In reality, if you want to know what has happened to the Terran in recent years, you can know everything by a casual calculation.

But expectations stem from the unknown.
What fun is there in life if everything is concluded by calculation?
The world of mortals is also a practice.
Sure enough, after coming here, Feng Zichen found that there were many different kinds of bad feelings in the figure of people coming and going, and people around him were talking and laughing.
These aliens all walk the world in a Taoist way and converge on their own breath. It seems that terrans are not very different.
But what kind of realm is Feng Zichen? There are too few people who can deceive others in this world, and with a slight glance, you will know the origin of these people.
There are aquatic animals, beasts, congenital creatures, and all kinds of races are even more demon and witch. Thanks to their failure to fight.
Moreover, at this time, the Terran station has changed significantly compared with before.
Very lively!
If it weren’t for the wind, Zichen knew that this was a big place, and I’m afraid she had returned to the later downtown.
He heard one peddle after another.
Before his eyes, there were shops selling all kinds of goods.
There are elixirs, gods, stones, spiritual springs, all kinds of natural materials and treasures.
It seems that Fengzichen came not as a Terran station but as a large trade market.
What surprised him even more was that there were restaurants in that shop besides those selling natural materials and treasures.
This is really surprising to the extreme.
Smelling the attractive fragrance floating in the air, Zichen Gujingbo’s mood fluctuated a little.
"I really miss it!"
He really hasn’t eaten for a long time.
The wind zichen, with a complicated mood, walked slowly through the streets.
But strangely enough, the pedestrians around him didn’t find him
Even if the wind zichen passes by them.
Being in a downtown stroke, Zichen gave birth to a familiar feeling instead of feeling upset.
As if I had returned to the later generations, I couldn’t help smiling and enjoying everything in front of me with my hands open.
"So that’s it!"
The trance wind zichen understands that the Terran destiny will grow so fast.
The reason is still because of this trading market.
He brought together businessmen, businessmen and creatures from all over the world to fly and swim in the sea one day.
There are many kinds, not to mention all the races in the wild, but also most of them.
It’s a matter of course that so many creatures gather to bring benefits, so it’s amazing that the fate of the Terran is soaring.
In the past, when Feng Zichen went to the Wu nationality, he asked the Taoist Yi Ang of Xuandu to set up the Terran Square to develop the business road.
That Yi Ang’s is also extraordinary. He not only accomplished Feng Zichen’s entrustment, but also exceeded his expectations.
Yi Ang’s Taiqing sage is backed by the East China Sea and can be transferred from Penglai. Most of the vast land has no natural resources.
Once the treasure in the sea was born, it attracted a lot of attention when its strange effect was extremely short.
Plus Yi Ang’s, every once in a while, he took out a few pieces of Taiqing sage refining Dan medicine for auction.
This also makes the name of Terran Square directly spread all over the world and form a great influence.
Too clear to be a saint?
Brother Xuanmen, the first of the six saints!
Of course, although these identities are important, they are not the most important. The most important thing is that the sage of Taiqing is the ancestor of Honghuang Dandao!
Lian Dan yi Dao
Is from his hand
The effect of refining Dan medicine by these figures can be imagined.
Even the most common turn of the elixir is better, stronger and more extraordinary than the ordinary three or four turns of the elixir
Besides, it is enough for people to be eager for the title of alchemy made by the sage Taiqing, not to mention the efficacy of alchemy.
If the sage’s refining elixir is stained with a trace of the sage’s personal charm, it will be extraordinary or help people break through the pick of Jin Xian.
After the Yi Ang’s took out the alchemy medicine made by the Taiqing sage, the Terran Square became popular and attracted many masters.
In particular, with the spread of the whole wilderness in Di Jiang, the traffic is more convenient, and more people come to Terran Square.
If you don’t send an array, you have to come. What’s worse, with an array?
It can be said that Terran Square City can be today thanks to Taiqing sage Dan Yao.
Although the novelty of the East China Sea’s natural materials and treasures can attract many people’s attention, it is absolutely impossible to attract everyone’s attention in the wild, but it is still so short-lived
Of course, if it weren’t so clear, the sage wouldn’t have accepted him. The only brother who accepted his family was an affirmation of Yi Ang’s family.
And with the development of Terran Square City, it has driven the surrounding hair.
Terran station has also gained a lot of benefits, bringing together a large number of ten thousand masters.
It is also at this time that Terran, the original and acquired race, gradually emerged in the wilderness, and formally joined the magnificent stage in front of all ethnic groups.