Is it lost in splendor and forgotten?

Now that you know about it, you can’t let it go.
Cai He went to admire Pinger according to Tao Zhuo’s instructions and came in. "What are you going to do about this, girl?"
According to her thinking, she should inform her elders.
But Tao Zhuo said, "I’ll ask Fourth Sister first." Is it a girl’s furniture? If you can persuade it, persuade it.
"Xu Sisi won’t listen to your advice." Who doesn’t know that her own girl is at odds with Sisi? "And how do you say you know about it?"
"You ask people to check that Wang Gui to see if he really gambles." Tao Zhuo snorted. "When the fourth sister asked, she said that I heard Wang Gui say that he took the silver out to gamble and bragged with people."
Cai He didn’t expect the girl to have such a plan and smiled. "This is a good girl’s intelligence."
Tao scorched her hair and threw it back. "That’s Xiao Cong. I still have a lot."
She can’t do such a thing as calculating others, but she will think of ways to deal with it when things happen.
Tao Ruzhen also went to the banquet today, and when he saw Tao Zhuo, he raised his smile and said hello.
If Tao Zhuo didn’t pay special attention before, now that she knows her calculations, she won’t look at her eyes again. It’s really hard to see that she has such an idea.
Knowing that the identity does not match, I still have to be a concubine and marry a noble family.
It’s not good for the second sister, although her father’s official position is humble, but her brother-in-law is now an official in the imperial examination, and her hard work can be expected in the future
And just like that Wang Gui said, all ordinary women can’t marry into halls. If they don’t deserve it, do they have to be concubines? Cann’t you marry a brother who is quite a common official and be a wife?
"Burning" Tao Baoqiong called her a "what are you thinking? The dishes are all here. "
Why is this girl in a daze when she was clamoring to eat this food before?
"Oh," Tao Zhuo was busy during the ceremony. "This dish really smells good."
Tao Baoqiong nodded. It’s really delicious. It’s a table with 521 seats.
"Today, I have to thank us for burning our own private money to invite us all to eat noodles." The old lady of Shaw House walked over and said that the opening speech was also ordered, but the little granddaughter paid for the family to eat.
"It’s just that I honor my elders and care for my younger brothers." Tao Zhuo also replied with a smile, "Let’s eat, drink and be happy!"
"Haha, burning is always so nifty." Shaw laughed and ate a chopstick before the younger generation began to move chopsticks.
While eating everyone, I boasted, "I can make a lot of money today, so that we can all eat with it."
"This dish is really delicious."
In particular, the two smaller men, five men and six men, shouted "delicious, delicious, delicious, delicious."
"It’s all delicious!"
Tao Ruzhen was sour in her heart, but she had to admit that the meal was really delicious.
Look at this. It’s the advantage of being rich. In the future, she can take all the money.
After dinner, Tao Zhuo wanted to take this opportunity to speak directly to Tao Ruzhen, but Tao Baoqiong was thinking about cherishing the golden pavilion. He went to Tao Zhuo’s side and walked behind Feng. "Aunt, I want to tell you something."
"The third sister, you told my mother that I had something to do." Tao Zhuo said that he was going to Tao Ruzhen and was held by Tao Baoqiong. "Where are you going? Aren’t you going back? It’s just like you. "
See three elder sister that seriously let tao burning don’t understand "me? What can I do for you? "
The most "rebellious" thing she did was secretly read the words, but this matter has long been smashed, and now she has nothing to hide, but recently she has no time to read the words.
"Go back and you will know." Where did Tao Baoqiong know that she wanted to talk to Tao Ruzhen privately, thinking about cherishing the golden pavilion and solving it early?
Tao Zhuoneng went back to the third room first, and after Tao Baoqiong told his thoughts, Tao Zhuo was very surprised
"I didn’t expect this" was mainly because at first she didn’t expect the bracelet to sell so well when she talked about it, so she looked at Feng. "Mom, I didn’t even ask me how to sign the contract with Jingu. Did you mention that I can’t sell my own paintings elsewhere? How many years have you signed? "
Feng, a veteran who is very good at business, naturally won’t get into the girl’s hole. At the beginning, when she signed the contract, she had already considered the follow-up signing of the contract and sold the painting style. It is also a try to see the sales of bracelets drawn by Tao Zhuo. As now, with the progress of cherishing the golden pavilion, she plans to open a jewelry shop for Tao Zhuo alone.
It is because she is not sure whether her daughter is willing. After all, if the shop is really opened and put in her name, she will have to take care of it carefully, but she is also old enough to learn to manage private property as a housekeeper.
But Feng knows that Tao Zhuo’s jewelry pattern is like leisure, which is very leisurely and fun. If it is really put into shops, it can’t be idle anymore.
You have something to say.
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Chapter 14 Chapter 14
"It was you who painted the style and sent it to you, and after selling it, you shared the bonus and made other agreements." It was the third lady of Bofu who talked with the girl about business, but she dared not force them to sign an unfriendly contract. At that time, it was Feng’s side that decided that the style of the pottery bracelet was needed by the pavilion.