This scary-looking monster is a monster swallowing golden dragon worms in the late second order.

The golden dragon-swallowing earthworm’s barbs are as hard as the teeth in the iron mouth, and it can be divided into gold and jade, but it’s not these that are the most powerful, but the purple venom in its mouth! This venom is extremely corrosive, and the third-order monster beast is extremely afraid to avoid it!
"step ~! Step ~! " Suddenly! The rapid flying shuttle rings and instantly pierces this quiet mountain forest!
The golden dragon-swallowing earthworm was enjoying delicious food when it was interrupted. It roared angrily at the two human beings who didn’t know how to live or die! The purple venom sound wave in that mouth pushes the instant shot out!
Two people are fleeing from the snow mountain, Luoyu Xiaofan, or four people to be exact! See at the moment, Luo Yu’s back is bandaged with a person who is flushed and breathing, not only swallowing Blissful Dan Mo Tong, but also a person? Look at her exhaling like a orchid, and the hot air is constantly playing Luo Yu’s ear, and you will know that the medicine has been sent!
And Xiao Fan, who is walking behind him, is carrying a faint on his thin shoulders, and it is effortless to keep moving around with a small foot! Even Luo Yu has to marvel that this little girl usually eats too much, but she is still very powerful when pressing the key.
See the monster beast in front is in the way and spraying purple liquid full of foul smell towards them. See that once the purple liquid touches the ground or leaves and shrubs, it will give off "chip chip" corrosion! Luo Yu knew at a glance that this liquid was highly toxic!
But instead of panicking, he rushed at the purple liquid wave!
When the worm swallowed the golden dragon, he saw that the black-faced human had rushed over! It suddenly gaped and growled at Luoyu!
Luo Yu rushed into the purple liquid wave, and the whole body was already full of blood gas rising and burning in an instant! Violet liquid is scattered when it touches, and it disappears in a flash!
When swallowing the golden dragon worm, he still cracked his mouth and roared, and saw that Luo Yu had quickly shuttled his feet, slightly flying vertically, and brought up a curved leg of Huo Ying towards his head!
"Boom!" Swallow the huge head of the golden dragon worm in the middle of one knee! As hard as iron, the skull should burst and purple plasma burst out! Luoyu’s front longitudinal potential did not stay at a great impact, and it actually brought the monster beast’s body inertia weighing thousands of pounds to the international level!
"pa!" Reaching out and shooting out in front, the purple-gold demon Dan grabbed Luo Yu and looked back at the top. He was constantly teasing his Mo Tong’s head, and at the same time urged his feet behind him to swallow the golden dragon worm residue and fly to Xiaofan’s way, "Girl!"
Xiaofan flew up and avoided the sharp thorn, stepped over the swallowing golden dragon worm with a disgusting face and looked at Luo Yu in front. "Sir, if you go any further, you will enter the depths of the foothills, where the monster beast is tough!"
Luo Yu’s figure rushed through Lin Hao’s pause. Listening to the monster roaring from time to time in the depths of the foothills, he said, "We are difficult to deal with that Jun Zheng, and we won’t go anywhere easily!"
Obviously, Luo Yu is preparing to rush into the depths of the foothills and seek the opportunity to get rid of Jun Zheng with the help of the monster beast of the earth! If his guess is good, then the associated tree demon Dan will stop Ning Xing from repairing Jun Zheng by root method. Jun Zheng should be not far from them at this moment, right?
"Boo ~!" The eagle’s whistle itself sounded long after penetrating through the dense forest crown and straight into Luo Yu’s ear! Listen to this Luoyu tunnel "coming!"
Sure enough, the number of breaths has not yet broken behind him! "whoosh!" A sharp than bone spur flashing gray mans blaster!
Luo Yu grabbed Xiao Fan’s arm behind him and threw her forward and shouted, "Run!" At the same time, he struggled to swing out with a single blow and Yan rolled back the gray barb bombardment!
Xiaofan shook his head in the middle and exclaimed, "I’m not leaving!"
Luo Yu was attacked by that thorn, and his body shape was like a blow. When he retreated, he stepped on his front bow with one foot and grabbed it into the ground in front of him, leaving a few deep gullies in an instant!
Stay to stop retreating. Luo Yu’s head doesn’t look back. "Do you want to drag me back?" Go! "
There was silence behind him, like sobbing. After a while, I smelled the footsteps behind me.
Luo Yu exhaled a sullen breath and looked at Jun Zheng, a slim figure exposed through the tree-lined branches and leaves! See at the moment Jun Zheng pedal inscription falcon phantom clothes have burned and damaged a full face of smoke, and the long hair hanging freely on both sides is even more messy, and there is still a lot missing on one side, which is obviously burned by cold fire!
