Mark carefully looked at a newly-made oolong arrow with iron ridge. The body of the arrow is a few grooves more than before, and the feathers at the tail of the arrow are also harder than before. Many of them don’t look like common feathers. Mo Yuling looked at the mark carefully and didn’t comment on the new arrow. He grabbed it and said, "Oh, you can’t see it so well. I’d better give you a try."

Mark smiled and said, "What I can’t see is that you are too impatient. Well, let me see how powerful the new arrow is."
Mo Yuling picked a Lingbao bow from her body and made a new oolong iron ridge arrow with a bowstring. After pulling the bow full, she let go and shot at a distant target. She felt the flowers at the moment and looked at the target. Mo Yuling had just shot the arrow.
Mark and Mo Yuling were startled. I didn’t expect this arrow to go so fast that both of them had already hit the target without psychological preparation. Mo Yuling saw that the newly-made arrow was so fast, and immediately took a few pieces in the quiver. One move, the rapid arrow, and two hands, shot several sharp arrows at the target as fast as lightning. It was unexpected that although she shot arrows in turn, she hit the bull’s-eye at the same time, and the strength was a must.
This time, it’s the turn of the three exemptions and Mo Xiaobei. She cheered the three exemptions and shouted after one, and said, "I’m afraid this world’s archery is only the first for Yuling’s sister."
Chapter 22 Exploring the roots of the caves in Xanadu (5)
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Mo Yuling was embarrassed to say, "The third martial brother made fun of you, but it was only because of your arrow that he was handy. By the way, how did the third martial brother make this arrow so fast?"
Yan Qihua explained, "Actually, it’s very simple. I have made some grooves in this arrow body, which can reduce the friction in the middle and increase the speed. The key is the feathers at the back. This is a unique bird feather here. This bird flies very fast. Its feathers are the most suitable for feathers, and they will return a large number of feathers every year, so they don’t have to worry about no materials."
Mo Yuling said happily, "Third Martial Brother, you are really a great person. Thank you very much."
Yan Qihua smiled and said, "It’s all right. You three disciples will give you a few more gifts."
Mo Xiaobei deliberately said seriously, "Third Martial Brother, don’t be drugged by her. You didn’t coax her after taking out all your housekeeping things."
Yan Qihua scratched his head and said, "No way, who can make my sister’s third martial brother scream?"
Mo Yu Ling was excited to hear that he still had good things and ran to Yan Qihua’s side and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Three exemptions are indeed enough friends to show me all the good things quickly."
Yan Qihua said with a bitter face, "I really asked for it. I just finished saying that, which forced me to pay."
Mo Yuling ha ha smiled. "Don’t worry too much."
Yan Qihua stopped teasing her to turn around and walk into a hut behind her, put a bag in front of Mo Yuling, and then spread out his hands and said, "Here it is. In fact, my school sister told me about it the day she came back, so I have already prepared it for you."
Mo Yuling was excited to see the ground bag, and quickly squatted down to take out the contents one by one at the mouth of the bag. He was also curious to see Mo Yuling take out the things, but after several bundles of different arrows, there was also a delicate quiver.
Mo Yu Ling first saw this quiver and held it in his hand. He carefully studied it. It was nearly a foot and a half wide. It was made of bronze alloy, and its bright silver and gold painted a proud picture of snow and cold plum. Its bright silver set off the golden cold plum as snow, which made the quiver look elegant and luxurious. Generally, the quiver is a big tube, but this quiver is divided into three parts.
Mo Xiaobei was a little surprised to see this quiver and said, "Third Martial Brother, you have done this quiver too exquisitely. It seems that you have no less effort."
Yan Qihua smiled and said, "School sister, you know that I like these small things and I have no chance to make these weapons. When I heard you say that you wanted me to make an oolong iron ridge arrow that day, I had one’s fingers itch. By the way, I made an quiver for fear that it was too heavy and I didn’t know if it was suitable for Sister Yuling."
Mo Yuling looked at the quiver and couldn’t put it down for a long time. She nodded and said, "It’s suitable, suitable and suitable. This is for me. It turns out that the quiver is too small and the cortex is worn out in some places. Now it looks good and strong, but it’s gold and Ginta is too expensive."
Yan Qihua laughed. "This is nothing. Anyway, I won’t go out. No, this was brought in before I came to Mohism when I was very young. I don’t know how it was given to the right person today."
Mark looked at the quiver and asked curiously, "Third Martial Brother, the quiver is usually made of leather. Why are you made of bronze?"
Yan Qihua said, "It’s not that I’ll show you later-look at these arrows first."
Mo Yu Ling didn’t think of it until there was something to watch. He put the quiver aside and pulled out one of the bundles of long arrows. This arrow was not too bad before Mo Yu Ling. The arrow body was heavier and looked much harder, but the arrow was replaced by a triangular shape with a groove on each edge.
Mo Yuling looked up at Yan Qihua, who is not too white. This arrow has such a thick body and a diamond-shaped tip. I’m afraid the shooting distance will not be too far. Yan Qihua was busy explaining, "This kind of arrow was done after listening to my sister talk about what you gave her an arrow ladder when you were in the workshop. Maybe you also heard her say that your strength is ordinary. An oolong iron ridge arrow can shoot into a rock wall. Then this kind of arrow can not only be used as an arrow ladder, but also pass through a wall."
After that, Yan Qihua drew another one in another bundle and said, "This one was also inspired by my junior sister. I added two fixed iron rings to the foundation of the fast arrow. I have already made some more powerful thunder and fire bombs for you, and the iron rings on the arrow body can be fixed."
Mo Yu Ling is excited to hear everything he says. Bring it here and see that everyone is fondle admiringly, so it is really even more powerful.
After Yan Qihua introduced it, he took the quiver and said, "I’ll show you the ingenuity of the quiver." Then he put three different kinds of arrows into the quiver and reversed the quiver, but those arrows didn’t fall out.
Mo Yu Ling and Mark all looked at Yan Qihua strangely and Yan Qihua smiled and said, "Actually, it’s very simple. I installed a magnet in it to attract the arrow body, so that even if I carry it with me, I won’t be afraid of the arrow falling out when fighting. Besides, this quiver is made of bronze alloy, and I also put a hard black iron on my back to prevent the enemy from attacking behind. The sword can’t hurt the arrow body. It’s also very difficult to cut a wound."
After listening to Yan Qihua’s introduction, I made Mo Yuling happy. I don’t know if I should thank him. I just kept saying, great, great.
Mo Xiaobei looked at Mo Yuling happily and deliberately said, "I’ve never seen you treat me so well, Third Martial Brother. I’ll stick to you after giving this girl so many good things."
Yan Qihua smiled and said, "pool, you know that we don’t contact with the outside world at home at ordinary times. This time, I can’t treat them well when they finally come to visit."
Mo Xiaobei smiled and said, "You are not entertaining others well. I think you are just tickling yourself. If I give you some more time, I don’t know how many kinds to make."
Yan Qihua was embarrassed by what he said, but Mo Yuling laughed happily and said, "Anyway, thank you very much this time. I must thank you very much if I have the opportunity."
Yan Qihua shook his head and said, "You and I are destined to thank each other. If these things can help you, it’s worth it. Besides, it’s easy for sister Ling to lift a finger."
Mark also said, "This time, my sister came to Mohism and it was really glad you came who had such a great harvest."
Yan Qihua smiled and untied a long sword hanging in his body and handed it to the mark. He said, "I heard that the teacher younger brother’s long sword was destroyed in the workshop in the day. This is my overnight rush, although it is not as sharp as those nod swords, but it is also sharper than ordinary long swords."
As a result, the sword said, "I didn’t expect even I had a share in this, so I won’t be polite to the third brother."
Mo Xiaobei also said, "Yes, you guys, don’t be polite to him. Three disciples are so enthusiastic that they need you to find him after a long time. Anyway, he is welcome." Several people chatted for a long time and laughed heartily from time to time in the cave.
Mohist valley mark room mark looked at Mo Xiaobei preparing to leave a note to Mo Qu and nodded and said, "Well, since it’s decided, let’s go. Is everything ready?"
Mo Xiaobei returned to "Everything is ready to go at any time"
Mark looked at Song Zhiqian, Mo Yu Ling and Jin Jingren and said to Mo Xiaobei, "Okay, let’s go."
Night falls quietly, and the intoxicating breeze gently blows on the faces of people such as mark, and they seem to be in no mood to appreciate this kind of flattering breeze. After walking for about half an hour, they arrived at a foot of the mountain, Mo Xiaobei stopped and said to everyone, "When you get to that cave, it’s just ahead."
They looked at a cliff in the direction of Mo Xiaobei’s finger. Sure enough, there was a cave that was not too big. Mo Yuling looked down at the cave and said, "How is it such a small cave? There won’t be any dragons here. I think it’s just a boa constrictor at best. "


