Purple-gold sword awn poured directly with irresistible terrorist power.

"It’s impossible to defeat me." Liu Long once again yelled that his body was incredibly rotated for three times and escaped the forest edge attack
A sword of light pulls a piece of cloth to be torn. The sound rings around the forest edge. Taking this opportunity, Liu Long incredibly attacked the forest edge.
"You will regret angering me!"
Lin Yuan’s face was indifferent and ignored Liu Long’s rage and growl. The body once again made strong spiritual force condense behind him like waves, and now it is several times stronger than the previous attack. The purple golden sword fern suddenly and violently swept out with an amazing speed and slammed into Fang Liu Long!
Looking at the roaring powerful attack, Liu Long’s body trembled slightly and his face was gloomy to a rather terrible degree. Then his palm suddenly held the purple sword palm and wiped it at the sharp tip of the sword, and suddenly blood shot out.
As the blood shot out suddenly with a flood of purple sword light from the blade storm surge out incredibly instantaneous Liu Long attack reached the purple mansion later strength.
"Fighting by hurting your body is just a trail." Lin Yuan never thought that Liu Long was so crazy that he ignored his own physical injury and even increased his own blood to attack.
In these lotus flower perfusion Liu Long breath suddenly at the edge of the forest dignified eyes an amazing speed soared in its body surface purple light surging sword body sword mans is becoming more and more huge.
When the purple sword reached a great level, it was full of more than ten zhangs. The whole piece seemed to vibrate because of this purple sword.
Eyes red Liu Long suddenly looked up with a growl, and a purple sonic wave swept out as if it were real. It turned out that the purple golden aperture emitted by the forest edge was exploding.
"The forest edge is dead!"
A roar of shock and explosion sends out firm but gentle Liu Long’s body has shown an expansion trend, and the terrorist pressure has gradually increased.
"Dragon arrival!"
Tao Tao’s purple sword light gushed out from that sword light and instantly turned into a ten-foot dragon in Liu Long’s roar loud.
Bang bang bang!
Cracks in the earth are spreading at this moment, and even the distant peaks appear in this dragon, which is gradually showing signs of collapse.
Lin Yuan’s eyes were extremely dignified, looking at the dragon that came from the storm. From that side, he smelled a strong smell of death. If he was hit, even he would be killed in an instant!
This move will be Liu Long’s most terrible offensive!
Take a deep breath with bloody breath, and the spirit of the forest edge body is completely erupted like a volcano at this moment. He knows that this may be the last round of the two men’s fight!
If you block him, you will die!
Chapter three hundred and fifty-five-the whole world tremors
Majestic spirit rippled around the edge of the forest, and soon his palm held qiankun sword and suddenly flashed out. Suddenly, a purple-gold light burst up, and then the edge of the forest slowly stretched out a handle of its own color qiankun sword, which seemed to come from afar at a very slow speed and slowly pointed out!
And in his qiankun sword, he points out that all the spiritual forces are almost all gushing out at this moment with a tidal speed, followed by a seemingly deep drink in this vast crashing ring.
"Sword II!"
The sky seems to be shaking when the sword is slowly pointed out at the edge of the forest, and as the sword points out that the spiritual force of the edge of the forest is also passing away in an alarming degree.
It seems that at this moment, it is about to burst, and the heavens and the earth seem to be destroyed by this sword. This is the law, and the sword contains the artistic conception of transcending the edge of kendo.
The purple-gold sword behind the forest edge seems to be torn at this moment, and a purple-gold sword beyond thirty feet slowly tears away.
The purple-gold sword is filled with a terrible fluctuation like the beating sky. This time, the swordsmanship exerted by the forest edge comes from the fact that the purple-gold beads are stronger and more terrible than before. Not only is the sword body condensed and condensed, but its power is obviously huge.
Such attacks are enough to completely nullify most of the strong in the purple mansion realm, and even the strong in the late stage of entering the purple mansion realm must temporarily avoid the edge.
And with that huge purple-gold sword tearing empty, and now Liu Long’s own blood stimulates the body and he gets a purple sword.
A sharp purple light swept through the sky and spread by purple ripples, and everything in it was quietly corroded into emptiness.
Liu Long attack is also better than sharp bullying. At this time, both of them are obviously putting the means to the extreme, so winning or losing depends on the strength of their respective cities
The sword light emitted by the two men almost occupied half of the day, then roared and swept through each other, and finally crashed and angered like two meteorites in the middle.
At this moment, they shouted and flashed together to show the ultimate showdown.
It’s like the sky crumbling and the earth sinking. It’s full of fog, and the vast spiritual force fluctuates violently. This place is boiling!
The sky is trembling, the sword is shining, and the virtual brand is on every inch. Sobbing seems to resonate with it.
The deafening and shocking noise resounded in the sky and was harder than the ground. It was in those terrible impacts that cracks burst out like a spider’s net, and it was still on the mountain peaks, all of which exploded into powder at this moment.
And when the purple golden sword light collided with the purple sword light in Liu Long, the body of the forest edge suddenly trembled, and the qi and blood seemed to surge up violently at this moment. His eyes stared at the collision between the purple golden sword and the purple sword light, and from there, a stuffy hum was also produced during the collision.
The purple golden sword light roared and the root was not comparable to that of the purple sword light. The purple sword light stopped for a short moment in the collision and then burst.
As devastating as the purple golden sword light directly destroyed the purple sword light and roared in the direction of Liu Long.
"what! Impossible, I will not lose! " Liu Long saw his blood stimulation and became a sword. The light didn’t stop the forest edge from shaking.
Purple sword light appeared once again, and Liu Long finally spit out one mouthful blood and sprinkled it directly on the purple sword.