Then, according to the profit and loss of the original scenery, many scenic spots were added at the same time. Here, just a few hundred miles actually included the wonderful scenery of the five mountains and mountains of China, and all kinds of scenery were expanded many times. Runes, prohibitions and laws were heavy, and many specious hills and valleys were created. The stone ends of the springs were the magical edges of the gods.

The master of Wudang Palm Sect and her brother, Wudang Seven Girls, all like these brothers. After all, they are all talented people, especially Shuang Ying and Xie Gu sisters. Song Changgeng asked why Ye Bin and Gan Biwu didn’t come. Ding Chang looked at him strangely and said, "The teacher elder sister is in a bad mood, and Ye Daoyou is also restless. She didn’t come."
Volume 37 The proposed alliance Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Looking for foreign aid
Song Chang Gung listened to one leng, but he didn’t take it seriously when he wanted to talk to the old nun in wu-tang clan. He was just about to turn around and go to the old nun’s side. Ding Chang whispered, "Sister Song Daoyou was an official before she became a monk, and everyone’s birth is the heaviest birthright. Now you are separated here. We can all see that you didn’t join the Qin sisters. What should you do?"
"What do you mean? What do I have to do with your sister? Why am I confused when you say this? " Song Chang Gung asked with a puzzled face that he didn’t reflect the meaning of Ding Chang’s words at the moment, but he was not stupid. On second thought, some recent performances of Gan Biwu were probably white, but he didn’t know what to do.
Ding Chang stared at his beautiful face full of surprise. She whispered, "Don’t you see the teacher elder sister’s affection for you? You know, the elder sister never likes to give things away, but she gives you so many exquisite jade pieces at once. What are you? I know you are in love robbery, and I shouldn’t say much, but I really don’t want to tell you because of the thousand-year-old sister’s mutual affection. "
Her words made Song Changgeng feel a whisper in his heart. He was thinking about flying in China. Emei sent elders to fly to the platform in front of the huge gate of the yellow Yushan peak waist fairy mansion, and Emei sent men and women to split into two rows, and then flew to the Huang Yuxian mansion, among them.
At this time, Shi Yuzhu, a female Kunlun, suddenly came up to Song Changgeng and smiled. "I have said a few words to Daoyou in a hurry since I came. I haven’t seen Daoyou until now. Is it possible for my master to invite Daoyou over?" Say that finish to Ding Chang made a ceremony to disturb Ding Changbai. The other party should have something to ask Song Changgeng. She saw Ruan and others there, and Song Changgeng came with Shi Yuzhu.
Song Chang Geng and Shi Yuzhu, the female Kunlun, walked to Lao Ni’s side. When they saw along the road, because the fairy house had been built, the older generation, such as Xu Yun and Ling Hun, fell to the ground and were calling friends to introduce people to Emei Sect. Although no one called guests from all walks of life now, they could feast their eyes on the guests first. They specially landed these exquisite jade pavilions on some peaks and cliffs, which were everywhere.
When they got there, they saw B Hugh and Han Xian’s husband and wife Ruan Jiu and Cui Wugu, the owner of Admiralty Island, Ye Bin, Yang Jin, half of Lao Ni and six female brothers, Xie Gu sisters and others all laughing at the edge of a flower forest. Because this jade road is relatively clean, few people come and go with Shi Yuzhu, and they are talking in the second half. The center is Xie Gu sisters. These two little girls really like it.
And tian hu seems to have taken the Qingcheng School and his brother to another place. Not far away, Song Changgeng listened to Ye Bin and Yang Jin laughing together. "You two sisters are so naughty that you were almost taken away by Leng Yunxian and Yu Wei. Do you dare to run around after seeing you?" Talking and laughing, Xie Gu sisters are holding Ye Bin with one arm. Jiao Yang Jin looked up and saw Song Chang Gung come and say hello with a smile. Ye Bin also nodded.
Song Chang Gung smiled at everyone at a distance and asked Ye Bin, "Did you just hear Ding Daoyou say that Ye Daoyou was upset? But what happened? Or did Daoyou sense something? If there’s anything difficult, just say that friends have something to do, so it’s natural to help them, and friends should be polite. "
Ye Bin shook his head and said, "I appreciate the kindness of Daoyou. I don’t know what it is, but it seems that it is not a dangerous thing. It should be no big problem. Thank Daoyou for caring."
At this time, Song Chang Gung just walked up to everyone and said, "I haven’t had time to talk to Taoist friends since I said goodbye at the mansion door that day. Now I’m just talking to Taoist friends before the master’s new mansion is light. Taoist friends have saved little disciples and jade beads in Ciyun Temple, but I haven’t officially thanked them. Now I’m here to thank Taoist friends."
