However, Xiao Wen’s contact with the law is only the imaginary world and the condensation of these two magical powers, and he doesn’t know what it is, even if he wants to add it to the natural picture, how about a hand?

I can’t help it!
However, Xiao asked that now thinking is really turning faster and faster and has a new direction.
Pushing the whole world by the law is pushing because he doesn’t understand the law; But he knows that the world is inferred and summed up by this world. Is it always possible?
After an hour of hard thinking, Xiao Wen finally made a decision. From then on, he tried to make the clear picture come alive and try to deduce the law from it. He didn’t know what the unexpected gain and the final decision were, but he believed that it was absolutely beneficial to his practice. After all, he was not a novice practitioner, but an old hand. Knowing it by intuition would definitely benefit him a lot.
Then he realized the mysterious boundary force in the stone paintings. In the final analysis, the imaginary boundary and the condensed magical power are still really powerful foreign ministers, but the boundary force in the stone paintings!
Boundary force doubt and other body’s strength have come from the article on the back of the compass. Practice the ground gas tactic to say goodbye to the ground gas. There are mining methods … Now Xiao Wen has been able to dig the ground gas in the twelfth floor of the ground gas compass, and the ground gas tactic has risen to the fifth floor. After all, there has been no qualitative change in the ground gas tactic and ground gas, and he has no qualitative change in the control of the ground gas, but the controllable ground force has become more.
Xiao Wen’s strength has changed qualitatively than expected, just like ordinary practitioners who have been promoted from Daxian to Xianhao, they can fly honestly and then teleport.
It is said that the strength of the second successor of the stone painting can already dig the ninth layer of mine, but this has not changed the strength qualitatively. He has to dig for a long time?
This road is really long …
After feeling for a while, Xiao asked about the stone painting. He had been in it for several hours, and it was already dawn outside.
"Wash up and prepare the meal" Xiao asked just a bed and saw Duan Yan came in from the outside and naturally said to him as usual.
"Well, I almost succeeded tonight," Xiao asked with a wry smile.
Duan Yan couldn’t help but stop looking at Xiao affectionately and asking "nothing"
In fact, the two of them are tacitly aware that even if Duan Yan gets old, Xiao Wen will never abandon her, but Xiao Wen is afraid that Duan Yan will no longer be sad when he gets along with him. This will make Yan Dan in a hurry. He believes that Duan Yan must know his thoughts.
Although Duan Yancai is only thirty-seven, in a few years, the gap between the two looks will eventually become wider and wider. Wherever you go hand in hand, you will encounter strange eyes, which will naturally make you unhappy.
Two days later, Xiao Wen finally refined a Jiading Yandan and immediately made Duan Yan a diplomat.
With his right arm, he not only learns the new elixir extremely fast, but also is extremely efficient when externalizing the elixir. If you put it in the celestial world, you will definitely be surprised …
When the last energy of Ding Yandan didn’t sink into Duan Yan’s body, Xiao Wen immediately asked nervously, "How?"
"It’s quite comfortable. It should be no problem." Duan Yanlian didn’t even wake up, so how can he tell a story?
"Let me see."
Xiao asked his right hand to grab Duan Yan’s arm and then closed his eyes and observed it.
At this time, Duan Yan’s body obviously hides the efficacy of Ding Yandan, and the words "medicine is toxic in three ways" are obviously effective for Ding Yandan because it is beneficial to the human body by increasing skin vitality and resisting aging.
After withdrawing his hand, Xiao asked with a smile, "All right!"
Duan Yan’s statement that she is not nervous is absolutely false. What woman doesn’t care about her appearance? But she doesn’t care so much. In her opinion, her relationship with Xiao Wen trumps all external factors. Even if Xiao Wen gets old, she won’t abandon Xiao Wen. She is afraid that Xiao Wen will worry about affecting her husband and wife life after she gets old. After more than ten years, she must admit that she can’t live without Xiao Wen’s body and J and NG God. After all, one day, she had long thought of dying and living with Xiao Wen. From this perspective, appearance is really not that important.
Ten years have passed in a blink of an eye.
Xiao asked or that Xiao asked Duan Yan or that Duan Yan was less superficial.
But Duan Yan is 47 years old and has changed those women who can’t maintain. At this time, her hair is gray, her face is pale and her figure is gone …
Because Duan Yan’s appearance has hardly changed in the past ten years after Ding Yandan, it is still the same as it was ten years ago. Ten years ago, she looked 37 years old, but now she is 47 years old and she still looks 30 years old.
