It’s not just a joke, it’s true when one person is powerful enough to threaten the clan.

Xian feng zi Chen
Have such strength.
"This is really a problem."
"Terran immortal words wind zichen heart have scruples can’t I turned against the demon race completely.
"But if the Terran is destroyed, he will have no scruples. My demon race will guard against his revenge day and night."
"As long as the wind blows, the undead can’t move for a day!"
Kunpeng also said with a sigh.
There are thousands of days to be thieves in this world, and there is no reason to prevent thieves for thousands of days.
Thought of here and they all sighed.
It is not difficult for the demon clan to defeat Feng Zichen, but it is difficult and impossible to kill him.
It’s too hard to kill when the strength reaches Feng Zichen’s level. In the face of the strong people in the same level, it’s impossible to kill him but he can run.
If he is bent on breaking through, people can stop him unless the sage himself does it.
"This matter is not urgent!"
Di Jun light yi a sudden smile toward the people said.
"Is there a happy event?"
They see Di Jun so some curious expression asked.
This joy is somewhat inexplicable.
"I have a hunch that Taiyi’s breakthrough day will be near, ranging from a hundred years to a thousand years, and he will surely set foot in the wonderland of mixed yuan and Luo Jin."
"At that time, it’s nothing but wind Zichen."
Far away, I glanced at the sun star, Di Jun, and said excitedly that after waiting for so many years, Taiyi will finally become a Taoist.
For Kun Peng and others, Di Jun didn’t hide it and needed to hide it.
Taiyi is about to become a Taoist, and heaven and earth will inevitably produce all kinds of visions. Even if Di Jun doesn’t tell everyone, it’s good to know.
And it’s too much. It’s the morale of the demon race in the big town. What’s the good thing to hide?
Over the years, the witch tribe has made a series of major events, which are the first treasure and the first map, and the second reincarnation.
Demon clan’s morale is hard to be depressed. Now it is excellent job to take advantage of too many opportunities to strengthen the demon clan.
"Brother Taiyi is going to become a Taoist?"
"That’s really a great event for the demon family!"
Everyone heard that there was shock, envy, excitement and jealousy … All kinds of emotions rushed to my heart at the same time and I was a little absent for a while.
How desirable it is to become a Taoist!
Only when we reach this state can we truly achieve the extinction of heaven and earth while I am immortal.
They don’t doubt Di Jun words.
The same root and the same blood brother Taiyi is about to break through Di Jun and naturally feel something.
Speaking of it, Di Jun will get great benefits after a breakthrough, and it is almost a breakthrough.
This is the advantage of being a brother.
Two people are homologous, one person is enlightened, and the other person’s breath traction realm is also greatly improved.
Isn’t it true that Di Jun’s realm has risen now?
"You’ve been bothering you for a while. Let’s keep an eye on Feng Zichen. Don’t let him get away."
Look back Di Jun said leisurely.
After too much success, the wind Zichen is not afraid of the Terran, and it has become a chopping board, fish and demon race.
"I am waiting for the order!"
"What’s the matter?"
"I will give birth to a creepy feeling?"
Di Jun’s voice fell instantly, and Zichen suddenly felt a chill coming. She shivered and gave birth to a great horror. There seems to be a falling crisis coming.
I don’t want to think much about it. Zichen quickly cast her innate divination to deduce the origin of this crisis.
It was when he went through all the deduction techniques he had mastered and didn’t figure out the crisis.
As if he had felt an illusion before, there was no crisis coming.
"This time I’m in big trouble!"
In my heart, it’s even hard for Zichen White to survive this robbery.
It’s not a big trouble if you can deduce it. On the contrary, it’s a real big trouble if you can’t deduce it. It’s a fatal crisis
Because it is said that there is a deduction that is better than Feng Zichen’s calculation on him or that there is a realm far beyond Feng Zichen’s intention to deal with him.
Neither of these two scenarios can be dealt with by Feng Zichen.
"Yes, go find Nu Wa Niangniang!"
When the wind blows in my heart, Zichen will leave the humanitarian imperial court and go to Jinxiu to ask Nu Wa Empress about this robbery.