Song Chang-geng hurriedly reciprocated, saying, "Some small things were just a little effort at the beginning. The master doesn’t have to take it to heart. I haven’t had a chance to go to wu-tang clan to meet the master because I have to deal with things in the door and earthly things, so I failed to live up to Shi Girl’s invitation."
Half of the old nun’s ugly and horrible face squeezed out an ugly smile that was even uglier than crying. "Taoist friends are polite and poor, and I have heard a lot about Taoist friends’ fame, and I am also envious of Taoist friends’ leadership. Now, hundreds of male and female brothers who are easily robbed in a short period of time are so clever and extraordinary that poor people are greedy when they see it. But poor people are not white, and the foundation of Taoist friends must be rolled in people?"
Song Chang-geng was about to answer when he saw that the sky flashed across a golden light and made a circle. Just near a few people, Master Tu Long and Miao Gu came out to see Master Song Chang-geng and others. After their master and pupil saluted everyone, Master Tu Long said to Song Chang-geng, "I dare not say whether what Dao You just said is true or false, but I want to know what Dao You should do specifically. How can I support you?"
Half of the old man looked at the two of them and said, "You guy is this quick temper. What do you mean? If you can’t decide, I’ll give you a middleman." She looked at several people with great significance. She always didn’t like to talk much. Although she was aloof, she didn’t have a dragon slayer, Song Changgeng, Yang Jin and others. It would be aloof to talk to people at the same level.
However, Song Chang-geng and others’ different theories on skill and power are all higher than or equal to her. People are low and limited, so they have fun joking with the Dragon Slayer. After all, she has long known the Dragon Slayer and she also saw that the Dragon Slayer seems to be almost complete. I can’t help but feel a little surprised and want to stir up the conversation so as to take the opportunity to ask questions.
When Xie Gu’s two women saw her coming, they took her to talk. Half of the masters spoke badly. The seven women in Wudang and Xie Gu’s two sisters all gathered in a small pile to talk. When the two people left the ground for more than a dozen steps, the dragon slayer lowered his voice and repeated what Song Changgeng had just said. I heard half of them and Ye Bin, Yang Jin and others were listening to it in Lingjiao Palace, and they didn’t care.
It took a while for the Dragon Slayer to slow down. "I just thought that no matter whether what he said is true or not, I don’t want people and creatures to suffer, but there is no good way. Song Daoyou said that he wanted to take the opportunity of Emei to advocate the establishment of a loose monk alliance, but he didn’t specifically say that I came to ask for details."
Half of the old man and others are frowning and thinking about Song Chang Gung. He can’t help sighing that his own strength has been spent robbing people and belonging to top figures. His strength is also huge. He wants to borrow the opportunity of the government to bring together several earth factions. He wants to establish a loose alliance first and then gradually increase management, but he needs the support of many people.
Whether it’s a faction leader like Lao Ni or an overseas practice like Ye Bin, it’s his goal to meet a few people who are puzzled. He said it again so that he can tell his origin and cultivation process. Of course, he didn’t hide the fact that he saw the future from [Yuan Huiqiu]. If he wants these people to help themselves seriously, he still knows the truth.
After listening, everyone pondered for a long time and said, "Since the Song brothers have this idea, my husband and wife naturally can’t fall behind. When the Song brothers come out, we are in favor of it. It’s just different to have a joint frame and not to have a joint. Nowadays, the number of Chinese monks is getting smaller and smaller because of the scarcity of aura. If we don’t unite, it will be a problem sooner or later."
Several other people nodded, and Ruan Jiao, on behalf of Lingjiao Palace, also expressed support for several people to discuss this issue in depth, but there was no unified idea on how to order the specific framework. At that time, everyone thoughtfully remained silent.
At this time, I saw them talking here. Xie Gu sisters took Miao Gu to come and talk to Ye Bin. Just now, I heard Miao Gu say that Zhi Xian was lovely and wanted to see Ye Bin and shook his head.
Half the master laughed when he saw them pouting. "You two are cute and still go to see that cute cheese fairy. Isn’t it necessary to compare?" Or is it itchy to see Miao Gu get benefits? "
Both Miao Gu and Xie Jia’s sisters were puzzled. "I was dragged to help by my aunt and didn’t get any benefit. I’m afraid my predecessors misunderstood?"
Half of the master laughed. "It’s been a waste of years since you’ve been practicing for them. That Zhi Xian is a thousand-year-old spiritual thing. You can see in your eyes that there is no white effort."
