The way out of the vote counting result that night.

Joan Laporta and Sandro Rosell formed a campaign team and finally defeated many opponents to become the new president of Barcelona Club.
But their victory was a narrow victory.
Compared with the tall 52% vote in history, laporta is much more pitiful now.
Their final vote was 30%, only 100% more than the second place.
However, the victory banquet was not easy.
Everyone is staring at laporta to see if he can really fulfill his promise to bring Beckham to Barcelona.
This has brought great pressure to the newly elected club president laporta.
Now he feels very upset. It’s all a constant victory!
He put the blame on the mad dog.
But he never thought about who started it first.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Focus campaign
Laporta became the new president of Barcelona club by running for office.
He was in his office on June 15th.
Someone came in and directed the workers to move everything in this office. Gaspar had something.
"Move this and this … and that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that! That’s it … move the department here and replace the tables and chairs! "
Laporta and his assistant Russell are gradually coming to the office.
When Gaspar bought something, it was disappearing from here one by one.
This means that the humiliation brought to Barcelona by the terrible chairman will disappear with these things that have been removed.
Barcelona’s history as a laughing stock will be turned into the past.
Laporta looked around the office in high spirits and looked at the Nou Camp stadium square at the office window.
"From today, Barcelona Club will welcome a new life!" Laporta said to Russell around him, "Barcelona will regain the respect of the world, and the era when anyone can criticize Barcelona will pass forever and never reappear!"
Russell smiled and didn’t respond.
He is a doer, and now he is planning what work needs to be done to build a new Barcelona and what talents to introduce.
"We must work together to make Barcelona the best club in the world! Remember what we said, Sandro? Barcelona … "
Rosell followed him and said, "… it’s not a club!"
Then the two men smiled at each other.
Two middle-aged men are full of confidence in their future.
They stood side by side in front of the window and looked forward to the day when Barcelona Club would shine again.
That must be wonderful!
Laporta values the weekend league.
Because this is his first game as president of Barcelona.
And Barcelona’s opponent in this game is Valencia.
This opponent is very special because the Valencia coach is always winning.
Laporta won’t forget how embarrassed Chang Sheng was when he humiliated himself. He almost couldn’t win the election.
If it weren’t for the fact that the former Gaspard was so bad that people had high hopes for him, it would be difficult for him to get such a large support rate and it would be impossible for him to persist in the subsequent storm.
Now he has a chance to get revenge
He clenched his fist and said to himself, China people, you didn’t expect karma to come so soon, did you?
At first, you appealed to Barcelona members not to vote for me, but I still became the president of the club!
It’s time to settle accounts after autumn!
I feel good about myself. laporta found the team coach Anthich and reached a "kill order" for the weekend league!
"that first step to rebuild Barcelona’s reputation is to trample on all those who dare to laugh and insult Barcelona! We must restore Barcelona’s prestige in Spain and tell other people that this is an insult to Barcelona! "
Laporta said impassioned in front of Anthich.
However, impassioned laporta didn’t notice that Anthich’s expression was not so impassioned but showed a lack of interest
This is of course.
In order to win the election, laporta said that he would definitely dig the winning team after he came to power.
This is Anthich’s face …
You know, Barcelona coach is now Antioch, and he is leading his team to a UEFA Cup qualification.
At this time, laporta said that he wanted to find a new coach. Isn’t it impossible for Anthich to stay in the team after the season?
Then why do you want a club president who is doomed to abandon himself to work hard?
When the time comes, what I have created will be laporta’s achievements, but I will not be seriously affected.
Who will sit in Anthich’s position will be unhappy.
What makes Anthich even more unhappy is that laporta, after being beaten in the face by Chang Sheng, found himself as if nothing had happened, and bravely wanted Barcelona to beat Valencia in the weekend league to revive Barcelona’s hopes.
Never do anything stupid before, even without an apology or explanation, as if it had never happened before.
The tone of his words is full of confidence in the weekend game.