"One day, even if you make a’ Prajnaparamita Ghost’ according to your own appearance, I won’t feel anything strange."

Wen Yan Pei Wende scratched his bald head and finished when he didn’t understand the irony in each other’s words
The name "Prajnaparamita Ghost" was really thought up by Pei Wende in a flash.
However, it is not Pei Wende’s brain fever that makes the resentment system into two masks, which are ferocious and weird.
The appearance of the big Prajnaparamita ghost mask is actually a reference to the image of "Prajnaparamita ghost" who seems to be smiling and crying.
The appearance of the little Prajna ghost mask is based on the Chinese Peking Opera clown mask, which is also a combination of sadness and joy, and it is difficult to separate the roles of crying and laughing.
"Now these two masks of resentment in this temple are finally worthy of the name."
Pei Wende was so clumsy that he changed the subject. As a result, Xiaoqing was even more spiteful.
"Yongle Town is indeed Yongle, but your trouble is estimated to come."
"Don’t forget that you have crossed over these grievances for a long time, but it has made a lot of noise."
Xiaoqing didn’t embellish it at all. She told the truth truthfully.
"At first, the villagers kept dogs barking …"
"Later, some evil spirits were attracted by resentment, and the brotherhood of the Wolf almost hurt several children at night …"
"If it weren’t for me watching you, would you be able to quietly overcome these grievances in the temple for several days?"
The words didn’t complain at all. Xiaoqing’s indifferent tone was like a bystander, calmly telling what happened these days.
And that’s true. If Xiaoqing hadn’t interfered and guided secretly, I’m afraid there would have been townspeople who couldn’t help but rush into the land temple to forcibly drive Pei Wende away.
Rao is so aware that the mayor has arranged a trip to the land temple after the strange land temple.
People with three shortcomings and five disadvantages are either hard or hard.
It is almost impossible for Xiaoqing to prevent Mo Laosan from entering the land temple without hurting people.
"Speak of the devil and take care of things yourself!"
Glancing slightly at Yongle Town, I saw Mo Laosan Xiaoqing without too many words, but turned into a green snake to climb to the top of the beam.
Xiaoqing has hidden an altar of fine wine there, and now it’s time to take a dip in the jar to relieve fatigue these days.
"Yeah, drinking again …"
See at a glance Xiaoqing that little mind PeiWende nai shook his head.
"Be careful when you get drunk and die in a wine jar. I’m too lazy to get you."
The fourth chapter is Sanjin meat? Commit murder?
"It seems that this is not as fantastic as uncle said?"
When Mo Laosan stepped into the scope of the land temple, he did not encounter what the villagers called "the ghost hits the wall."
Not only that, Mo Laosan found himself surprisingly smooth along the way. It seems that all kinds of abnormal roots are different the other day.
However, Mo Lao did not let his guard down because of this, but frowned.
It was not until we approached the land temple that Mo Laosan was surprised to find that the chanting that often sounded in the past seemed to disappear.
"Did the mage leave here?"
Some are not sure about bowing their heads, but Mo Laosan has not found any clues.
You know, Mo Laosan is often regarded as a lone star in Dreadwind by the villagers, but he has never given up on himself.
On weekdays, in addition to playing overtime, Mo Laosan will take the initiative to follow the yamen to learn some basic investigation methods.
After a long time, even the county magistrate Yin knew that Mo Laosan in Yongle Town had a unique skill in investigation.
"Do you still have to go in?"
Hesitate at the gate of the earth temple, Mo Laosan looked at the dark hall and couldn’t help but hesitate.
Although I learned from the mayor that this mage is likely to exorcise evil spirits and will not hurt himself.
But since it is exorcism, it is possible that exorcism will fail.
In case the mage fails to exorcise evil spirits, isn’t it equal to the sheep entering the tiger’s mouth now?
"That’s all! After all, someone is going in! "
Think of the mayor in the past, taking photos of himself with Mo Laosan, grinding his teeth and stamping his feet, and stepping into the land temple.
However, to Mo Lao’s surprise, when he entered the land temple, he did not see any abnormality.
Even Mo Laosan, a monk who used to sit in front of an idol and recite scriptures, didn’t see each other’s shadow.
"Really left?"
I don’t know whether it’s surprise or regret. Mo Laosan is quietly relieved.
At this time, a sound suddenly came from behind Mo Laosan.
"Are you looking for me?"
Be startled by this sudden Tathagata sound and jump three feet high. When Mo Laosan turned around, he saw a monk in a monk’s robe quietly behind him.
And this monk is still dragging a bowl of food from nowhere.
"Master, you didn’t leave here!"
Hurriedly press your heart scared to see mo Lao barely squeeze out a ray of smile and said
"Are you going to alms?"
Hear mo Lao rhetoric monk … Or PeiWenDe nodded his head.
"If I don’t consider my master’s mood, I’m really getting alms."
Corners of the mouth slightly raised with a weak smile Pei Wende doesn’t like gloves and white wolves to beg.
All his so-called "alms" are paid to help some big families adjust their geomantic omen and drive away evil spirits.
Because Pei Wende has always been rude in exorcism, those big families may have benefited, but their mood is definitely not good.
Don’t say that no one likes to be asked by outsiders to dig up some "family affairs" that have long been deliberately forgotten.
It happened that Pei Wende’s luck was so outrageous that almost every family had some shady past.
After a long time, even Pei Wende himself became accustomed to this "paid alms" way.
A moment later, in the courtyard outside the Earth Temple,
Pei Wende Mo Lao San watched in surprise and set up a bonfire neatly.
Then I cooked a pot of hodgepodge in a short time with all kinds of fruits and vegetables that I didn’t know where to take out.
The most important thing is that Mo Laosan seems to see some meat.
You know, although there was a ban on animal cruelty in Liang Wudi before Xiao Yan’s Buddhism, at that time, animal cruelty mostly referred to garlic, onion, leek and Xingqu.
But since Liang Wudi officially banned it, the day after tomorrow, Buddhism has regarded "no meat" as a law that must be observed.
After the demise of Nanliang, considering various factors, the rulers almost followed this practice.
Since then, the saying that "Buddhists can’t eat meat" has been formed in the Central Plains.