When everyone heard the news, they looked at Miao Gu’s face carefully. Sure enough, there was a flash of light in her eyes, and Xie Linxian smiled and asked, "Tell me about it. Tell me about what Zhi Xian gave you to eat?"
Miao Gu thought for a moment and said, "No, it seems that it breathed in my face, but it smells strange. At that time, I felt that the leader was clear and comfortable. Is this a benefit?" Said the raw things said it again just now, and said that later Liu Bo seemed to know that Zhi Xian was harmful and sent many Dan medicines. I wanted to train Gu, but things got in the way.
Half of the old man laughed. "The girl who didn’t understand the mind at an early age was clever, but it’s a pity that you didn’t get to the right place. Don’t underestimate that one mouthful of green air. Before Zhi Xian didn’t have his friends’ magic, it was still a skill in Jiuhua Mountain. Thanks to Ji Jinchan for not killing him, he licked his eyes for a while, and the child could see through the clouds and distinguish the seclusion.
Nowadays, Zhi Xian Gong Hou Da Jin’s breath of green gas is transformed by its essence, and ordinary people can come back to life or live for a hundred years with a little moistening. Besides, all three of you are beautiful and sprayed face to face with other benefits. It’s not easy to meet such an adventure, not to mention that your eyes alone can’t be hidden by evil smoke and fog, but also that your fate is profound. "
Volume 37 The proposed alliance Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Government wedding gifts
At this time, six men and women, such as Ruan Jiu, Ding Chang, Yin Songyun, Guan Qingyi, Chen Wenwen and Zhao Hui, who came to the Lingjiao Fairy House in Tianpeng Mountain with Song Changgeng, attracted the attention of others. Although they also heard that overseas fairies came to attend the house, they always had their own things. Few people have seen Lingjiao Imperial Secretary, and now they naturally pay attention when they see it.
Song Chang-geng’s eyes swept away and several people in Ling Jiao Palace seemed to have agreed on what to do. They couldn’t help scratching their heads and what to send themselves. Everyone came to the pit and seemed to be discussing how to give a wedding present. One person walked forward and smiled. "If you want to send a wedding present, go to other places. There are more than a dozen such pits in the hundreds of miles of Fiona Fang, the fairy house. I’ll take this."
After all, no one has sent E-Hugh to be the first one yet. Everyone wants to see what he sent to estimate the value and compare it with what he sent himself. If his value is not enough, he will have to change it and lose face. When E-Hugh spoke just now, Fiona Fang’s voice was very loud and far because there was more than a mile in this pit.
When I heard him say this, not only other people around the pit came around, but also dozens of Xianbin flew down in the fairy halls around the cliff. Everyone should see what gift he sent. After all, Xie Jia and his two women have never been out of the mountain. The guests here don’t even know Xie Lin. Seeing that Ye Bin and Yang Jin are far away, they seem to be discussing something. With a turn of their eyes, they winked at their sister Xie Ying.
Two people were holding the arms of female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Danbi Zhang Jinwen next to them, begging them to help them point out who these people are so that they can know the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Danbi Zhang Jinwen, and they like their innocence and delicacy. When they beg for nature, they can’t refuse to pick those famous people and point them out one by one.
After listening to the introduction of Xie’s sisters, I realized that these were the overseas immortals Yi Zhoujia, Ling Xu Cui Haike, Dianchi Xianglan Qingningyi, Suzhou Tianpingshan Fairy Gong Shuang Huan, Nanhai Moqiu Island from Zhugong Shaoyang Shenjun Mentor, Tianshi School’s ancestor Tian Ling and brother Xiong Xueer. Except for these people, all of them were scattered during their infancy.
At this time, they flew down again. They didn’t even know the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Dan Bi Zhang Jinwen. They were dressed in the same yellow linen jacket. It seemed that they were all middle-aged and had three yellow whiskers. They were as elegant as paper, but they gave people a strange feeling. It seemed that there was something wrong.
The strangest thing is that the two of them are twin brothers like the two women, not only in appearance but also in behavior. According to the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu, it seems that both of them are around the yuan baby period. After all, the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu is also in the golden elixir period, and she doesn’t feel very accurate. She also asked her sisters around her, but they didn’t recognize the twins.
Just when everyone wants to skip it, Mo Yunyi’s hole is suddenly light! When I saw several sisters watching her, Kong Lingxiao turned red and said, "I remember that I saw these two people in a lonely mountain village when I passed Dayuling more than ten years ago, and seven Shan Ye villagers were weaving fishing nets."
At that time, I paid special attention to seeing these two twins with special looks. At that time, I also remembered that they were two ordinary villagers who went back and forth to the mountains to sort out their travels and harvest. They had a pair of golden eyes and a dark net, which was not finished for several acres. I’m afraid it wasn’t ordinary people at that time. Although I thought it strange, I lost it and didn’t care.
