auction! "
Wang Jin seems to have thought of something. He took out an invitation from his arms and handed it to Yun Chang.
Cloud often hits the invitation and looks at it a little.
Auction is a place that specializes in searching for valuables so that the major powers can compete for the auction.
Occasionally, you will come up with some amazing treasures for auction.
Even the big shots in the alchemist’s temple often go to the auction to find their own things.
"I know the auction, you can go instead of me! Just find something and shoot it directly! "
Elder Yun Chang waved his hand directly, and now there is nothing more important than his closed alchemy.
"Yes!" Wang Jin promised to come.
When the alchemist is inspired, he is most afraid of stopping or disturbing halfway.
Even if it is a high-level auction, everything will become nothing compared with him.
On the other side, Jiang Feng returned to the house
I was very excited to hear that Jiang Feng was going to attend the auction.
In particular, he is more curious about everything than he is, and he is the first to clamour for participation.
Cloud and mist zong Qiu Yunliang is also more curious than a place like this. He has also heard of it and has never had the opportunity or the qualification to be there.
"Jiang Feng brothers are really amazing!"
"I heard that only a first-class master will be invited to participate in that auction, and the things inside are even more exquisite and priceless!"
"if you want to go, you can join us!" Jiang Feng tone calm to Qiu Yunliang mouth and said
Qiu Yunliang was very excited when he heard this, although he knew that he was cash-strapped and had no silver to participate in the auction.
But if you go to see it well, you will be able to brag about it in Zongmen in the future.
"Jiang Feng brothers didn’t invite me to take me rashly. Will it annoy others?"
Qiu Yunliang was a little tangled after he was excited.
He Jiang Feng is very close to the third-rate clan.
He doesn’t want you to cause unnecessary trouble to others.
"Don’t worry! Follow me, and no one will stop you … "Jiang Feng said, glancing at the excitement here, he was very resistant.
"Besides, even if you don’t go, they will follow! You are one less, many more, and you are not many! "
"good! Then I will go! " Qiu Yunliang gritted his teeth and made up his mind.
The auction venue is located in a luxurious building in the north of Yuntian Shengdu.
The flow of people among the major nobles is the most extensive, especially those with status and status.
Buildings like hills are the most conspicuous, and symbols like Xiao Mu hammer represent the solemnity of the auction.
Today’s auction has poured into a large crowd before it has even started.
Everyone is a monstrous figure whose status is noble and shocking.
The lowest is the waist-bound, which must shock the rich, like the chief elders of all the major doors, which is not to mention.
When Jiang Feng came to the auction, he went in and out of your house one by one like seeing a ghost.
All the people here wear ornaments that symbolize their status.
Jiang Feng’s third-rate door decoration has become the focus of all people.
Up to now, no third-rate clan can participate in such a high-level auction!
Of course, this is one of the more important reasons. Even if you invite a third-rate grandparent to participate, you can’t afford such a large-scale auction.
Invite them to be embarrassed. Fortunately, it is better not to invite them!
Chapter 261
All kinds of big shots come and go in front of the auction.
People pay attention to Jiang Feng and his party, and their eyes become very strange.
"This is the auction! ? How big! "
Looking around, I feel very novel about this amazing place.
When people see the performance, they are even more disgusted with consciousness. If they want to stay away from them, it seems that they can defile their identity with them.
"See! ? Where are these guys coming to see their door ornaments? Can they participate in this level of auction? ?”
"too! I don’t know if the auction sent the wrong invitation. It’s simply insulting to sit with them! "
"Come on! Forget it! Regardless of them, even if they participate in the auction, it is estimated to be a look! "
"Small clan door! I don’t know what it is. * * * Don’t mean that they can bid for things! "


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