Theory is often a theory!

Practical operation is still more troublesome.
Also, if the great avatar of St. dzogchen could fall into the eversleeping so easily, the vast expanse would have been messed up
Shaqi hurts people. Zichen is by no means the first to think of it, but it is difficult to do it.
After some confrontation, all the gods became angry, and gradually the shadows were born immortal, and the true spirits were closely intertwined, regardless of each other.
Of course, this is also thanks to the constant input of Zichen in this issue.
Filar silk ShaQi diffuse gradually eroded the shadow magic true spirit is along the shadow magic life mark together.
The seal of life is the true spiritual root and the basis for future resurrection.
Even this is contaminated by the gods’ Shaqi, so the shadow demon is completely finished unless there is a hand far beyond the mixed yuan realm, and he forcibly removes the gods’ Shaqi from the true spirit.
Shadow devil will fall into eversleeping.
At the same time, the mark of life is contaminated by the Shaqi of the gods, and the soul of the blink demon is completely destroyed
"Hey hey!"
"eversleeping is the best punishment for you if you dare to shoot the Terran."
Looking at the shadow devil constantly breaking up, the innate immortal true spirit wind Zichen laughed in a low voice
At this time, his eyes were completely purple and black, and his momentum became more and more tyrannical.
It seems that it will break out at any time and destroy everything around it
"Hum …"
It was at this time that Feng Zichen knew that the fragments of the jade plate in the sea suddenly trembled violently, and the rhyme spread from him, and the mystery gradually calmed his restless heart
"Shout …"
"It would be really dangerous today if there were no jade dishes!"
By accident jade disc fragments a wind zichen finally wake up a face of dying sighed.
Then he immediately dispersed, and the gods were all angry.
God ShaQi is really too strong, which is the strongest attack means of Feng Zichen.
But being too strong is not a good thing.
All the gods ShaQi strong to the wind zichen this master also dare not easily move, for fear that he accidentally affected the mind.
This is also the reason why Feng Zichen hasn’t moved much since she became this magical power.
This time, he realized that he had cultivated the realm of mixed elements and should be able to barely control the spirit of the gods without being affected.
But I didn’t expect that with the progress of his cultivation, the power of God’s suffocation also improved much faster than his cultivation into the country.
This led to the fact that Feng Zichen made the gods Shaqi directly affected her mind and almost fell into the abyss.
Could it be that Hongjun’s ancestor compensated him for giving him a piece of jade plate, and he would have to pay a lot of money to get rid of the influence of the gods today?
"It seems that before the metamorphosis of the real chaotic fiend, it’s all very difficult to move easily."
After some comprehension just now, Feng Zichen has detected the condition of wanting to make the gods ShaQi.
That is into chaos fiend!
Though strong, Dutianshen Shaqi is still a kind of chaotic Shaqi
And chaos is suffocating
It is standard for chaos fiend.
That is to say, only chaos fiend can make chaos ShaQi with scruples.
If you can’t be a chaotic fiend, even if the wind zichen rises to the mixed yuan realm, he will also move the gods to ShaQi.
Because he became a mixed yuan Luo Jinxian, the spirit of the gods automatically rose to the mixed yuan realm at that moment, and he was not weaker than him


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