Lin Shengyan looked at her quietly through the glass at the door of Lin Zixiao’s ward as usual.

"You came to see her again!" Anshun day is as usual. Lin Shengyan passed away in his eyes behind him.
"It’s just worry!" Lin Shengyan frowned and said, then turned around and stared at Anshun Tian. "You don’t want to say anything about her in front of me again, do you?"
"You think too much …" Anshun took a deep breath. "I also came to see her condition. After all, it was to save you from all her eyes. Anyway, I have to pay attention."
"Oh, you are really private!" Lin Shengyan turned supercilious look.
"Hehe, you seem very dissatisfied?"
"It’s okay. I just want you to stop insulting her."
"I know!" Anshun replied impatiently, and then both of them looked at Lin Zixiao quietly, but Lin Shengyan was very focused and Anshun was absent-minded
"ah!" Lin Shengyan suddenly called out. He saw Lin Zixiao sitting up slowly in the room. Then he took the water cup at the bedside table and licked his lips. He looked pale and weak. She slowly let go of the cup and looked at the bright sun outside. She smiled faintly.
Suddenly she turned her head and saw Lin Shengyan’s surprised expression outside the glass window. Anshun Day seemed to have worried eyes.
Lin Zixiao blinked and saw Lin Shengyan push the door and run to her with his hands on her shoulders and shouted excitedly, "You finally woke up!"
"Well … what do you mean finally?" Lin Zixiao looked at Lin Shengyan at a loss.
"Do you know that you have been in a coma for a few days?"
"I don’t know." Lin Zixiao honestly shook his head and thought for a while and then said, "A day or two?"
"If only for a day or two!" Lin Shengyan sighed and said, "A whole day!"
"Ah?" Lin Zixiao cried out in horror, "What, I was in a coma for one day? It’ s really unwilling that I have spent a good day in this broken hospital! "
"How is your health?"
"It’s okay!" Lin Zixiao twisted her body and felt that her muscles were a little numb after a long trip
"It’s nothing serious, is it?"
"There are no small things!"
"Don’t worry?"
"Are you sure?" Lin Shengyan asked anxiously.
"Hey, Lin Shengyan, why are you so concerned about me?" Lin Zixiao stretched himself and asked lazily
"Hey, I am very grateful to you this time. If it weren’t for you, I might have been killed!" Lin Shengyan clenched Lin Zixiao’s shoulders and said, "You are very brave. You are so poisonous that you will block that stick if you don’t finish it!"
When Lin Shengyan delivered a thank-you speech, Anshun coldly interrupted him and said, "Do women save Lin Shengyan’s heart?" Is he deeply grateful to you now? Do you feel very fulfilled? "
Some time ago, this article was a little broken by Calvin, so let’s start again. There is still a long way to go before the end of this novel, because there are some things I haven’t explained clearly. Don’t worry, read slowly! * _ _ * Hee hee …
Par39 Lin Zixiao will make people sit up and take notice (1)
As soon as Anshun’s voice fell, Lin Zixiao narrowed her eyes and her eyes were cold in winter. She rubbed her hands and smiled and said, "I don’t care to talk to you!"
Then she picked up the table glass and took a sip of water. She was poised, closed her eyes and leaned against the wall.
"Lin Sheng walks with us!" Anshun gave Lin Zixiao a fierce look and then dragged a Lin Shengyan. "Lin Shengyan walked with us. Don’t pester her again!"
"Oh ~" Lin Shengyan reluctantly followed Anshun Day. After they left, Lin Zixiao was stunned with her eyes open. She picked up the table cup again. My eyes were blurred when I put this cup on my thigh.
She bit her lip and frowned slightly as if she were thinking something.
When she started, she felt that there seemed to be no pain in the place where she was beaten in the stomach. If she was really in a coma for one day, the toxicity should be almost solved. She lifted her clothes and put on her shoes to get out of the ward. When Su Moxiao happened to pass by the ward, he saw Lin Zixiao push the ward door and frowned slightly, stopping her from asking, "When will you wake up?"
No emotion, no ups and downs, and the omen sounded
"Oh, I just woke up," Lin Zixiao replied casually.
"Oh!" Su Moxiao cold should be a then seemed to think of what corners of the mouth gently Yang "body? And where are you going? "