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Jumu saw that everyone was watching. He wanted to think and put on an angry face. "I, the six emperors in heaven and the emperor of Oriental Qinghua, have been practicing Aoki since childhood. I used to follow my father to manage and protect all the plants and creatures in heaven. Although the main creatures in heaven and earth are all kinds of monsters, all beings are equal in the eyes of heaven.


It was already dark, and the stars gradually appeared, and the crescent moon hung beside the calm lake in front. He sat on the highest balcony with his arms resting behind his head and lying on his back with a silver butterfly mask, which was calmer than the high lake.

Theory is often a theory!

An old man in a alchemist’s robe came out with a bad complexion, and his face was faintly burnt when he failed.

Hung-chun has long said that it is a saint’s way to tell the world that almost no one is indifferent, so whenever something comes to Zixiao Palace, almost all practitioners come, even if they don’t repair the twelve ancestors of the Yuan God and the Wu clan, they are also present … The first saint in heaven and earth preached that they have to come and see it.

"There must be no seen! It is said that unicorns and dark creatures are immortal. If you have met them, "You can’t do it yet. The expression is very god."

"Besides, it is not appropriate to light up the war at this time when the Empress Dowager is pregnant."

"Oh, I didn’t expect the dreamer team to remember it."

Then, according to the profit and loss of the original scenery, many scenic spots were added at the same time. Here, just a few hundred miles actually included the wonderful scenery of the five mountains and mountains of China, and all kinds of scenery were expanded many times. Runes, prohibitions and laws were heavy, and many specious hills and valleys were created. The stone ends of the springs were the magical edges of the gods.