Thinking of everything that happened recently, Feng Zichen vaguely felt that his achievements had been calculated, otherwise, he would have been so unlucky that he fell into the market by Zhenyuan Kunpeng War Wave.

"I don’t know who is so wicked to bring me back to the market. I don’t know if he is going to help me or kill me?"
Knowing that this is the wind returning to the market, Zichen can’t help but relax.
Fear often comes from the unknown, and it is much easier to solve it when you know where this place is.
Immediately, the wind and zichen sank their minds and communicated with the world tree, which attracted a series of pure roads from it, and the weather first made up for the loss of body mana.
After that, his breath suddenly became more ancient than noble, and there was a surge of tyrannical breath, which seemed like a avenue figure. Behind him, he emerged and shook the whole market.
That’s chaos fiend figure!
Guixu is the ultimate place of the universe. It belongs to the road of the universe, and it is the real law that the laws can’t be moved.
However, Feng Zichen’s whole body has a chaotic fiend road besides the vast expanse of the universe. Since the vast expanse of the universe, he will change it.
When the wind zichen, a force from the chaotic era, emerged, the black gas, which was once arrogant, collapsed inch by inch and completely collapsed without blinking an eye.
"This place can be isolated from all forces, just to hide from Di Jun’s eyes and ears. This card is on the Avenue of Stars."
"It is rare to miss this opportunity. If you want to prove it again, you can wait for Di Jun and Taiyi to fall."
Just as Feng Zichen had previously thought, she came to Guihui to prove what congenital kendo was, and she first proved the stars.
After all, the Avenue of Stars is his root.
In congenital kendo, it’s not urgent to prove it again on Star Avenue, and it’s not too late to pick Jin Xian to prove more than one avenue.
If you want to be strong enough, you can prove several avenues, and nobody cares anyway.
Wind zichen hand once again take out congenital wind spirit bead toward chaos bead.
This place is extremely secret, and I don’t worry about causing any shocking movements. It can be said that some shady things can be done here.
Absorbing the innate wind spirit bead, chaos bead trembled violently and burst into unprecedented light.
"Is this to be promoted to Xiantianbao?"
Looking at what chaos bead Feng Zichen was a little excited. This movement was stronger than the previous ones that swallowed Yu congenital Lingbao, giving him a very shocking feeling.
Tianbao first!
This is the top magic weapon in the wild
Holding the first Tianbao is the ability of the pick gold fairy capital, which is the enemy of the holy and visible power
However, when the wind Zichen chaos bead will be promoted to Tianbao in one fell swoop, its body movement suddenly stopped and slowly calmed down.
"Not enough?"
In addition to the forty-four first gods’ prohibitions, chaos bead has a first gods’ prohibition looming as if it would disappear at any time.
However, it is the congenital wind spirit bead that is not strong enough to completely condense the 45 th law, which leads to the promotion of chaos bead law to the first Tianbao.
"It’s almost time to get 24 Dinghai beads from Xuanqing, so that chaos bead can be completely promoted to Xiantianbao!"
Although a little disappointed, the wind Zichen adjusted her state in a short time. Xuanqing still has the Pearl of the Sea to prepare for chaos bead.
Sitting cross-legged and sitting in the wind, Zichen put chaos bead in the middle of the eyebrows and tried to get in touch with the spirits of the stars.