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Chapter 89 Chapter 89
Shen An was afraid of disturbing Fu Fengning’s words, and his voice was so low that Fu Fengning could hear him.
Fu Fengning gave Shen An a deep look and rubbed Shen An’s hair.
Shen An smiled at Fu Fengning, and his corners of his mouth and eyes were curved.
Fu Fengning thinks he is very cute.
In the words, it was almost noisy, and Fu Fengning finally sank, "Find a place to wait for me. I’ll come now."
Fu Jianxin laughed triumphantly in the receiver. "Don’t be reluctant, this is not to surprise you."
Fu Fengning rubbed his eyebrows and hung up.
When we arrived at the airport, it was already seven o’clock, and it began to dawn.
Fu Fengning was too lazy to drive, so he called the place to let Fu Jianxin and Zhilan walk out of the intersection themselves.
Shen An sat in the passenger side and dug his fingers, nervously looking out of the window.
Fu Fengning asked, "Are you afraid?"
At Fu Fengning Shen An twist a head, hung his head, not too dare to say.
Fu Fengning knew that he was still afraid. Wen said, "They may be a little noisy later. If you ask questions, you can answer them if you want. If you don’t want to answer, you can’t answer them, okay?"
"Will you ask me questions?"
"Yes, but don’t be afraid, I’m here."
"I am nervous and not … particularly afraid of …"
Fu Fengning chuckled, "They’re coming. Look at that backpack over there. It’s Uncle Fu’s father. He’s holding a woman in his hand. It’s Uncle Fu’s mother. Just call them uncle and aunt."
Fu Fengning slightly, and looked at Shen An "I’m going to meet a Ann don’t go out"
Shen An looked out of the window and slowly approached the two men, nervously holding the cloth on their knees and sitting straight. He "well" said, "Uncle Fu, go!"
Shen An saw Fu Fengning’s tall figure walking into the wind to meet the two men.
Shen An’s mind flashed an untimely idea-Uncle Fu even looks good in the back …
When he thought of this, he suddenly realized that he rarely saw Uncle Fu’s back. This tall and powerful man seems to have a warm chest to meet him, as if he needed him anytime and anywhere, and Uncle Fu would open his arms to him and hug him.
At the thought of this, Shen An felt an indescribable feeling in his heart, and he felt dizzy and more satisfied than being immersed in a hot spring.
Shen Anxin thumping.
When two people followed Fu Fengning in the distance, Shen Ancai saw the two people clearly.
Fu Fengning’s father is tall and dressed in a mountaineering portrait as a professionally trained explorer.
And his mother wore a navy blue heavy industry dress with a very ethnic flavor, and her hair was scattered and her temples were tied loosely back, so casually that they didn’t block her sight, but even casual dress couldn’t hide her graceful and extraordinary temperament.
Fu Fengning’s mother is like a walking figure in an oil painting. She looks free, romantic and chic.
Soon they have come to the car.
Shen An’s heart is about to jump out of his throat.
Watching Fu Fengning pull open the trunk and throw Fu Jianxin’s backpack in, Shen An’s fingers began to tremble. He carefully wiped his nose and forehead with cold sweat.
I heard Fu Jianxin say, "Hey, is there anyone else in Fengning’s car?"
Shen An was shaking with fear.
He thinks that by this time, he will have to bow to Uncle Fu’s parents and say hello before introducing himself.
But his legs seem to be filled with lead and his mouth seems to be stuck with strong glue.
Zhilanwen also looked forward through the trunk, but before he could see the trunk clearly, he was snapped by Fu Fengning. Fu Fengning said lightly, "Don’t ask the car while you know the past."
It wasn’t until Fu Fengning took the co-pilot Shen An and saw his one eye trembling that his heart was a little smoother.
Fu Fengning stretched out his hand and took out the thermos cup in the hand-holding groove and gave it a try. "Drink water? It’s a little hot. "
Shen An Ann let go and hurriedly caught the thermos cup in her arms.
The two doors behind him were pulled open at the same time. Fu Jianxin and Zhi Lan just sat down in the back row and saw their big boys stretching out a hand in the co-driver’s seat. A thin little ega rubbed his head so gently that his parents felt that he had been tricked. "Is it cold today?"
"Not cold …"
Fu Jianxin and Zhilan look at each other and hold back their smiles, while quietly closing the door and benefiting from all kinds of reflective things, trying to get a glimpse of the co-pilot.
Fu Fengning glanced at his father and mother sneaking in the rearview mirror. He gently coughed, "Mom and Dad, this is my ega. His name is Shen An."
Fu Fengning rubbed Shen An’s head and hands when he spoke. He looked at Shen An and smiled and said softly, "Say hello to your uncle and aunt in peace?"
Shen An Bureau urged the body holding the thermos cup to turn around stiffly.
He didn’t turn around, but when he turned around, he saw Fu Jianxin’s deep eyes staring at him like a falcon, and Zhilan stared at him with a smile.
Although two people are used to floating clouds and wild cranes, the coercion of the strong in the bones is as substantial as that in Shen An, where can a simple and inexperienced little ega bear the gaze of two strange tyrants at the same time?
If he hadn’t been around Fu Fengning, the pheromone would have gone out to take a disease and miraculously died, and now he would have collapsed in the face of such a gaze.
Shen An didn’t want to be a rude boy. He crustily skin of head and said respectfully, "Fu … Fu Bobo … and … Auntie … Hello!"
As he spoke, he clumsily bent towards the back seat, protecting the thermos cup, as if he were bowing.
Fu Jianxin and Zhilan blink pupil earthquake
Shen An didn’t dare to see two people continue to respectfully tunnel "my name is Shen An … I’m ten years old this year … I’m working in the SW library … I …"
The color temperature of Fu Fengning’s eyes is incredibly soft. Seeing that he really can’t "I" come out, he knows that his brain is down again and calls "An An" lightly.
"In …"