"Alas …"

With a sigh, Eddie was not discouraged. He just waited quietly in the corridor for someone to come out of here
Otherwise, ten minutes later, a high-heeled shoe stepped out of the laboratory, and Eddie hurriedly arranged a dress disguised as a virtuous reporter.
Soon, a beautiful Jewish doctor with glasses pushed the door and came out of the corridor to see Eddie. She was a little surprised.
"Hey? Are you … "
Eddie coughed and pretended to be calm, saying, "Oh, hello, doctor. I made an appointment to interview Mr. Drake today. Mr. Drake wanted me to report on his laboratory and asked me to come here and wait for him …"
"But Mr. Drake seems to be late. Can I go into the lab first?"
Eddie pointed to the laboratory and asked
The beautiful female doctor glanced at Eddie’s press card on his chest and then at his temporary access card. She was just about to agree, but on second thought, she felt that something was wrong.
"Mr. Drake, please report his lab? Is he sure he wants this to be reported? " Female doctor asks.
Eddie shrugged and said, "I don’t know, but he did ask me to wait for him in the lab. I’m sorry, I think you can ask him directly later."
Speaking of which, Eddie is going to bypass the female doctor and walk directly into the laboratory. After all, the laboratory has not yet been closed.
It’s a pity that the female doctor’s attitude is tougher than Eddie thought. She suddenly grabbed Eddie’s arm and sank, "I’m sorry, Mr. Reporter, the things in the laboratory are very confidential. I think I asked Mr. Drake, and no one can rush in …"
Hearing this, Eddie Nai frowned and sighed, "I really don’t want to do this …"
As he spoke, he turned around and shook the hand of the female doctor, then put his arm around her neck and held her tightly.
"Listen …" Eddie took a look at her famous brand while pulling the female doctor. "… Dr. Dora Listen, Dr. Dora, I don’t want to hurt you, but I must go to the lab and have a look …"
"I know your boss is doing dirty work now. He has helped homeless people to carry out human experiments and killed many people. I will never allow this evil behavior to happen under my nose …"
"So I’m sorry I have to knock you out and lend you your key card …"
"Well … I don’t usually hurt women, but I really can’t say sorry to you again today, Dr. Dora."
Eddie rambled on and said these words, and Dr. Dora was almost stunned by him. However, Eddie still left room for women’s hands to hold Dora’s arm and left a little discretion.
Such a little discretion makes it difficult for Dr. Dora to breathe without fainting from lack of oxygen-which creates a very embarrassing situation. Eddie spent two whole minutes trying to stun Dr. Dora.
In the end, both of them were a little tired of Dr. Dora’s struggle to hand Eddie the access card on his chest and desperately squeezed out a sentence, "I can’t give you the access card yet!" Can you stop strangling me … "
Eddie’s arm is already sore, and he is really bored to continue to strangle, but instead of directly loosening Dr. Dora, he threatened, "I can loosen you, but you can’t run away and shout …"
Dr. Dora said in despair, "I … guarantee the certificate …"
Seeing Dr. Dora cooperate with Eddie, he finally let go of his arm
And both of them gasped after parting-one because they were deprived of oxygen and the other because they were too tired …
"Shout … shout … shout …"
Dr Dora’s face turned purple, and it took several deep breaths before she recovered.
"Reporter friend, this is the first time for you to strangle people. If you strangle harder just now, I may faint, but you … shout … shout … but you have to leave some for me so that I can always breathe oxygen so that you can strangle me forever …"
Eddie coughed with embarrassment. "Cough me … I mean, if you are a woman, you have no dead hands."
After that, he prepared to brush Dr. Dora’s key card into the laboratory. When he didn’t have time, he pestered Dr. Dora here
Unfortunately, before Eddie could act, Dr. Dora grabbed him and said, "Wait a minute."
"Why? Do you regret it? " Eddie forced a bluff to scare Dr. Dora. "If you dare to call someone, I won’t show mercy this time!"
Dr. Dora smiled and said, "No, you misunderstood. I just heard you say that you came to expose Drake’s evil experiment." You came in to give justice to those homeless people who were killed, didn’t you? "
"Yes," Eddie said. "Why?"
Dr. Dora whispered, "Well, I really discovered Drake’s evil plan a long time ago. As soon as he told us that he was a new anticancer drug in Experiment 1, I later found out that this was not the case! Drake brought back a symbiont from the alien! "
"What?" Eddie was shocked and whispered, "Say more."
Dr. Dora said, "Do you remember the news that the Life Foundation rocket crashed a few months ago? The accident was caused by this alien symbiont … Drake found these symbionts from the outside and brought them back to San Francisco … "
"This kind of symbiont must have parasitic organisms to give birth to Rick, and then I found out that Drake’s ultimate plan is to let these alien symbionts parasitize human bodies!"
Eddie heard goose bumps and frowned. "Is this guy sick? ! Isn’t this to find parasites for yourself? Can’t you find yourself? "
Dora said, "If you don’t experiment, these alien symbionts will cover his host like a biological armor. If they are combined with human beings, then human beings will become stronger …"
"So that’s it …" Eddie said. "This is the Drake? To benefit these alien symbionts to enhance their physique? But it never occurred to him that in case these alien symbionts would devour his consciousness and turn him into a puppet? "
"But now Drake has been blinded by this desire to strengthen himself. Not only did he not think about the consequences of doing so, but he also killed many koo vagrants …"
Dr Dora said