The moment stung the heart of the stars and the sky!

A moment stings the brain nerve that Xingtianmo has been sleeping for a long time!
Deep in my mind, several blood flowers stimulated her!
"Star day foam! What do you want to harm us? !”
"MoEr … I didn’t expect you to be so affectionate! So terrible! "
"Do you know what happened at home? Do you know how big the crisis is at home? Do you know who caused all this? "
"MoEr what’s the matter with you? What will become like this? "
"Then tell me you love me?"
"… ha ha ha ha"
"Poof …"
Many pictures and sounds in the depths of my mind suddenly burst out uncontrollably like a flood!
Xingtianmo suddenly sat up from the bed, her eyes widened, and her back was soaked with sweat and kept shaking without focus.
The call of two cuts rings at the same time
Xingtianmo recovered and paused for a long time. Slowly, he raised his head and looked at Orange and Yue Xuan Yi.
However, Orange and Yuexuan Yi were shocked when they saw the eyes of Xingtianmo!
How long has it been … How long has it been … How long has it been since I saw Mo Er so cold and indifferent as if she were born with eyes …
What? What MoEr will suddenly show such eyes?
Familiar with two faces, memories are surging, and her heart is heavy and heavy, accompanied by wisps of pain.
"What a mess ….." Star day foam thinking painfully closed his eyes.
"I’m tired and want to rest … Go out."
For a long time, the lack of moisture in the sky and the lack of moisture in the powder lips make the sound a little more restrained and intolerant, which makes the orange and the moon Xuan Yi feel a little uncomfortable.
"Well, the foam … yo-yo … you have a good rest," said Yue Xuan Yi, whose eyes flickered somewhat and took a sip of her lips, and then silently left the room.
Orange followed closely.
Yo-yo … Yo-yo … Xue You …
"My name is Xue You now …"
Xingtianmo lay straight back and looked at the white ceiling, just talking to herself and unable to say anything.
"Originally … forget worry agent is not so omnipotent …"
There was a flash of pain in the stars’ eyes, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes again, as if the darkness could calm her down after closing my eyes.
Suddenly, Xingtianmo smiled wryly after repeatedly opening and closing his eyes several times.
The memory abandoned by her … came back again … and invaded her mind strongly … eroded and gnawed at her heart … and continued to torment her … It seems that the pain is not so bad … It’s slightly sour and numb … and it’s heavy …
I stared at a white card that was lucky by a few rays of sunshine.
"Patient name Xue You"
"I’m Xue You … I’m Xue You … not Xingtian Mo …" Xingtian Mo comforted herself like this, but in my mind, a burst of Moer calls bothered her and stopped her.
"Who am I?" Starry foam absentminded, reached out and pulled the card, hanging out of bed with long hands.
I heard that my daughter woke up in the autumn and rushed to the hospital and went into the ward. She saw that Xingtianmo was sideways and pale, with her eyes closed and her hands hanging down beside the bed … This really scared her!
Star day foam heard a soft heart slowly opened his eyes and saw a face of worry at the bedside. All the grievances and pains of his mother instantly poured out into the salty liquid and poured out into the stars …