I didn’t expect to see them here today, and they didn’t hide their strength like the second time. I didn’t expect that both of them were masters of Yuan Ying. I don’t think they should be celebrities. Let’s ask the master later. "
All the women nodded because now half of Lao Ni is talking to Han Xian, and these disciples naturally can’t bother casually. Although the female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu and Zhao Dan Bi Zhang Jinwen continue to introduce Xie Gu sisters to other people, several girls have turned their attention to these two yellow-clad people to see what they are doing.
These two people are flying from a small pavilion diagonally opposite, and there are not many confluents. They stand by and watch the Tianshi Sect’s ancestor Tianling as if they were paying attention to them. The female Kunlun Shi Yuzhu’s sister, the ethereal Shi Zhu, is most curious about the happy event. Seeing that these two people in yellow are flying flat and falling with them, they don’t see the light and don’t have evil spirits. You can’t see the way.
When she saw that the master and Han Xian had stopped talking, they all looked at the pit. She was just about to go to the master. Excuse me, I suddenly listened. Lei Zhen quickly looked back and saw that Yi Xiu manipulated a topaz seal ling with a distance of more than 100 meters to smash it into the pit. When he recovered the seal, he saw a flat ground with a width of 100 meters in the center of the pit.
When I saw that the red light flashed across the flat land, I saw a ruby archway about 36 meters high and more than 10 meters long. It was divided into five gatehouses. Please be bright and clear in scarlet. It was like a piece of natural jade, and I didn’t see the slightest trace of carving. It seemed that it was born like this.
In the middle of the gatehouse, there is a banner engraved with "Mysterious Wonderland", and four ancient seal characters are written in gold, as if they were born in the jade archway. The archway emits a red halo, and at one time, Zhu Xiali’s golden light in the pit makes the whole pit look solemn. Everyone can’t help but admire that the archway is so beautiful, but is this one available?
Beautiful things are put in the pit, which seems to be in the wrong position, and this seems to be not a magic weapon, because everyone didn’t feel the mana fluctuation of the Redjade archway. At this time, I saw that Hugh took out a slap on the small gourd of the earth and dumped it at the pit. A stream of seawater poured out of the gourd and a few breaths filled the pit in Fiona Fang for more than a mile.
At this time, it was only white that the archway saw that the seawater filled with the pit could not enter within a hundred meters near the archway, leaving a water. This ruby archway turned out to be a treasure that can be turned into water. This pit is more than a mile in diameter and more than a hundred meters deep. Now it has been injected with light blue seawater like a sapphire.
In the center of this sapphire, there seems to be a piece as beautiful and blurred as a ruby, which makes people like it. At this time, Bai Guyi wondered, "This ruby archway seems to be a real treasure of the water palace in the East China Sea. It is said that it is an ancient treasure, but it is a narcissus in the sea. I don’t know how much effort it took to cast this treasure like the Emei Sect’s Lingcui Peak."
B Hugh took a look at this completed gift and laughed. "Speaking of which, my master and Changmei’s real master are also friends. Although there are not many of us left in the world, since Emei sent a house to send a gift, I am not rich, and it is even more difficult to take out my hand. It is not bad for Long Dan and his friends to change such a water-dividing archway?"
Short Zhu Mei beside coldly tunnel "defeated!" It is said that everyone present was silent, although everyone knows that this is a failure. This water-breaking archway is in the water, but what is here? It’s a decoration. The trapped Long Dan is a Gucci medicine, which is specially used to deal with the dragon creatures. The fragrance released by Baodan can make the dragon creatures weak.
Trapped in Long Dan, which is so rare and has treasures, there is nothing to look at for a land practitioner. This line can be said to be a loser, but everyone knows that it seems a bit that Zhu Mei said this.
Chasing the clouds, Bai Guyi smiled awkwardly. This old friend is humorous and eccentric in character, but he has become even more eccentric since he was destroyed by Song Chang-geng’s physical possession, which makes him sometimes feel unbearable. There are people with status here. Although he is leng, he automatically ignores it and ignores it.
Xie Gu’s two women have seen many new things about all the immortals, and they have seen the Shuibi archway and experienced it with everyone. After they turned it over, they got tired of playing. When they came, they saw Song Changgeng meditating there, and they were very curious about this man. They saw that he was a fairy, worse than his father and aunt, and had a good friendship with his aunt.
Now, seeing him alone here, the second yuan God, Xie Lin went over and asked, "What did you get from the Song predecessors? Why didn’t you see your demon apprentice? "


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