Looking at a face of angry Jun Zheng Luoyu suddenly grinned, "I’m sorry for your family, but I didn’t want to have a Uber watching you! It’s really … it’s killing me to make you so embarrassed! "
Luo Yu burst out laughing and tied his back behind him. Mo Tong was so soft that he whispered and praised, "Say … it’s a bit imposing …"
Glancing at the handsome’ man’ on the back, Luo Yu’s andao was in a hurry and forgot to let Xiao Fan take this guy away! But the situation is so that he can’t come. He always likes to come forward to Mo Tong’s cheek and said sadly, "What about you?" What do you think of your softness? "
Can not consider the weak force whispering behind her to protest that Jun Zheng has thundered not far away. "You are born with a ghost face. I don’t see where you can escape!" You will die today! My Jun Zheng will kill you first, and then kill your minion, which has drained my heart. "
Smell jun Zheng angry language Luo Yu tight tight bandage disdain "jun Zheng, right? Because you can kill me? Tell you that this day is not a tough day for your family! "
Said the feather in the whole body blood gas rising and pieces of Rise of the Legend attached to the body! Feeling the flame of Luo Yu’s body, the body is cold and hot, and Mo Tong seems to feel a lot better! She couldn’t help but stick her face tightly to Luo Yu’s shoulder …
No matter what happens behind Mo Tong Luoyu …
At the moment, Jun Zheng smelled Luo Yu’s arrogance and said that he was extremely angry and laughed scornfully. "You are really arrogant and arrogant."
I saw Jun Zheng slowly falling all over the body, and the gray inscription kept flashing and attached to the skin! Suddenly his fair skin was covered with gray lines like iron feathers! Hands are gray golden claws exposed!
"Ta!" The soles of your feet hit the ground and the ground chapped!
Seeing that it’s already a gray golden feather with an inscription on it, Jun Zheng suddenly spread his arms like a golden eagle spreading its wings and screamed, "The ghost face is born, and the spirit tattoo I have inscribed is the third-order peak monster beast, the iron feather and the golden eagle, and the essence blood is as hard as iron to destroy your physique. It’s just a local dog joke in front of me!"
Saying, "Bang!" The ground fissure suddenly sounded! Jun Zheng’s foot kicked his eyes and his body shape was like a falcon pouncing on food!
Luo Yu saw that Jun Zheng wanted close combat, and he naturally wanted it! See him not retreat into toward jun Zheng swing a golden awn claws bombardment!
"Boom!" Roaring through the forest!
Luo Yu’s body shot back more than ten steps before he stopped, and so did Jun Zheng on the other side! Obviously, this blow seems to be neck and neck!
Clutching the trembling fist, Luo Yu looked at the opposite side and looked aloof and arrogant. Jun Zheng andao’ Just a blow, he has used seventy percent of his strength but never thought that this Jun Zheng body is so strong! Look should not make efforts! It seems that I looked down on your family in the past.’
Thinking about this, Luo Yu is ready to go.
Just at this time, Jun Zheng smiled proudly. "This is just my fifty percent strength! How does it look? Is it unbelievable? "
Smile across the silent Luo Yu Jun Zheng then proudly smiled, "How can you know the details of my family when you are born with a ghost face?"? My husband’s surname and brother’s name are all going to enter the pool of the holy land. Even if we are the first-order monster beast inscription, we can get a strong body if we are baptized by the holy blood. Is it comparable to you, a miscellaneous person? "
Los feather eyebrows a clot andao no wonder! Although I am amazed at the strong blood in the biochemical pool of your family, he is afraid at the moment because he is the most powerful physique in this world! Even if the Dantian method is used to repair his feathers, it is necessary to break through the virtual celestial realm with the help of the hard demon body!
Luo Yu clenched his fists and looked up at Jun Zheng’s voice not far away. "Then let’s see if your family is tough or my fist is hard!"
At the moment, Luo Yu is already covered with Rise of the Legend’s raging cold, and the surrounding theory is that the ground, trees and grass stones are frozen and spread!
Listening to Luo Yu’s unyielding words, Mo Tong’s eyes were full of admiration and murmured, "I like it … enough!" Smell this Luo Yu when he didn’t hear anything!
Jun Zheng saw that this reckless ghost looks unfamiliar with this good defense’ fire body’ and dared to talk big! He suddenly screamed, "Arrogant!"
After saying his word, his figure has exploded and his claws are already a golden awn, bringing up a bitter Gangfeng! He flew past the big trees that didn’t fly sand and stones, and the ground plowed and cracked! Obviously, Jun Zheng did his best!
Seeing this feather, he did not move, and the whole body was raging with cold fire! That bare skin actually reveals the red streamer meridians! The arms are even more mysterious and white fluorescent flashing like scales!
When Jun Zheng’s iron claws cut through the air and swept to the other with bursts of whistling sounds, Luo Yu was also bombarded with a punch as fast as thunder, and his body was faintly shining with stars!
"Boom!" Once again, the strength of confrontation is far greater than before! Ground fissures, broken stones, and fallen trees resounded through the foothills! Two-person center Fiona Fang Sanzhang was instantly plowed by Gangfeng air billow, and nothing grew!
"bang! Hey! " The two of them rolled back and fell all the way to the forest. I don’t know how many trees were broken and how many rocks were broken!