At this time, she is still a good match with Xiao Wen.
Is the heart old?
Not really!
Maybe it’s because they don’t have children of their own. Xiao Wen and Duan Yan don’t have anything. They are already grandfathers. Because of their ridiculously long life span, Xiao Wen is not too old and easy to get old. With Duan Yan’s feelings, Xiao Wen has been affected. She is not only young but also healthy. In some halls and big valves in the celestial world, because J and NG can maintain and nourish those 50-year-old women, Duan Yan is as attractive as 30-year-old women, but also suspicious.
At this time, whether it is appearance or mentality, Yan Dou is a super mature woman with no less charm than before.
However, after all, they have been husband and wife for 25 years, and there is little passion in the flat Ri, unless they encounter any special stimulation.
Xiao Wen often takes Duan Yan away from home for half a year or more. They are no longer satisfied with traveling nearby, but go to very far places, leaving their figures at the borders of Tianlan demon world and the sea.
Xiao Wen is getting more and more attached to Duan Yan because he can see that the girl is dead.
But that is too heavy a topic after all. Xiao Wen naturally won’t take the initiative to go, and Duan Yan never said it.
This day, Xiao Wen and Duan Yan fall from the clouds in the extremely southern land of the Lan demon world.
Near the lake, Xiao asked his right hand to swing a leaf boat and landed on the lake. They flew directly into the boat and sat down.
The Lake of Fire, named after the wild areas on both sides of the strait are as red as flames, is a very famous scenic spot in the extreme south of Tianlan demon world.
At this time, when the sky is high and the water is clear, the red Se wildflowers on both sides of the river are gorgeous and white clouds are reflected in the water, which makes people on the lake feel that they have lived for two days, and the faint water vapor and flowers are filled with the water, which is even more refreshing.
The boat crossed the willow from the shore and got into the thick fog, and then it was light and leisurely from the other end of the fog.
Xiao Wen has been talking and laughing with Duan Yan. It wasn’t long before Duan Yan turned around and sat facing the outside of the ship’s rail. She took off her embroidered shoes and socks and dipped them in the water and slowly fiddled with her before Xiao Wen. She has always been really in love.
I don’t know how long it took Duan Yancai to get tired, and then simply lay down in the boat with Xiao Wen and looked at each other for a while and then fell asleep.
Xiao Wen is quite J: ng, and God put his arm gently on Duan Yan’s waist. Over the years, he has always liked this sleeping position and Duan Yan’s soft waist is soft and warm.
Sleepiness will also be dyed. Xiao Wen will also fight with his eyelids straight, and he will release the Qibao Xuanhuo Tower, and he will safely close his eyes.
If someone looks into it, they can see Xiao Wen and Duan Yan in the picturesque lake scene, just like a fairy couple sleeping in the boat. The boat goes slowly with the water at the bow. A four-story glass tower flies in a small area, just like a loyal little housekeeper …
This is the basis of their life in recent years.
They are still a pair of seagulls, but they don’t fight against the wind anymore. Half of the time, they take advantage of the wind to slow down the wind, save effort and be comfortable, and the other half of the time, they stop at the cliff or their nest and look at the beautiful world silently.
Twenty years later,
Sixty-seven-year-old Duan Yan will be called a girl when she walks in the street, but even if she takes more tonic, she is still a mortal.
Her appearance has changed, but her eyes are not so bright, and she is easily tired after sitting for a long time.
It is obvious that she has entered the old age …
But this girl still maintains the same mentality as Xiao Wen, just a little overwhelmed.
She is not an immortal, but she has forced herself to think of herself as an immortal with the same realm as Xiao Wen since a long time ago, so that she can think of her old age as being injured and her vitality is fading for some reason instead of getting old.
So she is not old, but has come to the last stage of her life.
This kind of situation is beyond Xiao Wen’s expectation that he will be particularly sad when he comes to return this last life, but it is not the case.
Duan Yan is really not sad at all and has no regrets.
Ever since she was a teenager, she has made such a wish to let her look at Xiao again, even if she is dead, because it is too painful for a person to live in unrequited love.
God heard that her wish would be expanded a hundred million times and then helped her come true.
She not only met Xiao Wen, but also got married with Xiao Wen and got the love of Xiao Wen’s department. They spent more than forty years together sweetly, and will stay like this until her death. She really has nothing to be dissatisfied with.
Her heart is full of gratitude.
No matter when she dies, her life is complete, which is the happiest life she can think of.
Year after year …