Li Qianru doesn’t like being against money either. Anyway, everything here is false and true. They don’t have the chance to rob a bank and are not worried about breaking the law. In fact, they have been secretly transferring it.
"I’ll go too."
I have been pretending to sleep. Jiao Jiao jumped up and felt that she likes to do this kind of bad thing most. No one cares about grabbing money for nothing. Who knows that after they have no chance to come back to this world, they will do a big job.
"Xiaojian, you haven’t said whether you want to go or not?" Li Fangqiang spoke to his brothers and sisters, especially when his sister was ruined by Wu Xiaojian and actually accompanied him to rob money.
Wu Xiaojian definitely answered.
If it were someone else, he might even consider whether to take the time to go to this, which is a matter of course for him.
Since they are a group of level 6 players, it also means that these level 3 kids used to play soy sauce and export the main force to them.
But now the team leader is the world’s number one Yunlong.
Don’t say that he wants to witness with his own eyes, just say that he defeated his grandmother, the sword god Yunxiao Tianren, and he also wants to see with his own eyes how his future’ enemy’ remembers his appearance.
And …
How about being number one? So what about level 6? He can beat the Spirit Legion which he is about to form!
"Then go to my house to sleep tonight."
Since the monsters near the International Trade Building have been cleaned up by this group of high-level players who suddenly appeared, they can also go home and go to sleep boldly. His place of residence is near the business circle of the International Trade Building, and that night passed and he directly fell into the hardest hit area.
"… well," Fang-qiang li leng replied that Wu Xiaojian was serious this time and felt that he had not seen his serious expression for a long time.
"Ma De!"
Wu Xiaojian scolded 1 in a low voice. He was most upset that others upset him. He had already specified the price, and he was even more upset. He thought that when he was a hero, he was actually a pile of shit in the eyes of others. So what if he saved many people here? It’s definitely not worth it this time. This time, this group of people brought dawn, and I believe that he will soon be forgotten. At this time, the credit department noticed them.
"Not happy!" Roar one
But what makes him even more angry is that he ranks as high as 1573! It is a more difficult process than climbing the ladder to get into the top 1 from this ranking.
Starting (8
Chapter 194 Arrogance, Jealousy and Strength [Chapter Words 99 Last Updated 13117 15:4:54]
The next day, people crowded outside the International Trade Building.
Although it is a day since the disaster began, it seems like a year has passed for people who are really in this world.
Wu Xiaojian is not so mean, but he still tries his best to spread the news.
Eye international trade building is a sea of people, and the scenery is dark and crowded. During this period, it is said that all the celebrities in this city gather here.
People who come here look different.
There was a smile on his face, a frown on his face, a silence on his face, and a look at the four heroes on the high platform in front of the international trade building, as if their appearance had greatly damaged their interests
"What’s the big deal? It’s like a big star coming to a concert."
There are many people gathered here who can’t eat grapes and say sour grapes.
Wu Xiaojian has a deep feeling, but he’ Cong’ won’t say that his face is not very good.
"It’s too exaggerated. Do you want to help them open the big screen of the International Trade Building?"
It is equally uncomfortable to bathe Jiao Jiao in the night. One of her unhappiness is that she is too boastful and dissatisfied with these four people, so that if they don’t show up, they will really be destroyed here. They are the saviors.
"Is that him?"
Wu Xiaojian saw a gloomy and serious man in the middle. It was purely intuition or destiny that this tall man was shrouded in a white windbreaker with a long red sword pattern on his chest. It was he who came to see Yunlong today.
It’s really a good name for Xiao Long for nine days.
"The four of them agreed to solve this disaster?" Li Qianru is not as extreme as Mu Jiao Jiao, but now I still feel that they are too big.
Strictly speaking, there should be two groups of them
Because the Star Wars are a star emissary and a star god, the four of them, two men and two women can be divided into two pairs.
"Made outside the horse is amazing! It’s not you who come here! "
Suddenly there was an unpleasant sound from the crowd.
Even though they are grateful for their appearance in their hearts, they are still very unhappy with the regional ideas. These foreigners are arrogant in a higher place than them, and only four people have come to see them. Intuitively, they come to save the world rather than show off.
Wu Xiaojian heard this sound very familiar. Looking in the direction of the sound source, he saw Gao Bao coming out with a group of people. It is worth noting that Gao Bao didn’t see glasses men and black leather women around him, and there were several new faces around him.
Yunlong took the lead in looking at Gao Bao.
Seeing the crowd, because a group of them appeared, they automatically separated a road to let them walk to the stands.
Gao Bao is also a jumping stand, carrying a very eye-catching big knife behind him. The dark back of the blade presents a ferocious appearance of the devil, which makes people see at a glance that it is a magic knife.
"What did you just say?"
Yunlong’s face was sad and happy. He asked him if he was angry because of Gao Bao’s polite words.
Is beside him a costume sword Ji face displeasure is not active to punish Gao Bao.
"Old! ! Jean! You! ! Go! Are you deaf? "
Gao Bao is close to his face, word for word, and his attitude is even more arrogant than he is.
Together with Yunlong, another muscular man with short hair and sunshine and a cute angel face and a short sweet girl also became ugly.
Compared with Gao Bao, people here are smug and happy, which makes these people look beaten.
It took a long time for Yunlong to come out. It seems very unclear. What does it look like? It looks a little dull and asks Gao Bao.
Gao Bao wants to explain arrogantly that the appearance of this group of people makes him very unhappy. Really based on this world, can he have a chance to create a money to help him leave this world? He is not in a hurry. He wants to earn enough money here. He can’t imagine the wealth and strength to build his own kingdom and go back to that world.
But now?
As soon as the mouth was opened, all the people present saw Gao Bao flying and falling to the platform in a mess.
Yunlong once again showed indifference and said, "What do you think is qualified to order me?"
One sentence angered many people here and made some people happy, screaming and forming two completely different reactions.
"One foot?"


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